MBA Colleges in Australia that don't Require GMAT


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Do you wish to study MBA in Australia, but do not have a GMAT score? Nothing to worry! There are several Australian universities which offer admission even without a GMAT score. We have given below the list of top MBA Colleges in Australia that don't Require GMAT, and more.

MBA Colleges in Australia that don't Require GMAT

Australia is an excellent study abroad destination. Truly world-class cities, a conducive environment, and first-rate academic facilities. Adding to the many positives is another lure for international students…the requirement or rather no requirement of GMAT scores. Do not go judging too fast. True, most of the top MBA colleges of the world require rather high GMAT scores. But to consider GMAT scores as a measure of the school’s program would be hasty and wrong. All the top schools across the world look at a variety of aspects of the application and the same is true for all Australian Universities as well. So why don’t they need a GMAT?

The answer lies in the way the Australian Education System works. More based on practical expertise, the Australian education system gives credence to work experience as well as your academic score. Most of the colleges require a minimum of 3 years of relevant work experience for you to be able to apply. Moreover, a quick glance at the student profile of these colleges would present to you that the average work experience of the students in their MBA program is around 4 years.

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Furthermore, the Australian Education system believes that a student applying for a higher education after completing a bachelor course or a graduate diploma would necessarily have the required aptitude to complete the course. No GMAT does not mean a lower qualification. In fact, the Australian Universities would require you to have a rather consistently high score across your high school and graduation. Most of the listed colleges have a minimum requirement of 65% in your undergraduate degree – aggregate and not only of the final year!

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Another more important aspect to understand is that the universities do not require the GMAT mandatorily! As in, it is not compulsory for you to have a GMAT score to apply to these colleges. They assess the application and may request you to provide a GMAT score if your academic score does not match the minimum requirement. So, while we present a list of colleges that do not “require” a GMAT score, we still maintain that admissions to universities abroad is strictly on a case to case basis. Hence, the standard suggestion remains the same – talk to the university’s admission officer about your application.

Meanwhile, here is a list of Australian Universities, some ranked amongst the top 30 MBA schools in Asia Pacific Region (Source: QS World University Rankings 2023), that do not require a GMAT score. If you have a good academic record, a decent work experience and an IELTS score of 6.5 – 7 and a low GMAT score of 600 or no GMAT score, these are the 10 universities you might wish to start your research with.

Name of College/ University

QS World University Rankings 2023

Australian National University


The University of Sydney


Monash University


University of Wollongong


Curtin University


Macquarie University


La Trobe University


James Cook University


University of Western Sydney


Australian Catholic University


* Source: QS World University Rankings 2023

MBA in Australia without GMAT FAQs

Q. Can I pursue MBA in Australia without GMAT?

A. Yes. There are many top-ranked Australian universities that offer MBA programs without a GMAT score.

Q. Can I pursue MBA in Australia without GMAT and work experience?

A. Different universities have different criteria for selection. Some universities might select candidates without GMAT and work experience. However, most of the universities look for students with some work experience. For e.g. The University of Sydney Business School requires a minimum of 3-years of relevant work experience.

Q. Can you name some Australian universities for MBA without GMAT?

A. The University of Sydney, Australian National University, Monash University, etc. are some of the top Australian universities for MBA without GMAT.

Q. Is it true that universities that do not require a GMAT score are low ranking?

A. Absolutely not. Some of the universities in Australia, which do not require a GMAT score, are ranked amongst the top 100 universities in the world. GMAT score is not the only criteria that decides the ranking of a college/ university.

Q. If I want to increase my chances of selection for MBA in Australia, should I give GMAT?

A. Why not? A good GMAT score will enhance your resume and increase your chances of getting selected. However, GMAT score is not the only criteria for selection.
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