Ireland Universities Accepting Backlogs

Ireland Universities Accepting Backlogs

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Rahul Singha
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Updated on Oct 28, 2021 18:35 IST

Getting admission to your favourite foreign university is no less than a dream. However, to get closer to this dream a strenuous process of application and documentation feels like a fire test. Apart from all the documents required (SOP, LOR, CV, and Essays) for the application process, you need to make sure your financial documents are also in the correct order. But all this time, the most important question one has is that does Backlogs matter while applying to universities?

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Do Backlogs matter?

Indeed, they do matter. However, the conditions vary from country to country and even university to university. Some countries or universities are quite lenient when it comes to accepting backlogs while some are really strict and hardly accept any backlogs. Thus, before starting your application process you need to ensure that all your backlogs are cleared. Once you clear all your backlogs, you need to get a separate certificate for it that would include all details about your backlogs like:

  • Number of backlogs
  • Number of attempts
  • Name of subjects
  • Exam held on dates
  • Exam cleared on dates
  • Semester information

It should be on the college’s letterhead and duly signed by the college Principal or Dean along with the college seal/stamp. Read to know What is a Backlog Certificate? See also, Do Backlogs affect the chances of a Visa Approval?

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Do Backlogs affect visa chances?

You have to be careful while getting the backlog certificate from your college and make sure that all the details are mentioned. Else, this could affect your visa clearance as well. If you already received have an admit from the university, then you should not face any difficulty during your visa process.

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How many backlogs do Irish Universities accept?

The Irish universities take their education very seriously to maintain the superior quality they enjoy and are renowned for around the world. As far as Irish universities are concerned, the backlogs are more course-specific. While courses related to Information Technology (IT) are strict for accepting backlogs, other courses are flexible but such cases are always looked at on a case-to-case basis. For e.g IT Carlow won't accept more than 5 backlogs for their Data science program. You can always get in touch with our counselors for more clarity on the same. 

While some countries are very lenient regarding the number of backlogs, Irish universities are quite strict about this. It is, in fact, one of the major reasons for rejection or acceptance of your profile. They usually accept student profiles with a maximum of 4-5 backlogs, while some only accept students with 2 or 3 backlogs. Except for Dublin City University (DCU) which accepts a maximum of 4 backlogs, no other public universities in Ireland accept backlogs. Institutes of Technology(IOTs) accept 5-10 backlogs maximum. Read: Best Universities in Ireland for Masters

Private Colleges like Dublin Business School(DBS), Griffith College, National College of Ireland (NCI) accept 10-15 backlogs but students are required to have a minimum of 50-55% in their bachelors and above. Students taking extra months/years to clear backlogs are not accepted in Irish colleges. Exceptional cases are considered based on the individual relevant work experiences. Here is a list of universities in Ireland accepting backlogs: 

Number of backlogs

Universities accepting backlogs

0 backlogs

Technological University, Dublin

Trinity College Dublin

University College Cork

Maynooth University

NUI Galway

University College Dublin

Dublin City University

5-10 backlogs

IT Carlow

10-15 backlogs

Griffith College

Dublin Business School

National College of Ireland

15+ backlogs


If you have any other queries regarding this, please feel free to comment and we’ll answer your queries. For detailed guidance with the application procedure and university selection, you can contact our experts. If you seek further guidance, you may connect with our expert counsellors, who skilled in providing application services and visa counselling. Check out how Shiksha counsellors rate students' chances of getting into a college abroad.

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Sushant Sharma

a month ago

Heyy, I pursued my Diploma in IT after my 10th from CBSE board, it was a 3 year Diploma but I took 6 years to complete it because of my backlog in 2 subjects, but in the last attempt I cleared it and got my diploma, after that I pursued BSc in IT and completed it within course duration with around 8


Reply to Sushant Sharma



a year ago

i did not fail in any exam but i was absent for some exams in my ug so i will be finishing my three year degree in 4 years..can i get into university college dublin

Reply to shrreenithi

Tony Dominic

2 years ago

I have 8 backlogs [if considered repeated backlog then it wiil be 11]. My CGPA is 7.23. is there any chance for me gettiing masters in Ireland.

Reply to Tony Dominic

Universities accepting backlogs are given in the article itself. Kindly go through the article thoroughly.


Bhavya Gaur

2 years ago

How are backlogs counted? If I failed in 2 subjects and I repeated one subject twice will it be counted as 2 or 3 backlogs?

Reply to Bhavya Gaur

Different countries count backlogs differently. If you are asking for Ireland specifically, then it counts only the number of subjects and not the number of attempts. So it will be counted as two backlogs. For detail about other countries, you can refer to:



Siddarth Mali

3 years ago

Hello ma'am My profile is: 10th = 63% Diploma = 64% (was having 16 backlogs now all cleared ) Btech = 8.1 cgpa (no backlog ) What are my chance for Ms in ireland Please reply

Reply to Siddarth Mali

Hi Siddarth, Ireland is will look at the backlogs, if any, you had in your UG program. Since you have no backlogs in your UG, there should be no issues in admission. You do have good chances of receiving an admit. Thanks!