MIM (Masters in Management) Abroad: Eligibility, Colleges, Fees, Exams & Jobs

MIM (Masters in Management) Abroad: Eligibility, Colleges, Fees, Exams & Jobs

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MIM or Master in Management is a one or two-year program that focuses on marketing, accounting, or finance. MIM is popular in Europe as an MSc in Management. MIM or MSc in Management is designed for those who are starting their careers or those with little work experience. MIM and MSc in Management are two sides of the same coin. The fresh undergraduates or professionals with less experience can gain a foundation in various concepts including structural business concepts. The MIM course is highly popular in Europe among those who want to gain knowledge in the area of management studies.

MIM (Masters in Management) Abroad

Why Study MIM Abroad?

MIM courses are fundamental with specialization in finance, consulting, marketing, etc. After pursuing this course, one can get into entry-level jobs in business management that require candidates with specialized knowledge with less experience. Graduates who want a degree in business management go for MBAs. Over the last decade, MIM from abroad has become a popular alternative for those who do not want to do an MBA.

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MIM Eligibility and Requirements

Fresh graduates with one or two years of work experience study MIM to add to their skills. MIM is an industry-recognized certification that can help you stand out from the crowd. Not only will you gain skills in managing, but you'll also have a better understanding of what it takes to manage people and projects. In the last decade, MIM has become a popular alternative for those who do not want to do an MBA. Candidates with a bachelor’s degree in engineering are preferred to pursue a MIM degree.

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1. Academic requirements

The Majority of the MIM programs require candidates to have an undergraduate degree in any field. So, students with an Arts or Social Science background can also apply for a MIM degree.

2. Work experience

Most of the MIM programs have students with less than two years of work experience. The Master in Management (MIM) helps students develop the management skills necessary to effectively manage a global business. Unlike a traditional MBA, MIM students don't need to have any significant accomplishments before starting the program. MIM students also don't need to be working professionals with a high level of responsibility in their current position.

3. Application process for studying MIM abroad

First and foremost is to complete your bachelor's program. Although business schools accept candidates from all the fields, still it is preferred to check whether our course' is accepted for MIM or not. Then a candidate can move ahead with the next stop.

  • Select your preferred university/universities where you want to study the MIM programme.
  • Check whether you need to gain professional experience, or just a bachelor's degree is enough to get into a MIM programme.
  • Complete English Language proficiency exams
  • Check whether you need to take GMAT or GRE
  • Arrange for finances

MIM Abroad VS. MIM in India

Currently, MIM is more popular in Europe and less recognized in India. As, relatively it is a new degree started a few years back. It is considered a great degree in countries like Germany, France, UK, Italy, and Spain. There are not many colleges offering MIM in India, so, it is a wise decision to pursue MIM abroad. Also, by pursuing MS abroad, your chance of getting a job abroad also increases, which will also help you get overseas work experience.

Exams Required to Study MIM Abroad

To get into top B-schools abroad for MIM course admissions, one needs to take the following exams:

Standardized exams: While most B-schools may ask for GMAT score to apply for the MIM programme, however, there are top institutes that accept the GRE score as well. It is better to check with the institute where you are applying whether they are asking for a GMAT or GRE score.

Language proficiency exams: Valid English Language proficiency test scores are a must to get into any top institute offering MIM. So, check with your college which English Language proficiency test scores they accept IELTS, TOEFL or PTE.

MIM Specialization

The Master in Management is designed to be a two-year degree program, beginning with the initial phase which lays a strong foundation for management sciences and allied concepts like analytical skills, and statistical methods. The later phase focuses on various specializations such as Marketing Management, Financial Management, Operations Management, Human Resource Management and more.

Different MIM specializations are:

  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Analytics
  • Accounting
  • Marketing

Top MIM Universities & Colleges Abroad

Below provided is the list of top universities offering MIM programs:



QS World University Rankings 2022

HEC Paris

Msc Strategic Management


London Business School, UK

Masters in Management


ESADE, Spain

MSc in International Management


ESSEC, France

MSc in Strategy & Management of International Business


Impreial College Business School, UK

MSc in Management


IE Business School, Spain

Master in Management


London School of Economics, UK

MSc Management and Strategy


CEMS (Multiple campuses)

Master in International Management


St. Gellen, Switzerland

Master in Business Management


ESCP Europe, France

Master in Management


(Source: QS Top Universities 2022)

Popular Destinations for MIM Abroad

As we have mentioned above, the MIM program is popular in Europe, so, various European nations are considered as the popular destination for pursuing a MIM degree. France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK are considered promising nations to study MIM. Apart from this, there are various top colleges in the USA that offer MIM.

