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Are you ready for a study plan which will make you work really hard, but also ensure that you get really good scores in GMAT? What it takes to commit yourself to GMAT prep is primarily time. If you don’t have a lot of time left to prepare, this article is relevant to you.

Here is an effective 30 day GMAT preparation schedule. However, it requires at least 15 hours each week for a month. That means at least two hours every day for 30 days. You only need GMAT prep books, prep software, sample papers and determination.

Essential Study Material -

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  1. The Official Guide for GMAT Review 2015

  2. GMATprep test software (free download from GMAT website)

  3. Manhattan GMAT Complete Strategy Guide Set, 6th Edition or Magoosh Official Guide

Optional Study Material -

  • Kaplan GMAT Premier 2015 with 6 Practice Tests

Note: You can buy the print material online or from any bookstore.

Week 1 Schedule

Take GMAT Prep Test 1: Take a test right at the beginning to understand where you stand. This will help you in assessing your strengths and weaknesses. You can then customize this study plan according to the sections you are weakest in. If you are worried about the quant section, then make your prep math-centric. This will give you something like a beginning score to measure your ultimate growth.

Sign up for GMAT: If you haven’t already, do so now. The reason to do so is it might take two weeks to wait for a date appointment. Once you have a deadline, it is a lot easier to work towards the goal.


  • Use Manhattan or Magoosh GMAT series for extra practice

  • Work through Kaplan Lessons

  • Keep tabs on your progress

  • Complete and review the GMAT prep test

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Week 2 Schedule

Take Two Practice/Sample Tests: This week use Manhattan GMAT. Your focus should be on reviewing your mistakes after you take a test. Be sure to keep a gap of a couple of days between tests.

Drill questions: The Official GMAT Guide is your best resource. Do drills of ten questions from all sections. For verbal, drill 15 questions, breaking them up between sections.


  • Go through Official GMAT Guide

  • Take Manhattan Practice Test 2

  • Customize focus on specific areas

  • Review tests and Kaplan material

  • Complete half of the Manhattan books and half of Kaplan videos


Week 3 Schedule

Identify weak areas: Complete 500 practice questions. Figure out questions from which section gave you the hardest time. Also understand the reasoning behind the correct answer. There are a lot of online forums to ask experts and other students about the reasoning and concept behind a certain question.

Use Manhattan or Magoosh practice sessions: Based on your weak areas, create additional drills. These questions are delivered on the computer with a timer, telling you your speed.


  • Continue working through Official Guide

  • Take Manhattan Test 3 and 4

  • Use Magoosh practice sessions


Week 4 Schedule

Take last GMAT prep test: Notice how far you have come in the last three weeks. You need to continue figuring out in which area are you still struggling. Remember, return to the Manhattan and Magoosh guides whenever necessary.

Complete Manhattan guides as well as Magoosh videos: You will have to consult the Manhattan guide and Magoosh whenever necessary.


  • Complete Official GMAT Guide

  • Complete all Magoosh videos

  • Clarify any doubts on online forums

  • Look through sample papers to understand the underlying pattern


The day of the exam

Here are tips to help you on the day of the exam. Remember that your first attempt at GMAT is not the end of the world; if you are unhappy with your scores you can retake GMAT after 16 days of the first attempt.

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