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Germany is a close second choice to the USA for students aspiring to pursue Masters of Science courses. The world-renowned Technical Universities of Germany, extensive research sectors, a thriving industrial base all add to the biggest advantage of cost-effective education. With no tuition fees, the cost of studying from Germany is amongst the lowest of the famous study abroad destinations. However, students planning to study from Germany are often confused about the exams they need to write. Some of the common questions include: What exams do I have to write? Is GATE accepted by Universities in Germany? Do I have to write both GRE and IELTS? Is proficiency in the German Language important? If either of these questions bothered you…read on.

What exams do I need to write for applying to MS courses in Germany?

Students would need to write a language exam and one aptitude exam. It is important to note that the aptitude exams are not mandatory but are highly recommended and we at Shiksha strongly recommend students to ensure that they have written their GREs before they start their applications to MS Colleges in Germany.

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In case you are applying for an International Course (courses taught in English), you need to write one English Language Exams. IELTS is a more preferred test while some universities also accept TOEFL scores. On the off-chance, if you are applying for a course taught in German Language, then you need not write the IELTS. Instead, you would have to write a German Language Test. Both TestDAF and DSH are widely accepted German Language Tests. The same tests would also help the students with the German Student Visa requirements.

Do I have to write both GRE and IELTS exams for MS applications to Germany?

Yes. Both are completely different tests and required for two very different purposes. This is applicable across countries for MS applications. Students need to understand that GRE is an aptitude test, used by Universities abroad to check your academic readiness. A higher score is a validation of an excellent academic score and gets preference.

IELTS score, however, is required by the Universities and the Visa Authorities to check your ability to understand instructions in English as well as your ability to communicate in the language. There are two types of IELTS exams – Academic and General. While visas accept general, students planning to go to Germany (or any other country for that matter), must take the Academic Test which would be acceptable across. The student would not require an English Language Test like IELTS only if he opting for a course taught in the German Language. In that case, the student would have to appear for and clear either DSH or TestDAF. Students planning to write TOEFL might want to confirm if the same is accepted by the universities in Germany.

Is GATE accepted by Universities in Germany?

Some of the Universities in-fact would mandatorily require a GATE score for some elective courses. However, as a general rule, GATE is not asked nor mandatory. GRE would be preferred over GATE by many universities. Students are best advised to check the course specific requirements of the Universities they are applying to.

Is proficiency in German Language important?

If you are applying for a course taught in the German language then yes, you need a strong proficiency level in the German Language. However, in case you are applying for a course taught in the English Language, you do not need this for your applications. At the same time, a basic understanding of German Language, though not compulsory, is always advised. Needless to say, a basic understanding of the primary language would help you both acclimatize, make friends and find good part-time jobs in Germany.

Are GRE Subject Tests Required for admission to MS Colleges in Germany?

No. Universities often do not require a GRE Subject Test. However, basis the course you have applied for, a University may request the same after you have submitted your application.

How important are GRE Scores for admission to German Universities?

German Universities do not give a lot of emphasis on the GRE score. At the onset, the first consideration is your graduation score. The better the university and the better the academic grade in your graduation, the better the chances of finding admission to a good German University. However, this does not mean that GRE is not considered. A GRE below 300 could mean trouble and might affect your admission chances. If the University specifically asks for GRE score, then the importance of a good score is all the more important. Students need to focus more on their college percentage as well as the projects they work on if they aspire to Study in Germany.

What is the average GRE Score required by the TU9 Universities in Germany?

TU9 are centres of excellence and the average GRE score is 320. Remember, a high GRE score is not necessarily the only condition. TU9 would give a lot of consideration to your college percentage. So if you dream of TU9, then you need to work from the first year of your college. A good college (like the NITs and IITs further increase your chances of getting into TU9).

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Jyoshna Dasari

5 years ago

Hi, I have completed my B.Tech in Electrical in 2017 with 8.72 CGPA and done with IELTS and got a score of 6.5. Planning to do MS in Power Engineering. Is there chance of getting admission in TUM or Do I need to take GRE also?

Reply to Jyoshna Dasari

hi, i am completed my BE information Technology in 2016 and right now i am doing a job. but now i am want to complete master in Germany. Actually i am preparing for the IELTS, so need to clarification that is there any need of that GRE for me. Can I get the admission on the basis of IELTS??????????

Reply to Abhijeet Gaikwad


Sneha Das

6 years ago

Presently I am doing btech in biotechnology.. Can I do MS after my btech in Germany?.. plz tell me names of universities which offers MS in Germany...For dat which entrance exam is required????

Reply to Sneha Das

6 years ago

without these exam TOEFL/IELTS/GRE/GMAT score can i take the admission on the behalf on exp.

Reply to


Nishat Hussain

6 years ago

Sorry, but for English taught programs English proficiency test score is required.

6 years ago

i want to admission in germany on the behalf of exp. Actually i complete my B.E in 2014 and start the job but now i want to complete my master's from germany please help and guide me ..thanks

Reply to


Nishat Hussain

6 years ago

Hi Brij Bhushan, We not currently counselling for MS programs in Germany. However you can refer to the link below with some MS options in Germany https://studyabroad.shiksha.com/germany/ms-colleges-dc You can refine your search by using filters on the webpage.

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