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An Indian Army Officer is considered as the most reputed and respected job ever. One can motivate himself to be an entrepreneur or the best businessman in the country. But only Army Officers selflessly live their life for the nation. Army officers live up with loyalty, selfless service, personal courage, and honour. They maintain integrity for the country to fulfil obligations. They took the responsibility of saving people by facing danger, fear, and adversity. They accept our diversity and adjust in any conditions and circumstances for the country. One should respect an army officer as people can sleep without fear just because army officers are alive day and night to fight against traitors. In today’s digital world, we have many opportunities and learning materials available for the aspiring career of an army officer. One has to put their steady fast efforts to be a part of the Indian Army.

Job Profile

Career as Army Officer

With the emerging world of the cold war and war of words through social media, the job of an army officer is continuously a challenging role for youth. The main function of an officer is to save the nation from any internal or external threats and helping civilians and maintaining law and order in any circumstances.

In the Indian Army segment, there are two divisions and a couple of groups are working currently for the nation. In service base commissions you have to serve the army for five years and after that, it will flow with the permanent commission. However, in a permanent commissioned job, one has to serve for twenty years.

Two major groups are Combat and Non-Combat, Combat consists of taking responsibilities of battle fieldwork, leading soldiers, handling infantry as well as handling tasks of defending borders from the enemy. With better performance, you have a chance to work more on similar and crucial projects with Commandos and Special Forces. Artillery and Armour are the major key factors under the Combat Group.

Non-Combat Group offers various opportunities to the engineer graduates, doctors or various other specific degree holders who have the vision to serve the nation. In the Indian Army, departments like telecommunication, signals, education corps, veterinary corps, and army medical corps require these graduates. One has to manage the thing in which they are experts and engage people for the same.

Salary Structure as per the new rules:



Pay Band

Grade Pay

Military Service Pay (in Rs)









Major General/equ




Lt. Colonel/equ












Major General/equ




Excluding this salary, the government also offers medical and accommodation facilities to some of the Army Officer Post like Colonel and Generals. An Army Officer is always ready for work during duty time. Remember, salary is the by-product of the role, though the respect you earn wherever you go is priceless. 

Future Growth Prospects and How to get there faster

There are different structures in the Indian Army, Commissioned Officers, and Non-Commissioned Officers. Once you join through examination or SSB, you have to complete a minimum amount of time scale to be promoted for Lieutenant role. There are some promotional selective roles with specific criteria to be Lance Naik, Naik, Havaldar in the Army.

In the Commissioned Officers role, you have to serve a minimum of four years with three years in Field to be a Major. You will be a Lieutenant Colonel with minimum service of one year in substantive major and seven years of service in Commissioned offices. This hierarchy will promote you periodically as per the performance of the candidate. A minimum journey of 25 years will make you a Lieutenant General of the Indian Army.

Pros and Cons of an Army Officer


  • When you are ready to compromise your life, the Army will reward you with lifetime job security.
  • Army provides you most of the beneficiaries after retirement, like accessing their canteen, hospitals, government benefits, and pension.
  • They provide you fitness forever with day to day discipline and diet to maintain your physique.
  • Huge respect amongst normal citizens and special benefits in medical and hospitality.


  • The primary focus of life will shift from family to nation. You have to compromise your family, festivals and personal hobbies for a longer period.
  • Sometimes you have to sacrifice your life in the battleground against terrorists.
  • You have to travel a lot in specific posts, it will not be suitable for you if you hate a frequent place changing environment.

How do I get there?

To be an Army Officer in India, you have to work hard until you become a Lieutenant. You can appear in various competitive exams after completing 10+2 exams in any stream. If you get admission in NDA (National Defence Academy) after passing Class XII, a candidate must match the physical standards of the academy and clearthe entrance exam.

An engineering aspirant can become an army officer by joining the Indian Military Academy directly. Various engineering colleges have campus placement in the final year for the Army, you can appear that exam during your engineering

How much does it cost?

In the Army, the cost is the by-product of dedication. The government offers several opportunities for graduates and civilians to serve the nation. Candidates have to qualify for their examinations and pass the practical exam called SSB. After clearing these examinations, one should engage with the government-affiliated academy, where the government offers all the allowances to the employee. We can say that if the candidate has a strong desire to serve the nation, then the government will help you. Several academies offer various courses, and minimum fees are forty thousand per annum.

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