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Piyush Tripathi

Guide-Level 13

According to my point of view a doctor serves a country better. War against diseases is the greatest war today. Only good doctors can produce a healthy nation. Without proper health, a soldier becomes useless and the teacher is unable to produce the best in him. A doctor serves the country during peace and war and he is the one who works round the clock. Every one has their own responsibility. A doctor can save the life of a patient. A teacher can teach and make a person perfect and knowledgeable. A soldier can fight and save the nation. A doctor needs a teacher to learn about Medicines and surgery. A teacher needs a teacher to learn. A soldi... View More

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shobhit kumar

Guide-Level 11

B.P.Ed or D. P. End.

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himadri chakraborty

Beginner-Level 2

Always try to speak in English with yourself if not others.

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