LLM Programs in Australia: Top Universities, Admissions, Fees & Jobs Opportunities

LLM Programs in Australia: Top Universities, Admissions, Fees & Jobs Opportunities

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LLM in Australia is a professional 1 year-long program which is offered to international students based on their LLB, Juris Doctor or Graduate Legal Practical Training scores. In some cases, work experience might be required before admission. There are over 20 Australian Universities that offer full-time, part-time or online LLM courses. 
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International students pursuing LLM in Australia can expect to increase their knowledge in various disciplines or through specialisations and enhance their creative and critical thinking as well. Check: Top Master of Laws (LLM) Colleges in Australia

After an LLM in Australia, applicants can either take up a full-time job as a solicitor or barrister or lawyer or they can pursue a doctoral degree - LLD in Australia. The average starting salary of an LLM graduate in Australia is AUD 95,700 and this can go up to AUD 210,000 with a better experience.

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LLM in Australia Highlights 

LLM Offering Australian Universities


Total LLM Courses Offered

Over 90 courses

Duration | Type

1-2 years | Full Time

Maximum Time for Completion

1.5 years / 4 years

Annual Tuition Fees

AUD 35,000 - AUD 54,000

Admission Requirements

Bachelors / JD + ELP (+ work exp)

ELP Tests Accepted


AQF Level for LLM in Australia

Level 9

Average Salary after LLM in Australia

AUD 135,000 annually

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PG Law Courses in Australia for Indian Students 

Indian students willing to apply for LLM in Australia can apply if they have a bachelor's degree not completed beyond 10 years and if the degree is older than 10 years then valid proof of work experience must be shared. The following points must be taken care of while applying for LLM in Australia:

  • LLB from India is not accepted for LLM admission in Australia for admission or practice.
  • Indian students willing to pursue LLM in Australia must have completed their bachelor of Law from Australia only.
  • Applicants holding a student visa in Australia can apply for LLM in Australia, or upon receiving the offer letter the students can apply for a student visa.
  • Indian students with an LLM in Australia can practise Law anywhere in Australia once they get themselves registered. 

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Top Ranking Universities for LLM in Australia 

The following table compiles a list of top Master's in Law in Australia-offering universities with their subject ranking and the type, of course, they have to offer for international students:

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Australian Universities Ranking

QS - Law & Legal Studies Ranking 2023

Study Level | Type

The University of Melbourne


Master of Laws | Coursework

UNSW Sydney


Master of Laws | Coursework

Australian National University


Master of Laws | Coursework

University of Sydney


Master of Laws | Coursework

University of Queensland


Master of Laws | Coursework

Monash University


Master of Laws | Coursework

University of Technology Sydney


Master of Laws & Master of Laws (Research) | Coursework & Research

University of Adelaide


Master of Laws | Coursework

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LLM Courses in Australia 

A variety of LLM courses or specialisations are available in Australia for international students like Taxation, Commercial Law, Intellectual property Law, Criminal Law, International Law, Military Law, Technology / Internet Law, Competition Law, Workplace & Regulation Law, etc. Not all LLM courses might be available at all Australian Universities, thus, applicants must choose their university accordingly.

LLM in Australia Admission Requirements 

International students applying for LLM admissions in Australia will have to submit an application including their transcripts, statement of purpose (SOP) / essays, letters of recommendation (LOR), and in some cases CV and even research proposals too. Along with these official documents applicants must first qualify the minimum eligibility criteria, given below university-wise: 

LLM Universities in Australia

Admission Requirements

Application Rounds / Dates

The University of Melbourne

LLB / JD or equivalent degree leading towards practising

IELTS: 6.5 / TOEFL: 577 / PTE: 58 / CAE: 176

Feb / July

UNSW School of Law

LLB / JD / BA in Law, Social Science or Humanities from UNSW and/or 2 years of work experience

IELTS: 7.0 / TOEFL: 589

Term 1, 2 & 3

ANU College of Law

Bachelors in Law or JD or Graduate Law Certificate with a GPA of 5.0 / Bachelors in Law or JD or Graduate Law Certificate with a GPA of 5.0 with 2 years of work experience

IELTS: 6.5 / TOEFL: 570

Around the year

University of Sydney Law School

Bachelor’s in Law or JD with 65% of credit average from Sydney University or equivalent

IELTS: 7.0 / TOEFL iBT: 96 / PTE: 68

Semester 1: Jan 15

Semester 2: Jun 25

University of Queensland

Bachelors or masters with a GPA of 4.0 with either a graduate law diploma or 2 years full-time work experience

IELTS: 6.5 / TOEFL: 570 / PTE: 64

Nov 30 (a year before starting)

May 31 (the same year of admission)

Monash University 

Australian JD / bachelor with 60% average credit score (1 year long) OR

Bachelors from a non-Australian institution with VLAB letter of qualifications (2 years long)

IELTS: 6.5 / TOEFL: 79 / PTE: 58

Semester 1: Feb

Semester 2: July


Bachelor's degree / JD / Master's degree or general professional proof for pursuing LLM.

