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Shiksha Ask & Answer
Vinay kr Pandey Simple but significant

Guide-Level 15

XISS is well known for PGDM in HR and provides relatively higher average 5 -5.5 Lacs for HR students. So for XISS_HR, its great. Rest not so. Xime overall good, more or less choose one according, The only thing you get in xime blr which is better tha... View More
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Pappu Kumar Mahato

Contributor-Level 9

Yes you can admission in xime Bangalore on based score exam of CMAT.
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Contributor-Level 7

All the three colleges PIBM, BIMM, and XIME are in the average range. Chandigarh University, Mohali is Ranked Among the Top 5% of Universities in India to get NAAC A+ Accreditation. Chandigarh University offers students abundant opportunities for a p... View More
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Shiksha Ask & Answer
Vinay kr Pandey Simple but significant

Guide-Level 15

CMAT cutoff Round for PGDM is 80 (general).
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Carrer Supporter

Contributor-Level 8

Ramachandran International Institute of Management is Pune's 1st corporate style B-School and it is providing AICTE approved PGDM programme along with the best-designed course curriculum including a maximum Practical Exposure programme, Certification... View More
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Pranav Kaushal

Contributor-Level 10

MDI Murshidabad will be better compared to IFIM Bangalore. Although IFIM Bangalore is an older institute and promoted by Dalal Street Investment Journal (DSIJ), it hasn't been able to grow successfully over the years that too is situated in a city li... View More
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Vikash Chandra

Beginner-Level 2

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best college for a PGDM degree depends on your specific needs and preferences. However, one option to consider is RIMS, which is located in Bangalore. RIMS offers a comprehensive program t... View More
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Vishal Bisht

Beginner-Level 4

Excellent a product of XIME. Excellent Institution for Education and if you utilize your two years it will give you dividends all your life. But here the catch Do you go for an MBA for the learnings or the EarningsOf course with a 10 Lacs rupee cours... View More
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Beginner-Level 1

Any student with a valid scorecard at the time of application with a credible score XAT CAT CMAT MAT ATMA GMAT can apply to the PGDM or PGDM BA Programmes. The cut of the score is not disclosed by the campus.
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Hrishabh Sahu Live ambitious Life...

Contributor-Level 10

Hey pritjust go through this link and fill out the required details
College predictor in shiksha