Scope of MIM Abroad: Top Companies

The Master of Management program focuses on the fundamentals of management, including a variety of topics such as accounting and finance, marketing, strategy and organization, HRM, operations and IT management. This program is designed for students who already have a degree in engineering or sciences and are interested in taking their career to the next level by getting specialized training in management practices. MIM job opportunities are plenty as this field is relatively new. After pursuing this degree, students generally get entry-level jobs like Management Trainee. Apart from this, they also get roles of Analysts. As per a GMAC Corporate Recruiters Survey conducted in 2017, MIM hiring projections rose to 59% in 2017 as compared to 49% in 2012. As per the survey, large organizations are more likely to hire a MIM graduate.

Types of Jobs after MIM Course

Popular job roles for MIM graduates are:

Business Development Manager

After gaining skills in handling businesses, and also understanding various aspects related to finance, marketing, business, and management, working as a Business consultant can be suitable work for you. They are responsible for growing the business by bringing new clients to their organization. Their communication and analytical skills come handy in their job and maintaining positive relations with the clients.

Digital/Social Media Manager

This is a key area these days for any organization as it is one of the major areas for organizations for marketing and communication. This job involves a lot of accountability, as here you are the face of your organization to the world. Moreover, you should know how to use various social media platforms to their fullest and also have a creative outlook in order to run social media campaigns. You must have a sharp eye for creating a digital media marketing strategy. Also, you must have a strong knowledge of different tools like Google Analytics and other tools to formulate appropriate strategies.

Project Manager

Project Managers can work in any field/sector from healthcare to marketing to infrastructure or IT. They are responsible for getting the work done within tight schedules. They need to work under pressure and tight situations and must be able to handle the team well. Their communication and organizing skills prove useful in this role. Apart from this, they need to make sure that the projects get completed in time within the allotted budget.

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Average Fees for MIM Abroad

MIM is more popular in European countries, and tuition fees can vary in Europe, however, they are lower when compared to Australia or North America. However, various other factors like quality of education, living expenses, and ROI should be considered while selecting the country.

MIM in the USA

Studying MIM in the US can cost you on an average INR 32.09 L (for 1st year) including both tuition fees and living expenses.


Course Duration

Tuition fee (Approx) (for 1st year)

Kent State University

1 year

INR 20.8 Lakh

Texas A & M University

2 years

INR 16.3 Lakh

University of Cincinnati

1 year

INR 20.2 Lakh

(Tuition fee source: Shikshastudyabroad.com)

MIM in Germany

Studying MIM in Germany can cost you on an average INR 10.33 L (for 1st year) including both tuition fee and living expenses.


Course Duration

Tuition fee (Approx) (for 1st year)

Munich Business School

18 Months

INR 13.5 Lakh

Jacobs University

2 years

INR 16.9 Lakh

CBS International Business School

2 years

INR 12.7 Lakh

(Tuition fee source: Shikshastudyabroad.com)

MIM in Australia

Studying MIM in Australia can cost you on an average INR 22.98 L (for 1st year) including both tuition fee and living expenses. 


Course Duration

Tuition fee (Approx) (for 1st year)

The University of Melbourne

2 years

INR 21.6 Lakh

The University of Sydney

1.15 years

INR 21.3 Lakh

RMIT University

2 years

INR 14.6 Lakh

(Tuition fee source: Shikshastudyabroad.com)

MIM in Norway

Studying MIM in Norway can cost you on an average INR 2.57 L (for 1st year) including both tuition fee and living expenses.


Course Duration

Tuition fee (Approx) (for 1st year)

Norwegian School of Economics

2 years


Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

2 years


(Tuition fee source: Shikshastudyabroad.com)

Note: Norwegian School of Economics does not charge any tuition fee, however, students have to bear the other expenses approx. INR 25,600 for 1st year.

Note: Norwegian University of Science and Technology also does not charge any tuition fee, however, students have to pay has to pay yearly hostel and meal expenses of INR 2.8 L.

Scholarships to Study MIM Abroad

MIM's popularity has gone up in the recent past. Now, students wanted to go for management also compare MIM with MBA. Its less rigorous admission requirements also make it a favorable course in comparison to the MBA. However, the cost of getting a MIM degree is still not affordable for everyone. There are various scholarships available for students to pursue MIM.



Scholarship amount

HSG Foundation Global Shapers Scholarship

University of St. Gallen (HSG)


HEC Foundation Excellence Scholarships

HEC Paris, France


Masters in Management Merit Scholarship

London Business School, UK



Still confused about pursuing MIM from abroad? You can check out our Master in Management Frequently Asked Questions section (MIM FAQs) for more.

