ETS Launches TOEFL Essentials Test for International Students. Registrations to begin from June 17


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Updated on Feb 2, 2022 15:54 IST
TOEFL Essentials Test

Note: This is a news article that was published before the TOEFL Essentials Test was launched. 

ETS the conducting body of the TOEFL iBT exam has gone ahead and launched the TOEFL Essentials test. The test is an answer to the non-sustainable low-quality tests, currently available in the market, which has gained momentum due to the ongoing pandemic.

While the TOEFL iBT test continues to be the primary English proficiency exam for students, the TOEFL® Essentials Test has been introduced to redefine English proficiency exams during a pandemic. ETS (Educational Testing Service) has always worked towards making test experiences memorable and the introduction of the TOEFL Essentials test has only furthered their cause.

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While the TOEFL iBT test and the TOEFL Essentials test are similar at a surface level, however, it is only when you dig deeper will you understand the stark difference between the two. The essential test has been created for students during the pandemic and hence, there are no test centres for the test. The TOEFL Essentials test is entirely taken from the safety of your home, provided you have a computer with the required system upgrades.

The dates for the test have not been scheduled yet, however, ETS as per their official website plans to hold the first exam on August 21, 2021. Registrations to the TOEFL Essentials test would commence on June 17, 2021. To make the experience of taking English tests during the pandemic a smooth affair,  the TOEFL Essentials™ test would be held once every week in the initial phases and then increased to three times a week depending on registration footfall.

Salient features of the TOEFL Essentials test include, the test has been curtailed to 1.5 hours, meaning the students will be tested for their reading writing speaking, and listening skills on a more holistic syllabus. The short duration of the test should not be mistaken for an easy one as this compact test packs a punch as good as any. ETS has already made available three TOEFL Essentials test sample papers for candidates to get accustomed to the exam.

The test has been priced at US100$ for registrations happening from India. Candidates would be pleased to know that, unlike the TOEFL iBT test, students registering for the TOEFL Essentials test can send their scores to up to 20 universities on one registration with no added costs. A positive move that would benefit students planning to register for the exam.

While questions are bound to linger around the acceptance of the exam. Let me assure you that ETS is already in the process of approaching universities and colleges to consider the TOEFL® Essentials test at par with their other products such as their TOEFL iBT test. Both the TOEFL iBT test at the test centre and the TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition Test will be simultaneously availed along with the TOEFL Essentials test.

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