How to Apply for German Universities?

How to Apply for German Universities?

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There are over 350+ universities in Germany and their admission applications are accepted either through uni-assist e.V. which is a common portal or directly through the university website. Uni-assist e.V. applications are accepted by 170 German universities while the others accept a direct application. This application portal is for assessing international students applications, academic documents only. Read: Study in Germany.

Annually more than 25,000 Indian students apply for admissions in Germany through uni-assist but only 15,000 to 18,000 get through. Uni-Assist offers:

  • Application filing for over 5,150 courses in English for all levels of study for international students. 
  • One place and one account for keeping document related details so that they are not uploaded multiple times if more courses are applied for. 
  • Also not all courses of study in partnering German Universities might be available for filing applications, they might be required to be submitted directly..
  • Lower application costs and not free applications.
  • Easier tracking for all applications that have been applied for.

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How to Apply for German Universities Highlights 

Total Universities in Germany


Universities Accepting Uni-Assist Applications


Applicable for

International students

First time application fee


Total courses on uni-assist


Additional course application fee


Universities not accepting uni-assist applications


Uni-assist application semesters

Both summer and winter

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How to Apply to German Universities via Uni-Assist e.V.?

Before applying for admission to any German University and your choice of course or courses first check: All you need to know about studying in Germany. The following steps can be followed while applying through uni-assist e.V. for international students:

  1. Check if the German University you are applying to accepts applications through uni-assist e.V. or not. If yes then,
  2. Make sure you are aware of the minimum eligibility criteria. Read: Study in Germany: Eligibility Criteria for UG Courses.
  3. Register on My Assist and create a login ID and password for the uni assist portal. Consequently an applicant number would be sent to your registered email id.
  4. Log in on the portal again and upon access you will find an application tab, open it and use filters to select the desired university, course* and semester of admission.
  5. Next step is adding your educational history and uploading relevant scanned documents if the university accepts ‘online pre-check’. In case your university requires an ‘official certification’ of your documents then:
    1. Send your academic and language documents with an overview of grades and marking and officially translated copies via post to:
      uni-assist e.V.
      11507 Berlin
    2. These documents must reach un-assist after submitting the online application but before the application deadline is over in a single envelope only.
    3. It takes 4 to 6 weeks for receiving an official certification from uni-assist before admission. 
  6. Before final submission verify all details and submit as no modifications would be possible after that. 
  7. After selecting ‘Proceed to Checkout’ pay the handling or application fee. First time fee charged is €75, while €30 is charged additionally for new course application.

*course: The choice of course can be found under course catalogue. 

After Applying via Uni-Assist e.V.

After applying for courses at German Universities via Uni-Assist, applicants can track their applications and check the status. In My assist account status of the application in the overview of each application can be viewed. The following status may reflect on the applications:

  • In evaluation: Application is under evaluation
  • Withdrawn: If the application has been withdrawn then this status would show up.
  • Faulty: In case of missing documents evaluation cannot be completed, a email may be sent to the applicant for update.
  • Okay: If application meets all criteria, standard applications would be forwarded to the university, in case of VPD applications, as soon as the documents are certified applicants will be informed in My Inbox so that they can share with their university.
  • Case-by-case Decision: Though the application does not fulfil the requirements yet the university wishes to evaluate it further. In case of acceptance, the university would communicate.

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German Universities Accepting Uni-Assist Applications

Since more than 150+ German Universities are in partnership with uni-assist for assessing their international applications, the following is a list of top few universities:

German Universities Accepting Uni-Assist Applications

Kiel University

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

Hochschule 21

Leipzig University of Applied Sciences

The Berlin School of Economics & Law

Geisenheim University

Harz University of Applied Sciences

Rhine-Main University 

Jade University of Applied Sciences

Justus Liebig University

Munich University of Applied Sciences

Leibniz Universitat Hannover

Leuphana University of Luneburg

Martin Luther University

Media Design University for Design and Computer Science

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Pros of Applying to German Universities via Uni-Assist e.V.

