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Innate talent, artistic flair and a knack to imply the vivid imagination through creativeness, applied art is craft which can be taken up as a profession.  The sole aim of ‘applied arts’ is to provide a visual treat solely using the diverse and vast imagination. Applied Art is often mistaken as ‘fine arts’ but there is a thin line of difference between the two terms. ‘Fine Arts’ gives expression to the creative talent of the artist which may not have any practical utility, while the ‘applied arts’ makes the things in our surroundings and everyday usage look beautiful and soothing to the eyes. Therefore, ‘applied arts’ involves graphic designing, interior designing, fashion designing, architecture, advertising and visual communication. It also includes functional art, basket weaving, pottery, jewellery making etc. 

It is said that man possesses an innate talent of drawing and painting. But to some people, it is a passion. If a person wants to excel as an artist, he/she has to undergo training to acquire knowledge to grasp the nuances of ‘applied art’. Shiksha provides a detailed theory on the Applied Arts and how a student can pursue the course.

Eligibility Criteria to pursue Applied Arts

Being a vocational course, applied arts lays emphasis on theoretical knowledge as well as hands-on training. The aspirants acquire knowledge about the history of art and design as well as spend hours in training on designing on the basis of concepts and ideas. In India, BFA  (Bachelor in Fine Arts) in Applied Arts can be pursued after passing 10+2 Board examination. The candidate must have secured a minimum 50% marks (45% marks for reserved category) in aggregate to pursue a BFA in Applied Arts. It is, however, an undergraduate degree programme, aiming to impart knowledge on ‘applied arts’ along with expanding the cultural, aesthetic, emotional, moral values of the students.

Skills required to excel in Applied Arts

Students who are interested to pursue a course in Applied Arts should have a knack for creativeness and innovation. They must have a basic knowledge of drawing and painting. However, the candidate should possess immense patience and enjoy working for hours. In the table below, we have listed down the skills candidates need to acquire to study and pursue a course in applied arts:

Creative and innovative

Must possess a creative bend of mind and come up with innovative ideas 

Knowledge of drawing and painting

Should have the basic knowledge of drawing and painting

Patience and concentration

Must have immense patience and ability to work for hours

Good communication skill

Must express his thoughts in words and convince the clients about his art

Team working skill

Ability to work with others

An eye for perfection

Must look for detail and perfection to look things aesthetically beautiful

Admission Procedure and Fee

In India, there are a handful of institutes which offer admission in B.FA in Applied Arts for 3 years or 4 years. The entire curriculum has been divided into semesters. Candidates can apply for this course after their class 12 board examination. Some institutes conduct entrance test to admit students. So, the students have to sit for that entrance test and qualify. Some of the entrance examinations are:

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Applied Arts Course Structure and Curriculum

BFA in Applied Arts consists of 6 semesters in a 3-year course. The aspirants acquire theoretical knowledge along with practical skill. The student has to spend long hours in painting, designing, decorating to hone their skills. The entire course has been designed to provide the students with ample opportunities to participate in practical classes. Students can go through the curriculum in different semesters: 

Semester I

Semester II

Semester III

Semester IV

Semester V

Semester VI


Geometrical Drawing and Perspective Drawing

Still Life


History of Western Art

Portfolio Development and Digital Manipulation

Clay Plaster Modelling

History of Art in India

2D/3D Animation

Graphics Drawing Illustration (Indoor & Outdoor)

Indian Aesthetics

Poster Design

Collage Painting and Print Media

Indoor and Outdoor Sketching

Advertising Theory

History of Far Eastern Art

Letter Calligraphy/ Typography

Press Layout

Colour Theory and Colour Comparison

Language: English/Hindi


History of Modern Western Art

Photography Black and White

Project Work Industry Interface


Silk Screen Stencil Print

Computer Application

History of Modern Indian Art

photography and Reproduction Techniques

Western Aesthetics

Job and Career Scope in Applied Arts 

Students who are interested in pursuing a course in applied arts have a very bright and promising career ahead. After the completion of the course, students can either go on to enhance and further gain in-depth knowledge by pursuing a Master in Fine Arts or can start working where career based opportutnities are provided such as an art director, advertising layout artist, art instructor, animator, graphic designer, multimedia artist, jewellery designer, ceramic pot designers etc. Those who have done their specialization in animation or web-designing, find themselves placed in the electronic and digital print media. At the beginning of the career, they may earn Rs. 3 lakhs-4 lakhs annually. With years, they accumulate experience in the industry and simultaneously their salary increases. Again, they may work as a freelancer and set up their own designing business. In the table below, we have charted down the annual salary of these professionals:

Job Profile

Average Annual Income

Graphic Designer

Rs. 3-4 lakhs

Social Media Designer

Rs. 4-5 lakhs

Visual Effects Supervisor

Rs. 2.5-3 lakhs

Art Director

Rs. 5-6 lakhs

Important FAQs related to Applied Arts

Q. Is applied arts a good career?

A. Yes, Applied Arts is a good career option. It includes all the art forms that offers various career opportunities. A person with good sketching skills can opt for fashion designing or other designing courses. 

