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What is Score Reporting?

Once you are finished with the SAT exam, it is time to send exam scores to the colleges. This is one of the most crucial parts of the whole application process. Most colleges prefer to get the score reports directly from the College Board and not the copies of the report or score report labels on the transcripts.

There are two ways to send your SAT score, first while you are registering for it or after you get the score.

How to send Scores during Registration?

Applicants receive four free score reports while registering for the SAT exam. Applicants get the option of sending these reports to their choice of colleges or scholarship programs for free. Aspirants can send the scores up to nine days of taking the test. After nine days they will be charged for sending the score reports.

With this, the aspirant can send four reports for free. However, there is a catch, the aspirants are sending the scores without knowing their actual scores. This means, the candidates won’t be able to choose the score they want to send or they won’t be able to send their best scores. In this case, it is advisable to send the score reports to the colleges that want to see all the SAT scores of the candidates.

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How to Send Scores to Colleges after the Test?

Once the candidates get their scores, anytime they can send the score reports to their preferred colleges. However, they have to pay $12 to send a score report to each university they select. In this case, it is always advisable to send your overall SAT score to the colleges that do not require SAT scores for all the exams you have taken. Also, send your best section scores to colleges that superscore the SAT.    

What is Additional Score Reporting?

Students get the first option of sending the scores when they register for the SAT exam. Sending Score Reports beyond the free four reports or sending scores after the completion of nine days of taking the test is Additional Score Reporting. Candidates are charged a fee of $12 for sending an additional score report to each university. 

Score Choice: SAT Score Sending Option

With Score Choice, one gets the freedom to report the score he/she chooses to send to colleges. The candidate can choose the score report by test date or by individual test for SAT Subject Tests. However, before sending the scores always make sure to check with the college or the scholarship program where you are applying, as many colleges and scholarship programs require students to send all their scores.

If the candidate doesn’t select Score Choice then College Board will send all the available scores of the candidate to the colleges which he/she has selected as score recipients.

What is a Superscore?

Superscore is a process where colleges do not take into consideration the scores of one particular date rather they consider the candidate’s highest section scores across all the SAT exams for which the candidate has appeared for. It means colleges consider the highest Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) score and highest Mathematics score of the candidate and combine them to get the overall score.

What is Rush Reporting?

Rush reporting is a process where the score report of the aspirant is sent to the colleges within two to four business days excluding holidays and weekends. However, this can only be availed for the scores which are already released. The aspirant needs to pay an additional score report fee of $31 to avail this facility. Apart from this, additional score report fees can also be levied on rush reporting.

Always make sure to check with your colleges in which format they accept the report. Also, check their schedule for processing the application as they will only review your scores as per their schedule. Moreover, not all colleges accept Rush Reporting, always make sure to check with your college before sending the score through Rush Reporting.

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How to Send old SAT Scores?

Sending score reports to colleges up to five years after giving the test needs to be retrieved from the archives. The candidates need to pay $31 if they want to send SAT scores they have taken more than a year ago. Candidates also need to pay an additional score report fee every time they wish to send their old reports to the colleges. Further, the candidates cannot order old SAT scores online through College Board, this can be done only through their customer support number or mail.

How much time taken to send the Score Report?

The time taken to deliver the scores depends on the way a college accepts the scores. After receiving the scores colleges can take a week to process. Most of the colleges accept October and November scores early for processing the applications, however, it is always advisable to check with the colleges for their deadlines.

Top colleges accepting SAT

The SAT is considered as one of the most important aspects of the college application process. Students who wish to pursue their higher studies in the USA must be familiar with this standardized test. It is conducted to secure admissions in various colleges offering degrees across the USA. These days’ policies are changing periodically, so, it is always advisable to check the testing requirements of the college you are applying to.

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What is Archived Score Reporting?

If someone has not appeared for the SAT for more than a year then those scores get archived. If someone wants to report the archived scores to the colleges or universities then they need to retrieve the scores. They can be ordered through phone or mail. Candidates need to pay $31 fee for retrieving the old scores, also the standard fee for additional score report i.e. $12 needs to be paid for each order along with the Archived fee. So, the total amount comes out to be $43 per old score report.

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