The reason why a lot of international students submit applications to study in Germany via uni-assist is because of the hassle free experience and lower application costs for international students. Read: 7 Steps to Study for Free in Germany

Some more plus points for applying to German Universities via uni-assist are as follows:

  • Help for evaluating official certificates that are to be shared with the university upon admission.
  • Securing all official data like important documents, choice of courses, choice of universities all in one account.
  • Assisting students by keeping them updated about their application status.
  • Uni-assist also helps in certifying documents for those universities that require a pre-review documentation before admission.
  • Uni-assist does not qualify for being tagged as good or bad if some courses of specific partner universities are not applied through this portal.
  • There is no additional fee for getting documents verified other than the handling fee of €75 and €30.

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German University Admission Applications Without Uni-Assist

There are around 230+ German Universities that accept applications for its English medium courses without uni-assist for international students. These universities accept applications directly through their websites for admissions. Following is a List of German Universities that Teach in English and don’t accept uni-assist applications are:

German Universities Applications WIthout Uni-Assist

Bard College Berlin

Ansbach University of Applied Sciences

Berlin School of Popular Arts

University of Siegen

Deggendorf Institute of Technology

Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences Berlin

Berlin University of the Arts

Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences

Berlin School of Business & Innovation

Zeppelin Universität

University of Stuttgart

Worms University of Applied Sciences

Universität Hamburg

University of Mannheim

University of Hohenheim

*Note: Not all the above given German institutions have all courses admission applications directly, some of them may be found through uni-assist.

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What kind of documents do not require certification as per uni-assist e.V.?

Official certification is not mandatory for documents like CV , internship experience proofs, LOR’s and letters of motivation as per uni-assist. The reason being, their dynamic nature.

How does the handling fee apply for one semester through uni-assist?

New applicants who apply for the very first time pay a handling fee of €75 for one course per university. In case the applicant wishes to apply for more courses then he/she will have to re-register to apply and pay only €30 per application.

Is it mandatory to send certified documents to uni-assist e.V.?

There are some universities in Germany which accept certified documents and certificates from uni-assist only. Thus, only if applying to these universities, applicants will have to mail their attested documents to uni-assist. After uni-assist verifies them, the applicants will get an official certificate which can be used to submit applications to these universities.

Does uni-assist refund the application fee if application is withdrawn?

Uni-assist may or may not refund the application fee, but in case an applicant receives the refund it will be because:
  • Either the applicant was charged for a free application. Or
  • The applicant paid more than necessary for the application. Or
  • If the application is not processed.

How to apply for another course for the same semester through uni-assist?

Applicants can access their applicant number on uni-assist portal and through those credentials apply for other courses. Applicants must not sign up or register multiple times to apply for multiple courses via uni-assist.

For multiple course applications, documents will have to be uploaded on uni-assist e.V.?

No, uni-assist saves the uploaded or offline mailed documents of the applicants once. Thus, its hassle free to apply for multiple courses and universities under uni-assist only without uploading the documents again and again.

Can an applicant submit missing documents to uni-assist later?

In a lot of cases applicants are unable to gather all their documents at once because the examination conducting body does not release the official certificates soon after releasing the results. For such cases uni-assist still accepts all missing documents but before the application deadlines only.

What if the German university I am applying to does not accept applications through uni-assist e.V.?

In case any such situation arises, applicants will have to apply separately to the university not accepting applications through uni-assist. They will have to follow the application submission steps in order to apply for admission.

Which are some of the top German Universities that accept admission applications without uni-assist?

The following are the top 5 German Universities that accept applications without uni-assist:

The university accepts uni-assist applications for other courses but not mine. Is there a problem?

A lot of universities that partner with uni-assist may not partner for all the courses admission. Thus, if an applicant fails to find his/her choice of course via uni-assist, they may apply separately through a direct application to the university.
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