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The F1 Visa is a US student visa (non-immigrant) required by international students who wish to study in the US. However, if you enter to study in the USA through this visa, you are required to complete the whole duration of the course. Only the US Embassies and USA consulates outside the US have the authority to issue F-1 Visas. However, extensions in stay or changes in the status of the applicant can be done within the US through legitimate agencies. Certain documents are required for F-1 visa application completion, and this article will discuss them in detail about the same. 

Further, the spouse and/or children of the F-1 Visa candidates need to get the dependent’s F-2 Visa. The F-2 Visa holders are not permitted to join any form of employment although the children are allowed to attend public schools. Since the visa procedure is a strenuous process, you should start applying beforehand. As soon as you receive your admit or acceptance letter from the university and the I-20 form, you should apply for an F-1 Visa. In order to apply, F1 visa slot booking formalities must be completed by students 6-8 weeks prior to their travel to the USA. Avoid delaying your slot booking for an F1 visa as it may further cause delays in your travel and visa application approval. The following students will have to apply for an F-1 visa to study in the USA:

Students Entering US and Attending US Student Visa Category
University or college F Visa
High School
Private elementary school
Any other academic institution, even including a language training program
Vocational or recognized non-academic institution (other than a language training program) M Visa

Check out the article below to understand the process of getting accepted at US universities and what documents are required for an F-1 student visa for international students. 

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Process to Get a Student Visa in USA

Once you receive the acceptance letter from your preferred US University, you will be registered with the SEVP (Student and Exchange Visitor Program) and have to pay the one-time application fee (SEVIS). Students need to show the funds and pay the deposit if required by the university to get the I-20 form.

Once you receive the i20 you need to pay the SEVIS fee. The I-20 form will act as a supporting document to prove that you have enough funds for your entire stay duration, as there is a limited number of legal employment opportunities. This form will also serve as the medium to schedule an appointment for your US student visa interview with the local US Embassy or Consulate.

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F-1 Visa Document Requirements

Before we share the list of documents required for the F-1 Visa interview, we would like to reiterate that you will not be asked for any documents other than your application/ appointment letter. However, being prepared is always advisable and you should keep these documents handy for that one-in-a-million chance of the interviewer asking to see any document.

Also, file them neatly so that they are easily accessible. In addition, your original passport should be readily available, as you would be requested to submit the same.

Set 1: Personal Information

  • Passport (current and all the previous ones)
  • MRV Fee Receipt
  • Visa Interview Appointment Letter
  • DS 160 Confirmation Slip (with the bar code clearly visible)
  • SEVIS Fee Receipt
  • Passport Size Photograph (as per regulations mentioned)

Set 2: Educational Documents

  • Academic Transcripts like Class 10th and 12th Certificates and mark sheets
  • GRE or GMAT for graduate courses and SAT scorecard for undergrad admissions
  • IELTS or TOEFL scorecards or even PTE scorecards
  • Bachelor’s Degree/ Provisional Degree Certificate or course completion certificate or mark sheet for all the years as well as the consolidated mark sheet (if applicable)

Set 3: Work-related Documents (if applicable)

  • Joining Letter
  • Salary Slips (last six months)
  • Relieving Letter

Set 4: Financial Documents

  • Loan Approval Letter (if applicable)
  • Saving Bank Account Statement (recommended: last three years)
  • Fixed Deposit Certificates (recommended: last three years)
  • Tax Returns for the past three years
  • Property Documents (residential, commercial, ancestral and/or farmland)

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Once you have all the documents ready, you need to start preparing for the visa interview. Remember to arrive a few minutes ahead of your scheduled time with all the documents and receipts. To know more about F-1 Visa interview preparation tips, read the Interview Guide for F1 Student Visa for the USA.

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Swapnali Sonowal

6 months ago

I booked my f1 visa interview slots. But I don't have the MRV fee receipt as the receipt number got automatically updated on my profile. What can I do?

Reply to Swapnali Sonowal


Aishwarya BhatnagarStudy Abroad Expert

6 months ago

Hello Swapnali, the visa appointment confirmation has details of the MRV fee receipt so this should suffice, as your profile details will be there with the officials. Good luck!


Surya Teja

11 months ago

We are from Middle class family and i am doing Bank Job from Last 10 years, I can show upto 30 Lakhs(My Savings and some hand loan from relatives) in my savings account .My father and mother both are currently not working and they have no income to show..please guide me how to answer question regard


Reply to Surya Teja

Arpita Dey

a year ago

Hi, how many sets of academic transcripts are required for the F1 Visa?

Reply to Arpita Dey


Mohd mateeb

a year ago

hi, my father is the sponcer for my master's , do I need to show money in my father account or I can show what ever the amount in my account ?

Reply to Mohd mateeb

Hi, I got the admit and I20 from university but my IELTS score is gonna expire on 22 Feb 2022 and my F1 visa interview is on April 26. So, do I need to take the IELTS exam again? Could you help me out whether to take the exam again or not?

Reply to sateesh thavitireddy

Not required. You can confirm by contacting the visa office as well.

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