Q. What are the subjects in Applied Arts?

A. Applied Arts include various subjects. Some of them are as follows interior designing, architecture, graphic designing, fashion designing, advertising etc. Jewellery making, basket weaving, functional art etc are also part of Applied Arts.

Q. Is there scope for Applied Arts?

A. Yes, the scope for Applied Arts is wide. Candidates with Applied Arts degree can get jobs in graphic design, industrial design, fashion design, interior design, architecture, advertising, photography etc.

Q. What are the skills required to pursue Applied Arts course?

A. Skills required to pursue Applied Arts courses as follows creative skills, innovative, sketching and painting skills, patience, communication skill, team working skills etc.

Q. What are the popular entrance exams for Applied Arts courses?

A. Some of the popular entrance exams for Applied Arts courses are as follows
  • Banaras Hindu University Entrance Examination
  • Delhi University Entrance Exam
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University (JNAFAU) Entrance Exam
  • Rabindra Bharati University Entrance Examination

Q. What can I do after Applied Art?

A. There are various career options available after Applied Arts. Some of them are Graphic Designer, Art Teacher, Editor, Illustrator, Animator, Compositor, Visualizer and so on. 

Q. What is difference between fine arts and applied art?

A. The difference between fine arts and applied arts is related to work. In Fine Arts, work is done based on freehand approach while in Applied Arts it is based on technicality. 

Q. What is the eligibility criteria to pursue BFA (Bachelor in Fine Arts) in Applied Arts?

A. To pursue BFA (Bachelor in Fine Arts) in Applied Arts, candidates should have passed 10+2 from a recognised board with a minimum 50% marks.

Q. What is BFA Applied Arts?

A. BFA Applied Arts is an undergraduate Fine Arts course. The course is usually 4 years long and the examinations can be either semester wise or yearly. BFA Applied Arts covers topics like Advertising, Calligraphy, Clay Modelling, Animation, Graphic Designing, etc.

Q. What after BFA Applied Arts?

A. After BFA Applied Arts, candidates can get job opportunities in various private sectors like Art Studios. They can also work as a Art Teacher, 3d Artist, Drawing Teacher, Art Director, Art Critic, Animator etc. 

Q. What are examples of Applied Arts?

A. Some of the examples of Applied Arts are tapestry, furniture, embroidery, carpets, jewellery, pottery, mosaic art, goldsmithing etc. 

Popular Applied Arts Colleges in India

Following are the most popular Applied Arts Colleges in India. Learn more about these Applied Arts colleges (Courses, Reviews, Answers & more) by downloading the Brochure.
1.18 L
2 Courses
2.3 L - 5.8 L
3.55 - 3.8 LPA

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2.4 L
3 - 3.1 LPA
4 K
2 Courses
21.1 K - 42.2 K
5.4 - 6 LPA

Popular Private Applied Arts Colleges in India

2 Courses
3.47 L
2.4 L
2 Courses
1.57 L - 3.9 L
3.5 - 3.6 LPA
2 Courses
2.3 L - 5.8 L
3.55 - 3.8 LPA

Applied Arts Applications open till Apr 9, 2023. Apply Now

2.05 L
1.18 L

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How and where can I study Applied Arts for less fees? Is there any scholarship for an average student?


Sakshi Masade

Contributor-Level 6

6 days ago

Apply for government colleges as fees are less and more opportunities for scholarships.


I want to know about the fee structure at National Institute of Fine Arts (NIFA) for Diploma In Fine Arts / Applied Arts.


Mohamed Risham

Beginner-Level 5

a month ago

Hi srishty, you can get a information by enter into this website https://www.universitydunia.com/institute/20398-national-institute-of-fine-arts/fee-structure


I want to know about the fee structure at National Institute of Fine Arts (NIFA) for Diploma In Fine Arts / Applied Arts.


Raya Mondal

Beginner-Level 5

a month ago

The fees for fine arts is around INR 40000 to 7000.

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