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Writing Section Tips for TOEFL Exam – The article is for candidates looking to excel in their Writing Section of the TOEFL exam. The key to performing well in your Writing Section of the Test of English as a Foreign (TOEFL) exam is to listen well. Hence, this set of instructions is going to involve candidates having to undertake large amounts of listening and being able to transform the same into professional writing.

Conducted by ETS – Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is a standard English proficiency test that is taken by students wanting to pursue their higher education in countries where English is the primary language of communication. The TOEFL iBT (Internet-Based Test) examines the candidates’ proficiency in reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in the English language.

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TOEFL Writing Syllabus

The writing section of the TOEFL exam requires candidates to write an essay and effectively describe a topic. The response should be well-organized and well-developed using relevant explanations and detailed support. Furthermore, it should also display unity, progression, and coherence. If you want to achieve a high writing score, make sure that you demonstrate the syntactic variety and appropriate word choice with minor grammatical errors. The tasks in the Writing Section of the TOEFL exam include candidates having to undertake an integrated task in 20 minutes and an independent task that has to be completed in 30 minutes. The total time for the writing section is 50 minutes.

TOEFL Prep Tips for Writing Section

Candidates looking to excel in the writing section are required to adhere to the following writing section tips to excel in the TOEFL exam. 

  • To begin with, candidates are advised to listen to short passages or readings and write a summary of the same to fully understand the recordings. this way the candidate would be able to express his interpretation of the recording. 
  • Students can also get hold of a book that teaches the different types of connecting words. Connecting words are important as these expressions show the relationship between sentences and paragraphs and also connect two or more short sentences into one long sentence.
  • While listening to recordings, candidates can also identify the writer's opinion or opinions and interpret the same and write about them in detail.
  • A lot of times, candidates would also come across conflicting opinions in one paragraph. So it is important for the reader to notice how the writer addresses possible objections to the opinion if they are present and write the same in their own words.
  • Equally important is the presentation of your idea in writing. Candidates are required to pay extra attention to how you organize ideas and think about how a reader who isn’t familiar with your topic is going to be able to follow the information you want to present. Hence it is important to present the information in a uniform flow that is easy to digest for the reader. Or in your case, the person reviewing your TOEFL paper. 
  • As mentioned earlier for candidates looking to perform well it is important to organize your ideas and present them in a reader-friendly manner. Hence, it is important to practice writing daily to be able to acquire the same level of expertise. 

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Candidates can also check our Sample/Practice Paper in the TOEFL Reading Section to self-evaluate their performance. Candidates can also look at our Preparation Tips for TOEFL section to understand more about preparing for the exam.

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