Study in UK: What next after applying to UK universities?

Study in UK: What next after applying to UK universities?

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Updated on Apr 11, 2020 15:40 IST
Study in UK: What next after applying to UK universities?

If you’re planning to come to the UK to study as a full-time student, you would know that leaving home and travelling abroad to study can be a stressful yet life-changing experience. You will have to leave friends and family behind to live in an unknown country which is not an easy transition.

To make sure you settle down in the new country without any hassle, you need to make sure your arrival goes smoothly. There are plenty of things to plan and consider before leaving India. Do you have everything you need for your journey and first few weeks in the UK?

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Here is our list of a few things to make sure you are good to travel.

After applying -

  • The budget for your life in the UK. The UK can be an expensive place to live, so it is helpful to research some of the living costs before you arrive. For entry clearance, you will need to show evidence that you have enough money to support yourself. It is difficult to predict exactly how much money you will need as every student is different. Expenses will be significantly higher if you are accompanied by a dependent family member, use a mobile phone extensively, socialize a lot, smoke or purchase a car.
  • Make sure your passport is valid and is not expiring soon. If needed apply for a new passport as soon as possible.
  • Obtain any necessary visa and entry clearance for study in the UK when you receive your visa letter
  • Since April 2012, you can only get a UK student visa if you are applying to a university or college rated ‘Highly Trusted’ by the UKBA. You will need to make sure that the institution where you intend to study has been licensed by the UK immigration authorities to teach people who come to the UK to study.

After receiving an acceptance letter -

  • Confirm your place on the course. First things first, make sure that you are 100% confirmed on the right course at the right university. Get in touch with the administrators or admissions office to get your place secured.
  • Start looking for accommodation as soon as you have accepted an offer to study. Finding a place to stay before you come to the UK will make your stay easier. There are two types of accommodation you can consider- university accommodation and private accommodation. Depending on your budget and preference book the place.
  • Read through all of the Orientation & Registration information. Know the time, date, and venue of the orientation beforehand to avoid confusion later on.
  • If you are travelling independently to the campuses check your travel plans. Book a taxi ride to your accommodation on the day of your arrival.
  • Book your flight. When choosing a flight, consider what time you will arrive in the UK, which airport you will land on, the distance between the airport and your destination.
  • Check your luggage allowance. Airlines have strict guidelines on the number of luggage passengers can take on board an aircraft. Determine which essential items you will need, calculate how much space and weight these items will take to save on extra luggage duty later on.
  • Get a letter in English from your doctor detailing any regular medication you are on explaining exactly what the medicines are and why you take them. This will allow you to bring a small supply into the UK and means you’ll have a record to show your UK doctor.
  • Go through any routine medical checks, recommended vaccinations and chest x-ray (if required)
  • Speak to your bank: do you need the approval of exchange control, order travellers cheques or enough sterling for your first week
  • Start to pack appropriate clothing for your first few weeks in the UK. You can buy bedding, towels, crockery, household items, etc. after arrival in local supermarkets at cheap prices. Also, buy winter clothes from the UK as the ones from India are not meant for the British winters.
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Shiva chandra

2 years ago

I want to study medicine in uk I completed My 12 standard in 2021with 66 percent. In 10 standard 93 percent tell me process and eligibility

Reply to Shiva chandra

You can refer to this article: Eligibility differs for each university as they have different requirements for different courses.