Top GMAT Coaching Centers in East India


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If you are on the lookout for a top GMAT coaching centres in East India, this article is for you. We have provided below the list of the some of the best coaching centres in the East Indian region. You can choose the best fit according to your budget, location and other preferences.

Top GMAT Coaching Centers in East India

Assessing how well a GMAT course will work for you is fairly difficult. Each course is different and has its own strengths and weaknesses. You will first have to shortlist 2-3 coaching centers based on proximity and fees. From that pool, you’ll have to take classes with only one. You will need to take up trial classes to get a hands on classroom experience to really tell which one is better.

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We can’t pass a definite judgment on which of these coaching classes are better. It depends on your requirements and you can be the best judge when it comes to assessing your needs. Here is a list of coaching centers which are popular in the East Indian region.

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Manya Abroad – This group is in the Indian partner of The Princeton Review. Every year, at least 1000+ students prepare for their GMAT with Manya Abroad – The Princeton Review. Every student at The Princeton Review is taught by US certified trainers. They follow a scientific learning development cycle. They also offer Booster sessions for all GMAT candidates to pull their scores to 700 to 800 ranges upon reaching 600+ on practice tests.

T.I.M.E. - The GMAT classroom program offered by T.I.M.E. is comprehensive with about 100 hours (52 Sessions) of classroom coaching that covers all the concepts and test taking techniques. Our online student support includes 90 online sectional practice tests and 12 full length computer based tests and 5 computer adaptive tests.

IMS - The MaxPrep GMAT Classroom programme is especially geared to help students develop the conceptual and test-taking skills required to clear the GMAT. This programme includes 25 classroom sessions that will equip the students with all the concepts and strategies required to ace the GMAT.

Knewton - Knewton's GMAT course can also be taken in addition to in-person Kolkata gmat classes. Download the free GMAT study guide to understand the quality of expert instruction. Students will get personal reports that track their strengths and weaknesses, so they always know what to work on.

ROADS - They strive to re-teach students the required math, as well as the grammar and logic that many students may never have studied. Their course curriculum seeks to provide test takers of all levels with content mastery and an organized approach that builds skills for every question type on the exam, including the most advanced content.

Know how to select the best coaching center for GMAT prep:

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I am a Nigerian, I studied English but my result wasn't too good has I graduated with a second class lower, my question is can I still apply for this exam?

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I am currently preparing for GMAT - coaching from Byju Tab (started on July 01st 2015). Still, I don't feel confident. Colleges like ISB/SP Jain are on top of the list of my Target Colleges. I have 2 questions :- 1. Can I still be part of 2016 Btch, if I give GMAT in Dec 2015? What do you suggest?