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Are you preparing for the GRE Exam? There are 27 questions in the exam from the two sections of Verbal Reasoning. Your GRE preparation is incomplete without the practice of GRE verbal section. It can help you to increase your score and chances of getting admission to your dream university.

GRE Verbal Practice

Official GRE Verbal Reasoning practice questions: The full form of GRE is Graduate Record Examinations and candidates planning to pursue their masters abroad would be required to appear for their GRE Exam. Conducted by ETS (Educational Testing Service), the GRE General Test is one of the world’s largest assessment programmes for graduate admissions. For the benefit of our readers, we have provided free GRE verbal practice questions for candidates looking to perform well in the GRE Verbal Practice Section of the GRE exam. 

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GRE Verbal Practice Test 2024

GRE Verbal Questions: As informed earlier, this article will contain official GRE Verbal Reasoning practice questions for test-takers to download and practice at their leisure. The free GRE verbal practice tests will act as a parameter to understand the preparation of the candidates. Do note that our official GRE Verbal Reasoning practice questions with solutions are sourced from the most authentic website and are made available to the candidates for their benefit. The following papers have 25 questions each and more papers are being added on a regular basis. 

Download GRE Verbal Practice Tests

Download the different sets of GRE verbal practice test papers at one click.

About the GRE Verbal Practice Section 

The GRE Verbal Reasoning Section aims to measure the test taker's ability to analyze and draw conclusions from discourse, reason from incomplete data, identify author's assumptions and/or perspective, select important points, distinguish major from minor or relevant points, summarize text, understand the structure of a text, understand the meanings of words, sentences and entire texts and understand relationships among words and concepts. The Verbal Section contains two sections with 40 Questions and the students are required to complete the section in 60 mins. Each verbal section will consist of twenty questions. Half of the section will consist of questions on Text Completion and Sentence Equivalence questions; the other half will consist of Comprehension-based questions.

For candidates wanting to practice before the GRE Exam. Through the GRE verbal practice questions provided above, candidates can self-evaluate their preparedness for the GRE Verbal section of the GRE exam. Candidates looking to register for the GRE exam are required to select an appropriate GRE Test Date and a convenient GRE Test Centre and register for the same. Candidates wanting to do well in their GRE exam are advised to solve as many GRE Sample Papers as possible. 

How to Prepare for GRE Verbal Reasoning Section?

The Verbal Reasoning section of the GRE is often seen as difficult as the mathematics portion due to the big amount of vocabulary included. The purpose of the Verbal Reasoning section of the GRE is to assess your comprehension of written material and your ability to evaluate it. The GRE Verbal Reasoning test also measures your skill in analyzing sentence structure and your understanding of relationships between words and concepts.

1. Appreciate the importance of vocabulary in the verbal section of the GRE remembering that the words that you should know must be the sort of words that are likely to appear on the GRE. At the same time, no set of words is ever enough for your GRE prep. Keep learning words till such time you take the GRE exam. Learn the secondary meanings of the words as well.

2. Don't use only just one technique to learn all the words. Do maintain a vocab journal (register), use flashcards, use etymology, use mnemonics, use vocab games, and also do use online apps and tools to learn words.

3. Along with words, do learn how to answer the Sentence Equivalence and Text Completion questions. Just learning words will not suffice; you must also know the techniques that you should use to solve the Sentence Equivalence and Text Completion questions.

4. Never plug in the answer choices in the blanks to solve Sentence Equivalence and Text Completion questions. Focus on clues and triggers (if any) to come up with your own word or phrase and then use the process of elimination.

5. Remember that the two credited responses in a sentence equivalence question need not necessarily be synonyms.

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Top 10 GRE Preparation Tips

A lot of students are confused and ask, How to study for the GRE? We are going to dive right in and discuss the best GRE study material for them. Study abroad expert, Rachael Brandt writes the top 10 Tips and Tricks for the GRE, which are

  1. Plan ahead
  2. Know what you're getting into
  3. Take lots of practice tests
  4. Start studying vocabulary
  5. Focus on your subject
  6. Don't ignore the other subject
  7. Use good materials
  8. Know question types
  9. Keep an error log
  10. Plan on taking the exam twice

Effective GRE Preparation Strategies

Section-wise GRE Preparation Strategies: The first section on the GRE is always the Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) section. This section comprises two analytical writing tasks -- an analysis of an issue task and an analysis of an argument task. These two tasks are timed separately and you get 30 minutes to complete each task. This section is followed by two Verbal Reasoning sections, two Quantitative Reasoning sections, and an unidentified unscored section which may be either a Verbal Reasoning section or a Quantitative Reasoning section. For students to master the section-wise preparation for GRE, we have Subhajit Bandyopadhyay, Academics - Head (Emeritus) writing about the Section-wise Preparation Tips for GRE for our readers - a must-read.

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