Study in Germany: APS Certificate Processing Explained

Study in Germany: APS Certificate Processing Explained

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Rahul Singha
Study Abroad Expert
Updated on Apr 3, 2024 15:17 IST

Are you dreaming of Studying at German universities? The APS Germany certificate is your key. This guide clarifies processing times, application strategies, and how to stay updated on your status. Don't let your APS Certificate Germany hold you back - start your German adventure today.

APS Certificate Germany

A lot of times Indian students looking to study in Germany are worried about the average turnaround time to receive their APS Certificate for Germany or the right time to apply for their APS Certification so that they can complete the German university admission process well before the university admission deadlines.

We have already established that the APS Germany Certificate has become a mandatory requirement for Indian students looking to study abroad. In this article, we will talk about the total duration of the APS Certification process and the right time to apply.

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APS Certificate Germany Processing Time

The Academic Evaluation Center responsible for issuing APS Certificates for Germany is committed to processing all applications promptly. So the total duration for processing your APS Certification or the average turnaround time to receive the APS certificate is up to 45 days provided the referee detail and verification process are aligned as per the APS requirement. Candidates should note that the APS Certification is a time-consuming process and can also take up to 3 months to process during admission peak season.

Indian students applying for their APS certification should note that the APS Certification time of up to 45 days heavily depends on the responsiveness of local authorities and institutions to inquiries and the total volume of applications that need to be processed and are subject to change. While the authorities are doing all they can to expedite the APS Certification process applicants are advised to apply for their APS certificates the moment they are sure of studying in one of the popular German universities.

APS Germany Certificate Status Check

A lot of times candidates are worried about the current status of their APS Certificate for Germany application process. Indian students who have submitted their documents for APS Certification can track the status of their APS Certificate application through the online student portal by logging into ‘My Account’ on the APS India website: Candidates will also be informed about the successful completion of the APS Germany Certificate verification process via an email notification. This way candidates would have real-time information on their APS certification verification process and promptly be informed about the completion of their application process.

What does APS ‘Non-support’ mean?

A lot of times, candidates might have their APS Certification application process marked as ‘non-support”. This means that the agency despite its best efforts was unable to receive confirmation of authenticity directly from the educational institution regarding the candidate's academic documents. As the schools or universities are unable to provide the required information to verify the authenticity of the academic records the APS status gets marked as ‘non-support’.

In such cases, students are required to promptly get in touch with the relevant authorities at their school or university to expedite the process. Once the agency has obtained the required verification from the educational institution, they will proceed with the issuance of your digital APS certificate for Germany. Candidates should note that confirmations will only be accepted on official institutional email addresses or by postal mail. Non-institutional domains such as Gmail, Yahoo, or other third-party services will not be accepted as communication for this purpose. To minimize wait time, candidates can also use DigiLocker - a Government of India initiative under Digital India to expedite the APS Germany application process. 

APS Germany Certificate Delivery

Candidates should not wait for the physical delivery of their APS Germany Certificates as from April 2023 onwards APS Certificates are being issued in a digital PDF format. The digitally signed APS certificate will be sent to the registered email address provided on the registration form by the candidate and there is no requirement or provision to apply for extra copies of the 'APS certificate Germany' as the digital format allows for easy storage and accessibility, eliminating the need for physical copies.

Indian students looking to study in Germany can get in touch with Shiksha Study Abroad Counsellors on our website for assistance with university admissions. Candidates can get in touch with us with their queries in the comments section below. 

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