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TOEFL Speaking Tips: Students wanting to study abroad are required to appear for their Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) exam to be able to prove their English language proficiency. Universities/colleges abroad where English is the first language of communication require students to take an English proficiency exam to be able to prove their English language skills. This is important because international students should not lack performance because of a language barrier.

Conducted by ETS, TOEFL is held across the year in several TOEFL Test Centres across the length and breadth of the country. Candidates should book their TOEFL Slot once they are actually prepared for the exam. The TOEFL iBT (Internet-Based Test) examines the candidates’ proficiency in reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in the English medium.

Preparation Tips for TOEFL:  For candidates to be able to ace the TOEFL Speaking Section they would be required to understand the TOEFL Exam Pattern for this particular section. Candidates would be given 20 minutes for this particular section and they would be required to complete six tasks in total. There would be no actual person who would be conducting this session. Candidates would be required to speak into a microphone while the questions would be pre-recorded conversations played back to the candidate

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TOEFL Speaking Tips 

This particular section tests the candidate's ability to speak effectively in an academic setting. Candidates would be graded on the delivery of the answer, ability to speak clearly and coherently and above all vocabulary and grammar. This section contains three different types of TOEFL Speaking questions and candidates are required to solve two tasks each from this.

Tasks 1 and 2

The first two tasks would require students to speak about their ideas, opinions, and experiences. They would be given 15 seconds to prepare and 45 seconds to speak on the same. Hence, it is important for the candidate to learn to speak with very little preparation. Candidates should remember that it is not always possible to be prepared in under 15 seconds. Hence the candidate should keep the topic in mind and let the details flow (improvise).

TOEFL Speaking Tips

At times it is always advisable to trust your gut instincts more than anything. A lot of times students could run out of content before the time is up. Candidates can then discuss things that may or may not be true. The exam does not require you to only state facts. Hence, candidates could talk fantasy, as long as it is believable and you are speaking correctly you should not stop till the time is up.

Tasks 3 and 4

The other four tasks are integrated tasks that require students to use more than one skill to be able to answer the questions successfully. For the third and fourth tasks candidates would be required to read a passage for 45 seconds then listen to a short lecture for about a minute and then would be given 45 seconds to prepare and then given 60 seconds to speak for the same.

TOEFL Speaking Guidelines

The key to crack this particular section would be to take notes of the important things during the reading of the passage and listening to the audio clip. A lot of times, candidates find this section tricky because candidates are required to read, listen and then speak in this section.

As a rule of thumb candidates should keep in mind the difference in opinion in the passage they read and the audio they listen to. The difference could be a part of the response. To be able to maximize this section, candidates are required to back up their statements along with evidence from the audio clip or the passage for a good response.

Tasks 5 and 6

The final two TOEFL speaking tasks require students to listen then speak. For these two tasks, you’ll first listen to a short audio clip. You’ll then have 20 seconds to prepare, and you’ll need to speak for 60 seconds.

TOEFL Speaking Prep Tips

Similar to the exercise above, candidates are advised to listen carefully to the audio and jot down important aspects of the conversation, which they would use later on for their response. Candidates should only note the important pointers as writing all the information down would be time-consuming.

Practice Practice Practice

Candidates are required to solve as many TOEFL test papers as possible. Solving as many question papers and sample papers are only going to help candidates towards achieving a common goal of achieving a good TOEFL Score. Candidates can check out our TOEFL sample questions and also can check out our TOEFL Preparation tips to be able to practice for their exams. Candidates can also try out the official TOEFL sample papers on the official website.

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