Best Scholarships For Indian Students to Study Abroad

Best Scholarships For Indian Students to Study Abroad

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Rahul Singha
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Updated on Jul 14, 2023 00:06 IST

All those who want to fulfill their dream of studying abroad and thinking of applying for a scholarship for covering the tuition fees and other expenses should know everything about scholarships for studying abroad. Whether you want to go to study undergraduate or a master’s degree, you need to be aware of the scholarships. In this article, we will inform you everything about the scholarship to study abroad from types of scholarships, how to apply to them, who all are eligible to apply, and expenses covered by scholarships. We will try to cover all aspects related to scholarships for studying abroad. As we explain about the scholarships, we also want you to understand some of the popular terms related to financing education. Candidates should know what is the difference between a scholarship and fellowship and difference between a scholarship and a freeship.

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1. Scholarships are of different kinds. While some are general scholarships, others are more categorical in nature. Students must be aware of the types of scholarships available for study abroad aspirants. There are two types of scholarships, need-based and merit-based. Click here and learn all about Need-Based and Merit-Based Scholarships for Studying Abroad.

2. Once you are aware of the types of scholarships, it is time to know who all are eligible for a scholarship.

3. As you are going to apply for one, it is important to know how are scholarships awarded?

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4. Once you are familiar with the basics of a scholarship, now is the time to learn how and when to apply for a Scholarship?

5. Students assume that once they receive a scholarship their education will be free and they need not arrange funds. So, it is important for students to know what a good scholarship amount is.

6. When you go to study abroad, there are different kinds of expenses. Apart from the tuition fees, a candidate has to arrange for living expenses as well. Read common expenses covered in a scholarship and learn you need to arrange funds for all expenses.

7. Students going to pursue a master’s degree in a foreign land can learn about the popular Masters Scholarship for studying abroad.

8. Candidates looking to study an MBA degree abroad can check out the scholarships for studying MBA.

9. After learning about all the aspects related to scholarships, it's time to learn about your prospects of receiving a scholarship. Read what are your chances of receiving a Scholarship

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Priti S

3 years ago

Hello Piyush. I have a bachelors and masters degree. Looking to apply in canada for masters or pgd. Which degree will be considered for admissions? My master's grades are better

Reply to Priti S


Piyush Kohli

3 years ago

Hi Priti, it depends on the course and school where you are seeking admission. Academic scores are just one part of the complete application process, focus on all the entry requirements and specifically check the required scores for your field of study.