MBA in USA without GMAT: Top Business Schools, Eligibility, Admissions Process


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MBA in USA without GMAT

The USA is a top study destination for international students looking to study MBA abroad. Although the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is used by most universities for giving admission to their MBA programs, certain universities do not ask for the GMAT for their MBA programs. Having a GMAT score gives you an advantage over others but there are various reasons that MBA aspirants don’t want to go for the GMAT exam. Earlier, we have discussed the business schools without GMAT requirements. In this article, we will inform you about the study MBA in USA without GMAT. Some of the usual admission requirements of the universities for giving admission to the MBA programs are GMAT, relevant work experience, a bachelor's degree, and an Essay. However, few universities have replaced the GMAT score with either work experience or research work carried out by the candidate.

Importance of GMAT for MBA in USA

Some of the reasons why GMAT is used for giving admission to MBA or management courses in the USA.

  • The GMAT analyses the candidate's ability to analyze his/her aptitude skills
  • It measures if the candidate has the required skills to complete the MBA program successfully

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Top MBA Universities in USA without GMAT

Below we have mentioned the top universities in the USA that do not require the GMAT for giving admission to their MBA programs.


Course offered

University of Delaware 


Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University

Executive MBA

Florida International University

Professional MBA

University of Southern California

Executive MBA

Pace University

Executive MBA

University of St. Thomas


Eligibility to study MBA in USA without GMAT

Some of the eligibility requirements for getting into an MBA program in the USA without the GMAT.

How to Get Admissions to MBA in USA without GMAT

MBA in the USA without GMAT is possible and we have mentioned some of the points that will help you in securing admission to the top MBA programs in the USA without GMAT.

Well-prepared Statement of Purpose

An SOP is one of the most important pieces of documents that is part of your application. Prepare it carefully as it is a chance to impress the admission committee (AdCom) by showcasing your profile and the skills that you acquire during your academic and professional stints.

The latest resume

Your resume should include all your professional and academic achievements. Briefly describe your achievements and highlights of your career (both academic and professional). Include all the useful skills that you acquire and how they can be helpful while studying MBA in USA.

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Work experience

Gaining fruitful work experience is one of the most important things that one can do secure admission to a top MBA program in the USA without the GMAT. The number of work experience may vary from university to university.

Letters of Recommendations

This is an important piece of evidence that authenticates the information provided by the candidate. Some universities ask for 2 or more LORs for admission to their MBA programs. It can be from your supervisor or manager at your workplace or your professors who have seen your work during your bachelor's.

A good GPA

A good GPA maybe 3 or above on a scale of 4 can increase your chances of making it to an MBA program in the USA without a GMAT

Aptitude test

This test is conducted by the university and can be used as an alternative to GMAT. These are less complex than a GMAT.

GRE Scores

As GRE is quite similar to GMAT, so, many universities also accept GRE scores for admission to their MBA programs. So, if you do not wish to go for a GMAT, you can also look for universities accepting GRE for a business course.

Universities offering MBA in USA without GMAT

Apart from the above-mentioned, there are other universities in the USA that offer MBA programs without the GMAT. Here, candidates need to give an assessment test or maybe any other criteria set by the business school to avail of the GMAT waiver.


Criteria for GMAT waiver

New York Institute of Technology

GPA of 3 or more

Columbia Business School

Executive Assessment Test

Rutgers Business School

Executive Assessment Test

Colorado State University  

Relevant work experience

Golden Gate University

Relevant work experience

DePaul University

GMAT is optional

Apart from the regular MBA degree, there are other kinds of MBA courses that one can look go for without the GMAT in the USA. We have given the list of MBA programs that one can check out where students need not take the GMAT.

  • Executive MBA without GMAT in USA
  • Online MBA without GMAT in USA
  • 1 year MBA without GMAT in USA
MBA in USA without GMAT
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