Q. Why study MIM abroad?

A. MIM is popular in European countries, although it is accepted worldwide. It gives candidates more theoretical exposure with a lot of internship opportunities. Therefore, it also prepares a candidate for professional life. Also, working abroad gives candidates an invaluable experience that also gives them practical knowledge which is good for one’s career.

Q. Which country is the best to study MIM?

A. MIM program is popular in Europe; various European countries like Italy, Germany, Spain, France, and the UK are considered as the most sought-after destinations for studying it.

Q. Can I study MIM abroad free?

A. Studying MIM is cheaper than pursuing MBA. The University of Cologne offers an MSc in MBA that is equivalent to a MIM program. As the university is state-funded, students need not pay tuition fee, however, they need to arrange for a little 'semester contribution' that includes public transport.

Q. What are the best universities to study MIM abroad?

A. Frankfurt School of Finance And Management, HEC Paris School of Management, London Business School, and the University of St.Gallen, Switzerland are some of the prominent schools offering MIM courses.

Q. What is the duration of the entire course?

A. As compared to MBA programs, the course duration of most MIM programs is less. The majority of the MIM programs are even one-year or 1.5 years long.

Q. Is studying MIM abroad worth it?

A. MiM degrees are valuable especially for students who pursue it after a bachelor's degree in engineering. Employers give internships to students. The workplace experience is invaluable for graduates as it adds practical knowledge to the theory that they learned in b-schools. It also helps them in giving a great start to their professional career.

Q. Is work experience compulsory for getting admission to the MIM program?

A. MIM degree is designed for recent graduates or professionals with one-year experience can also pursue it. This is one of the biggest advantage for those who want to go in management, business-related fields, as candidates need little, or no work experience for getting into a MIM program.

Q. Are there scholarships to study MIM abroad?

A. Yes. Candidates can check the section under MIM scholarships in the article for a detailed list of a variety of scholarships that they can apply to. Apart from the scholarships listed here, students will also find a number of scholarships listed on the official website of universities for deserving candidates.

Q. Is it better to study MIM in India or abroad?

A. MIM degree is respected in Europe and offers good scope for candidates. However, as comparatively, this is a new degree, at the moment it is not widely recognized in India. It is more popular in European nations. Most of the good colleges offering MIM are located in Europe as well.

Q. Is there money being a MIM in today's time?

A. MIMs are not the only option for those who want to go for management or business courses. However, an MBA is designed for professionals having work experience, whereas, a MIM can be pursued by a fresh graduate as well. Also, MIM degree is less expensive in comparison to an MBA and the course duration is also less. So, while looking at the complete picture, the MIM program is worth your time and money as it is a great career option for those who want to go in management or business-related field.

MIM Course Abroad FAQs

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a year ago

Hii , I’m pursuing my 3rd btech and I’m planning to do masters nxt year straight away after completing my bachelors degree with no work experience and i want to do something related to management, can i go with MIM course and I don’t have any knowledge about the course as I’m new to this field.

Reply to Nithyashree

hi, i'm a bds graduate and currently practicing for around 6 months but i want to switch towards business administration. do you think i should opt for MIM or MBA? will mim be good for me in the long run or should i practice for couple more years and then go for MBA?

Reply to Sakshee Vardhan


Aprant Agarwal

a year ago

Hi. MIM and MBA are both comparable courses. The difference is essentially in terms of fees, class profile (that includes age and work experience), and career goals. Both programs will be suitable for you. It only depends when you want to change your career path.


Udeetta Sarma

a year ago

I have a bcs biotech degree. can I apply for MiM?

Reply to Udeetta Sarma


Aprant Agarwal

a year ago

Majority of the MIM programs require candidates to have an undergraduate degree in any field. So, students with Science background can also apply for a MIM degree. For further guidance and college shortlisting, you can contact our experts here: https://studyabroad.shiksha.com/apply


trivikram rao

2 years ago

Regarding experience,I have experience in IT company but not related to management role ,will it be ok for MIM ?

Reply to trivikram rao


Aprant Agarwal

a year ago

Hello Trivikram. For your selection in MIM program, there are multiple factors that are involved. Your profile is judged holistically. If you can justify your profile and the college considers you fit for the course, you can get selected for MIM. You can contact our experts here: https://studyabro



Divya Bothra

2 years ago

Hi Piyush..Thank you for your post. I have a question. I have 3+yrs of experience. I want to experience working outside India.. do you think this is the right course for me?

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Divya Bothra

2 years ago

or do you suggest something else?..Awaiting your response Thankyou