Documents Required for Australia Student Visa Application for Indian Students 2023

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So you are all set for Australia. Getting into the college of choice is only the first step. What lies beyond the extensive application process is equally important - the visa application for Australia. So, once you have selected which type of student visa applies to your intended study in Australia, there are a few basic documents you must have before you start the Visa Application Process. Since the process is online for Indian Students, it is important to have all the documents ready. Check out all about the documents required for Australian student visa applications for Indian students.

Documents required for Australian student visa application

There are certain documents required for a student visa in Australia which are a part of the background checks, admission confirmation and health-related information. Here’s a list of things required to apply for an Australian student visa:

1. Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)

Confirmation of Enrolment is a certificate issued by the University/ Institute you would have applied to. The certificate essentially marks out that you are a registered student for the course. It is also the certificate that validates that the course you are applying for is approved and is registered under the Commonwealth Register of Institutions of Courses (CRICOS). This is mandatory for getting a Visa.

Also, in case you are intending to take up an English Language Course or a bridging course or any foundation course as a precursor to your main degree program, you need to provide an independent CoE for each of the courses you are intending to take.

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2. Valid Passport

At the time of application, you must have a valid passport with at least 6 months of validity at the time. For example, say you are applying for a Visa on July 1, 2015. At the moment of your application, you must have a visa that is valid till at least January 1, 2016. Also, you would need a valid passport during the time of your stay. In that instance, you can apply for a new passport after making your application for Visa and intimate the embassy when you receive a new passport as well as update your account with the new passport number and details.

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3. English Language Proficiency

Australian Visa mandatorily requires English Language Proficiency Certificates by Indian Students. Irrespective of the requirement of the course you are applying for, you would need to provide proof of English language proficiency at the time of filling out the Visa Application Form.

The Australian Immigration Department accepts 5 English Language Proficiency Tests, namely

Note: Irrespective of which of the first four examination scores you provide, you must not have written these exams earlier than 3 years at the time of the visa application. In the case of CAE, the exam undertaken after 1 January 2016 and prior to visa application is accepted.

Check: Exams Needed to Study in Australia

4. Health Checkup and Insurance

In order to receive a student visa for Australia, you need to provide proof that you are in good health. You can do so by providing a certificate of good health. The health checkup and certificate can only be provided by the empanelled doctors. You can make an appointment with the one closest to you for the same. You would be provided with a HAP id which you would need to provide at the time of filling the form.

At times, you can also apply for a health checkup after starting the visa application. However, this would be required for processing your visa. Getting it beforehand would ensure quicker processing. 

Apart from a health checkup, you would also need Health Insurance or an OSHC (Overseas Students Health Cover). At the time of visa application, you should have an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the duration of your visa. Depending on the duration of your health coverage, your visa tenure would be settled so make sure that it covers the duration of your course. The average cost of OSHC is AUS$591 for 12 months for a single student. Find more details at International Student Guide to Australia

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5. Proof of Funds

Like many other counties, you would be needed to show proof that you have enough funds to cater to your education and living expenses while you are in Australia. You would be required to provide documents that declare that you have sufficient funds to cover the duration of your stay in Australia. Essentially, the funds should cover:

This is necessary and in case you are applying for a student loan to cover your expenses, you would need the letter from the bank to validate your financial capacity.

6. Penal Clearance

Penal Clearance or police clearance is also required by students planning to go and study in Australia. In order to validate your character and that you do not have any criminal record, you would need to provide a document, duly signed and attested by the regional passport office. 

7. Certified Copies of Academic Transcripts and Passport

You would also need valid and genuine copies of all your academic documents and transcripts. This is one of the major documents required for applying for an Australian student visa, thus applicants must ensure they submit authentic documentation only to avoid visa application rejection. Read more about: Reasons for rejection of Australian student visa

8. Passport Sized Photographs

You would be required to submit 4 passport-sized photographs. When submitting the same, you should ensure that:

  • These photographs are of the head and shoulders only against a plain background.
  • Your name is printed on the back of each photograph.

9. GTE Requirement

This is basically a statement to be written by the applicant themselves in order to show their intentions of studying in Australia and backed by relevant reasons. The GTE statement must include temporary or permanent staying intentions. Check out: GTE Statement Australia Sample

10. Employment History

The students can submit their recent CVs or resumes in order to show their employment status along with pay slips. The purpose behind this is to understand where the applicant has been working and can be a mode of an additional background check.

11. Credit/ Debit Card

Last but not the least, you would need access to a debit or a credit card to make an online visa fee payment. At present, the visa fee for a Student Visa is AUD 650. This, however, is subject to change and students are advised to check the official website before they start the application process.

For holistic information as to how to go about the visa application process and what all documents would be needed, applicants can check out our page on Student Visas for Study Abroad.

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2 days ago

Hello mam I have question I read in 12th class so can I apply for Australia study visa.

Reply to Nancy



8 months ago

hello maam in answer no.5 you have mention about proof fund my question is that if i have enough fund to cover all my expenses to study in australia do i still to to provide annual inco,me of family?

Reply to Ajay


Aishwarya BhatnagarStudy Abroad Expert

8 months ago

Hello Ajay, in case you submit proof of funding your studies in Australia through your parents' income, then yes, you'll have to provide the annual family income. Good luck!


Shalu Sidhu

a year ago

mam i did btech in 2012 and till now I am working. I want to go for masters program in Australia? what is visa success chance? Also My work experience docs mention the date of joining and relieving but not the duties. Is it fine for student visa?

Reply to Shalu Sidhu

You can apply for a student visa only after getting an admission letter from a university. Visa chances depend on a lot of factors. For more information, read:


Salem Ali

2 years ago

Hi Ms. Srishti I have received admission offer from the University of Melbourne. They have already provided me health insurance and confirmation of enrollment (CoE). University didn't ask for IELTS as I provided them letters from my UG & PG colleges saying that language of instruction was English.

Reply to Salem Ali

Hi Salem, as mentioned in the article. For Indian students, it is compulsory to submit English proficiency scores irrespective of the fact that you have an admit letter with IELTS score. The minimum score requirement is also mentioned in the article. Please go through it once again. Not meeting the



Salem Ali

2 years ago

2. In the worst scenario, If I get 5.5 in one module and the overall score is 6. Is that will effect my visa? Can anyone please help me, what should I do? Thanks in advance

View More Replies (1)


Sunil Kumar

2 years ago

mam i recently complete my graduation with commerce stream in punjabi university patiala can i apply to master in austrelia with 5.5 band

Reply to Sunil Kumar

Hi Sunil, top Australian universities require at least 6.5 or above apart from subject-specific requirements.

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