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The Pearson Test of English (PTE) - Academic is one of the most sought-after English language tests for candidates looking to study abroad. In this article, we are going to focus on the PTE preparation for the PTE Speaking section of the exam. Read on as we talk about the PTE speaking test, PTE speaking module, PTE speaking test format, PTE  study topics that candidates can expect during the exam and the best practices to improve their PTE Academic Speaking Section Scores.

How to Improve PTE Academic Speaking Section Score

How to Improve PTE Academic Speaking Section Score: The full form of PTE-A is the Pearson Test of English - Academic and is one of the most sought-after English language tests for candidates wanting to study abroad.  The PTE-A exam is made up of the PTE Reading section, PTE Listening section, PTE Speaking section and PTE Writing sections and in this article, we are going to focus on the PTE preparation for the Speaking section of the exam. Read on as we talk about the PTE speaking test, PTE speaking module, PTE speaking test format and PTE  study topics that candidates can expect during the exam.

Top 4 PTE Speaking Tips and Tricks

As mentioned earlier, we are going to be talking about the top 4 PTE Speaking Section Tips and Tricks for the benefit of our PTE test takers. They are as follows:

  1. Candidates should speak confidently, which should neither be too slow nor too fast.
  2. Candidates should avoid repeating themselves or pausing unnecessarily
  3. Candidates should only start speaking when the recording of the conversation starts
  4. Candidates should avoid 'false starts' - which is trying a do-over of the already recorded conversation.

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PTE Practice/Sample Test

PTE Speaking Module 

PTE Speaking Test Format: Candidates must be aware that the PTE Speaking Section of the test is combined with the PTE Writing Section. We are going to start by showing you the PTE speaking module topics that are covered under the PTE Speaking section:

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PTE Speaking and Writing Section Question Topics

PTE Question Format

Personal introduction


Read Aloud

6 - 7

Repeat sentence

10 - 12

Describe image

3 - 4

Retell lecture

1 - 2

Answer short question

5 - 6

Summarize written text

1 - 2

Write Essay

1 - 2

Total Questions

28 - 36

Time Allocation

54 - 67 minutes

Here are the best PTE Speaking section tips according to each type of PTE Speaking question to help you prepare for the PTE speaking section of the PTE exam.

PTE Speaking Section: Personal Introduction

This item is not scored but provides you with an opportunity to tell the institution about yourself. You get 25 seconds to prepare till you can record. After the tone, start speakingYou should speak clearly and don't rush. You get 30 seconds to record your introductionYou should finish speaking before the progress bar reaches the end. You will be able to record your introduction only once. Your response will be sent along with your score report to the colleges and universities selected by you.

PTE Speaking Section: Read Aloud

  • Rising your tone at the beginning and falling tone at the end of the sentence will make the sentences sound authentic.
  • If you realise you made a mistake, continue speaking and don't stop.
  • From day 1 of preparation, practice with different tongue twisters every day until the exam day.

PTE Speaking Section: Repeat Sentence

  • Listen with closed eyes and memorize the sentence.
  • There is no beep at the end, so just start speaking after the clip ends.
  • If you can’t manage to remember the whole sentence, at least focus on the keywords and repeat those.

PTE Speaking Section: Describe Image

  • Start with words like illustrate, elucidates, depicts, etc.
  • Notice whether it is a bar chart, line graph or pie chart. Line graphs have 'timeline', pie charts have 'slices' and bar graphs compare.
  • Make use of the following words – on the left-hand side, on the right side, next to, below/bottom, above, at the top, foreground, background etc.
  • Try finishing in 30–35 seconds and don’t leave incomplete recorded sentences.

PTE Speaking Section: Retell Lecture

  • Notice the keywords, they can help you understand the context of the topic. 
  • Instead of complete full names, you can use titles, like – Dr Says or the professor mentions etc. 
  • Try to capture the best 3-5 sentences. They should be enough to retell the lecture. 

PTE Speaking Section: Answer short question

  • Add articles (a, an, the) before some words.
  • If you don’t know the answer, just repeat the words in the question.

PTE Speaking Test Tips

Provided below are some of the best PTE Speaking Tips and Tricks when dealing with the PTE Speaking Section. 

  • You will have to Youtube pronunciation videos to achieve desired oral fluency.
  • Try to mimic native English speakers with either British, American or Australian accents.
  • For better pronunciation, google or YouTube IPA and phonemes. You need to be aware of the position of the tongue, jaw, and lips while speaking each word.
  • Focus on mimicking intonations as each word has ups and downs for each alphabet.

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PTE Speaking Section Exam Pattern

Candidates should note that the PTE Speaking and Writing section are combined. In the PTE exam, Part 1 of the PTE test will assess your PTE Writing and Speaking skills. The total time allotted for the PTE Speaking and Writing section is between 77 - 93 Minutes. Note: If you remain silent for more than 3 seconds, the recording will stop automatically and you'll not be able to re-record.

PTE Speaking Format - Overview

PTE Module

PTE Speaking Task / Skills assessed

Time to answer 

Read aloud 

Read the provided text aloud

(Reading and Speaking)

Variesdepends on the length of text 

Repeat sentence 

After listening to a recording, repeat the sentence

(Listening and Speaking)

15 seconds 

Describe image 

Describe the image provided in detail


40 seconds 

Re-tell lecture 

After listening to a lecture, re-tell it in your own words

(Listening and Speaking)

40 seconds 

Answer short question 

After listening to a question, answer with a single word

(Listening and Speaking)

10 seconds 

Summarize written text 

After reading a text, write a one-sentence summary

(Reading and Writing) 

10 minutes


Write a 200–300-word essay on the given topic 


20 minutes

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