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Microsoft Office or MS Office is one of the most popular software across the globe for desktop publishing. It provides flexible solutions for every task one meet at a workplace, school or at home. Microsoft Office is being used by individuals for their personal as well as professional piece of work. Different features and simple user interface of MS Office help users to achieve end results perfectly and quickly.  These are the major reasons for its success worldwide.

As MS Office holds many solutions bundled into one suite, it is used in almost every computer/laptop across the globe. MS Word, one of the tools of MS Office suite, helps one to create a report and articles whereas MS Excel helps one to work on tables and numbers. Other tools like MS Access process the client database. Almost every business meetings and project presentation done with the help of MS Office PowerPoint. The features of MS Office suite and its customised applications are suitable for students, working professionals and for any other user.

Scope of Microsoft Office Suite

It can be drawn from the above that the MS Office suite is a widely used software tool and a person trained in it can be of multiple use for any organisation. Specialists in MS Office suite can be engaged in variety of tasks such as word processing, data entry, presentation, and spreadsheet preparation. The Microsoft Office Specialist is considered an integral part of many businesses as they can skillfully use the software to perform essential daily duties.

Professionals certified as Microsoft Office Specialists, efficiently perform their work in a timely fashion alongside non-certified professionals. The MOS is found in almost every sector of business like Telecom, IT, administration and many others.

Skills Required for Microsoft Office Suite Specialist

Candidates, who want to pursue their career as a Microsoft Office Specialist or Microsoft Certified professional, are required to possess the below-mentioned skills along with the professional knowledge about the software:

Skills Required

Good communication skills

Originality and innovativeness

Analytical skills

Goal oriented

Eye for detail

Good understanding of soft skills



Course for Microsoft Office Suite


Candidates interested in pursuing a diploma or degree programme must have passed higher secondary examination/class XII or equivalent exam with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as compulsory subjects. Some institutions also conduct entrance test for admission to bachelor degree programmes.

Candidates, after completing BTech in computer science engineering, can opt for pursuing a postgraduate diploma or higher degree course in Microsoft office suite. For advancement or to gain expertise in Microsoft Office suite, candidates can pursue MCA.

Syllabus for MS Office Suite Courses

MS Office courses train students to use the software for various office work such as creating business documents; organize and analyze information; and create dynamic slide presentations effectively. The course curriculum is divided into following modules:



MS word

Creating, editing, saving and printing text documents

Font and paragraph formatting

Simple character formatting

Inserting tables, smart art, page breaks

Using lists and styles

Working with images

Using Spelling and Grammar check

Understanding document properties

Mail Merge

MS Excel

Spreadsheet basics

Creating, editing, saving and printing spreadsheets

Working with functions & formulas

Modifying worksheets with color and auto formats

Graphically representing data : Charts and graphs

Speeding data entry : Using data forms

Analyzing data: Data menu, subtotal, filtering data

Formatting worksheets

Securing & protecting spreadsheets

MS Power point

Opening, viewing, creating, and printing slides

Applying auto layouts

Adding custom animation

Using slide transitions

Graphically representing data : Charts & Graphs

Creating professional slide for presentation.


Understanding how to search/Google

bookmarking and going to a specific website

Copy and paste Internet content into your word file and emails

Understanding social media platforms such as Facebook and others

Microsoft Office Suite specialist Job Profiles

According to Payscale, the average salary offered to a Microsoft Office specialist is around Rs 3,49,000 annually. Candidates skilled in Microsoft Office suite can also get part-time work. It helps them to option to boost career prospects potentially. Almost every sector such as Information Technology, Telecom, Automobile, Manufacturing, and many others require Microsoft Office suite specialists. Salary of a candidate depends on the company, job role and years of experience they have.

Job Profile

Annual Salary

Data Analyst

Rs 3,70,000

Executive Assistant

Rs 2,58,000

Computer Operator


Operations Analyst


Administrative Assistant

Rs 2,35,000

Senior Executive Assistant


Business Analyst (Unspecified Type)


Office Clerk, General

Rs 1,99,000

Research Analyst

Rs 3,51,000

Office Manager

Rs 3,05,000

Administrative/Office Manager

Rs 4,62,000

Financial Analyst

Rs 3,01,000

Reporting Analyst

Rs 4, 67,000


Popular Office Suite Colleges in India

Following are the most popular Office Suite Colleges in India. Learn more about these Office Suite colleges (Courses, Reviews, Answers & more) by downloading the Brochure.
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500 - 4.2 K

Popular Private Office Suite Colleges in India

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5.5 K
4 K

Office Suite Applications open. Apply Now

500 - 4.2 K

Popular Office Suite UG Courses in India

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Popular Office Suite PG Courses in India

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Popular Office Suite Specializations in India

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