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PTE Academic Online Testing: Launched by Pearson PLC Group - the conducting body of the PTE exam, PTE at Home testing is the PTE Academic Online Test that is being conducted from the safety of the homes of the PTE test takers. However, before you rush to book your PTE at Home testing, there are certain important factors that have to be kept in mind before you register for your online PTE at Home test. 
PTE Academic Online Test

The terms PTE Home and PTE at-home tests have been very interchangeably used in the recent years, after the corona period. However, both these tests differ in terms of their purpose, test location, skills assessed and format. While PTE Academic is the main test conducted by the Pearson PLC Group for students willing to study abroad. The PTE Academic Test assesses the candidates 4 core skills to judge their English proficiency, i.e. speaking, listening, reading and writing.

The PTE Academic test can be either taken at any nearby location of the student in their home country, referred  as the "PTE Academic Test" or at the comfort of their homes, referred to as the "PTE Academic Online Test". Both these tests have the exact same PTE exam pattern however, the latter one is accepted by less universities. Both these tests, i.e. PTE Academic and PTE Academic Online provide a score for the overall performance of the student along with separate indictaors in each of teh core areas.  

On the other hand, the PTE Home is a pass-fail test, designed specifically for UK visa and immigration purposes. Unlike the score-based PTE Academic test, the PTE Home test only assesses your speaking and listening skills. You can only take this test in a test center and not online.

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Registration for PTE Academic Online

In this section, we are going to be talking about the steps required to register for PTE Academic Online or PTE at-Home test . For registering for the PTE at Home test, candidates are required to visit the official PTE website, and create a test taker profile on the My PTE account Online webpage. Candidates should note that PTE at Home tests can be scheduled up to 24 hours in advance.

PTE Academic Online Test Requirements

Candidates should note that PTE at-Home test would come with certain obligations the test taker would have to abide by to be able to opt for the PTE at Home test. These include:

  • A quiet and private location
  • A reliable computer with a webcam
  • A wired headset
  • A strong internet connection
  • Adequate System requirements: Candidates would be required to download and run the OnVUEsoftware - a system check via the PTE Academic Online webpage before deciding to schedule a test.

PTE Academic Online Fees

The PTE Academic Online exam fee is the same as the PTE Academic exam that is conducted at the test centre. Students who are registering for the PTE online test are required to pay Rs. 17,000 for the PTE at Home test.

PTE at Home Exam Pattern

The PTE at-home exam will follow the 2-hour exam pattern. The PTE at Home syllabus will stay the same as the PTE online test.

PTE Academic Online Score Reporting

The PTE scores would be scored in an identical way as the PTE Academic scores are calculated. The score reports for the PTE at Home test would also be available in 2 days time. However, one difference in your PTE at Home score reporting would be, that your PTE scorecard would have mentioned that the candidate has opted for the PTE online format of the test. An example has been shown below.

PTE home test

Source: Pearson | PTE Academic

PTE Academic Online Test Acceptability 

Candidates are required to check that institutions are accepting PTE Academic online test scores before registering for the PTE at Home test. Candidates should note that PTE Online test would not be accepted by governments for visa applications. There are certain safety measures that have been put in place to bring about the authenticity of the PTE at Home test. They include

PTE Academic Online uses the ideal combination of AI and human input to deliver a best-in-class secure remote proctoring solution, including:

  • Identity checks are carried out by AI and supported by a check-in process with an OnVUEhuman 'greeter'
  • The proctor can communicate with the test taker and revoke the exam in the case of suspicious activity
  • Suspicious activity will also be reviewed after the test and scores can be held or revoked
  • Proctors are globally based and randomly assigned
  • There is no break in the standard test
  • OnVUEhas a live chat function that would be active to support test takers throughout their test

  • In the situation internet fails/drops during a test, the exam timer stops. Candidates can fix their internet connection or technical issue and then restart their testing session.

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PTE Academic Online - What to expect on the Test Date

Since the PTE at Home test or PTE Academic online test is new to our readers. We have provided candidates with theoretical experience as to what they can expect before and during the PTE test.

PTE Academic Online - Before the Test

Test takers would be required to log into MyPTE and find their test appointment 30 minutes prior to the appointment time. They would be required to follow the steps mentioned below before progressing with their test.

  • Download the OnVUEtesting software and launch the application to start the check-in process.
  • Check-in Process includes
  • A system check
  • ID check: Test takers are asked to take a number of photos:
    • Their own self (a selfie)
    • Their government-issued ID
    • Their surroundings
  • They are then required to wait up to 15 minutes while the greeter checks their submitted information and photos
  • Once the above-mentioned steps are complete, the candidate would be admitted and instructed to begin his test

PTE Academic Online - During the Test

  • No breaks –breaks must be pre-approved
  • No standing or leaving during the PTE at Home test
  • The candidate would be required to remove his smartwatch
  • Personal items must be out of reach
  • No other people can enter the testing space while a test is taking place

Advantages of PTE Academic Online Test

Let us look at the advantages of the PTE at Home test for our test takers.

  • Candidates do not have to go to the test centre to take the test. The PTE test is coming to their home
  • Locally imposed lockdowns are a barrier to access and appear for the PTE tests
  • Test centres can be inconvenient due to their location or expensive to reach
  • PTE at Home is a boon for test-takers with medical needs. 

PTE Academic Test vs PTE Academic Online Test

Here is a comparison between the PTE test at home and the PTE Academic test being conducted at a test centre.

PTE Academic - Test Centre

PTE Academic - Online

In-person invigilation at the test centre

Remote proctoring at home

Full control of the environment

Less control of the environment

Reduced access to the PTE test due to pandemic

Wider access to the PTE test

Which is better: PTE Academic at the test centre or PTE Academic Online test at home?

Well, a lot of you would now be wondering the right medium for the test. In most cases, the test-centre version of PTE Academic will still be the most appropriate as:

  • The PTE Academic test at the centre is the more widely recognized method of the exam
  • Appearing for the PTE exam from a test centre provides a controlled environment that reduces stress for the test taker

If a test taker chooses to take PTE Academic Online, they must ensure that:

  • The institution recognizes the PTE Academic Online exam
  • The candidate has the right equipment

PTE Exam Preparation 2024

PTE Exam Preparation: Candidates looking to perform well in their PTE Academic Exam would be required to follow a solid PTE Preparation plan to achieve a good PTE score. Read on as we divulge in detail about PTE exam preparation 2024, PTE preparation online, PTE preparation material, and PTE exam preparation at home among other important topics revolving around PTE preparation.

Similar to other exam prep, you can choose to study on your own or join a PTE coaching centre for your PTE preparation. The decision lies entirely to you, as you need to see whether you have enough time and resources to opt for both or select either. Newer methods of studying are gaining popularity, like PTE preparation online. It includes both self-studying and coaching class methods. You join a virtual classroom and you learn in the comfort of your home. To choose the best method on how to prepare for the PTE test you first need to look at your criteria and decide accordingly. Candidates can also check out PTE Sample Papers

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Top 10 PTE Exam Preparation Tips 2024

PTE Preparation: A lot of times PTE test takers are often confused about the direction of their PTE preparation plan. Fear no more. We have come up with a personalized top 10 PTE exam preparation guide for candidates looking to ace their PTE test. Check out the top 10 PTE exam preparation tools provided below:

  • Plan ahead
  • Know what you're getting into
  • Take lots of practice tests
  • Start studying vocabulary
  • Focus on your subject
  • Don't ignore the other subject
  • Use good materials
  • Know question types
  • Keep an error log
  • Plan on taking the exam twice

We would love to hear from you. Do write your views in the comments section below. 

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