IELTS: 6.5 / TOEFL: 550-583

Jan 15

University of Adelaide

LLB / LLB with a graduate diploma in legal practice

IELTS: 6.5 / TOEFL: 79 / PTE: 58


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LLM Course Structure in Australia

Each LLM course structure in Australia is divided in terms of credits. LLM courses in Australia have a set of credit points that must be achieved in order to qualify for the LLM or Master of Laws degree. The credit points vary per university, for example, international students at UniMelb must complete 100 credit points while UNSW Sydney, ANU, University of Sydney & Queensland propose 48 credit points completion.

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LLM Australia Fees 

Based on the credit points as proposed for the LLM course structure by each of the Australian Universities, fees are calculated. International students might have to pay more or less depending on cases they might have to take up extra courses to bridge the gap while pursuing a Master of Laws from Australia. However, an indicative set of LLM fees has been given in the table below:

LLM Universities in Australia

Annual Tuition Fees

Application Fees

The University of Melbourne

AUD 46,656

AUD 100

UNSW Sydney

AUD 44,085

AUD 125

Australian National University

AUD 46,910


University of Sydney

AUD 43,920

AUD 125

University of Queensland

AUD 42,227

AUD 150

Monash University

AUD 48,600

AUD 100


AUD 47,184

AUD 100

University of Adelaide

AUD 47,500

AUD 110

The fee above is a one-time fee for LLM in Australia which is paid annually. But these costs do not include the living costs. Check: Living Costs in Australia for International Students

Job Prospects after LLM in Australia 

Upon completing LLM in Australia, graduates can apply for positions as a Consultant in the Jury, and can also become a lawyer or solicitors or even barrister. Depending upon the specialisation, the students can register themselves in their field of expertise. The average salary of an LLM degree holder in Australia is AUD 135,000. 

Salary for LLM in Australia

LLM graduates' salaries in Australia vary depending on their field of expertise and the location of the practice. The following table throws light on the salaries drawn by LLM graduates in Australia working under different job roles:

LLM in Australia Job Roles

Average Annual Salary

Government Attorney

AUD 92,158

Senior Paralegal

AUD 99,804


AUD 115,629

Corporate Lawyer

AUD 145,124

Law Firm Partner

AUD 260,800

Senior Lawyer 

AUD 125,340

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LLM in Australia FAQs

Q. Which is the cheapest LLM in Australia?

A. LLM courses that are offered in the online mode like University of Wollongong, offer cheapest LLM courses to international students. The Fee ranges between AUD 25,000 - AUD 29,000. There are no other universities in Australia that offer LLM in the online mode other than the University of Wollongong. The applicants can however, go for online LLB courses across universities in Australia. Applicants must check for all details before proceeding for admission formalities. 

Q. Are exchange programs available while pursuing LLM in Australia?

A. University of Melbourne has a tie up with Oxford University called Study Abroad with Oxford University for LLM students. These students get an extra 12.5 credits at the end of their study and are eligible for Oxford email ids too. There may be other universities who may have a tie up with Australian universities to send the students through an exchange program from the other countries to Australia and vice versa. Applicants can check these details when going in for admissions at the particular university of choice. 

Q. Can I pursue LLM in Australia after LLB from India?

A. Yes, Indian applicants with Indian LLB can pursue LLM in Australia, but they cannot practise Law in Australia. In order to practise Law in Australia, Indian applicants with Indian LLB will have to pursue LLB from an Australian University and then apply for LLM in Australia. Thus, Indian students should have a clear head as to where they wish to pursue what course and most importantly where they wish to practice, if at all they are interested in taking up a career after pursuing a law degree from Australia. 

Q. Is it possible to pursue a career in Australia with an LLM from India?

A. No, nobody can directly practice law in Australia with an LLM from India because the candidates will have to understand the laws of Australia and will have to get registration. This is impossible without an LLB or LLM from Australia. There are rules pertaining to practicing Law careers in Australia and unless all aeligiblity criteria is fulfilled, applicants cannot practice in Australia. Thus, everything must be in check right at the beginning of choosing the course to understanding all the prerequisites. Check: LLB Colleges in Australia: Courses & Fees

Q. How to complete practical legal training for admission to LLM in Australia?

A. There are two ways of completing the Graduate Practical Legal Training before applying for LLM in Australia:

  • Through clerkship which is a 1 year long legal job under a legal firm. Or
  • Supervised workplace training certification, which is again a 1 year long applicable for students in Victoria or Queensland only.

If either of these are not taken up or completed, then the training will not be considered complete by the Australian authorities and probably license will also not be provided. 

Q. Do all universities offer specialisations for LLM in Australia?

A. No, not all Australian Universities offering LLM offer varied specialisations. Rather some universities offer disciplines that students can pursue in terms of credits in case they wish to get more insight. Some of the popular LLM specialisations in Australia are:

  • Taxation
  • Commercial Law
  • Intellectual property Law
  • Criminal Law
  • International Law
  • Military Law
  • Technology / Internet Law
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