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757 results

Best Medical/ MBBS Colleges in India 2024

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Commonly asked questions
On Best Medical/ MBBS Colleges in India 2024

Q:   Can I get into AIIMS Delhi without NEET?


The answer will be both yes and no. Getting into AIIMS Delhi without NEET is possible since AIIMS Delhi offers a lot of courses apart from MBBS, such as BSc, MSc, PB BSc Nursing, MD, MS, DM and MCh, among various others. Admission to all these courses is either subject to an institute-specific entrance exam or INICET. However, if the ultimate objective is to crack AIIMS New Delhi for MBBS, a student has to go through the NEET UG entrance exam followed by the counselling process. If the ranking and score obtained in the exam match with the minimum requirement of the institution, the student will get admission here for MBBS, otherwise not. 

Q:   Which city has the maximum medical colleges in India?


There are several Medical colleges in major cities across the country such as Delhi/ NCR, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai Kolkata, Pune and so on. Out of all the cities, Delhi/NCR have the maximum number of Medical colleges in India and some of the popular MBBS colleges are Christian Medical College, All India Institute of Medical Sciences Delhi, JIPMER Pondicherry, KGMU, Kasturba Manipal Medical College, Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research, Parul University, Madras Medical College, AIMS Jodhpur. 

Q:   How many medical colleges are there in India?


India is home to 751 medical colleges of which 141 are private medical colleges, 89 are government owned and rest 8 are semi government owned. AIIMS, CMC, KMC, KGMU and JIPMER are some of the best medical colleges in India. 

Please refer to the table below for ther various parameters and statistics for best Medical colleges in India:



No. of Colleges



< INR 1 lakh: 123 colleges

INR 1-2 lakh: 60 colleges

INR 2-3 lakh: 108 colleges

INR 3-5 lakh: 43 colleges

> INR 5 lakh: 298 colleges

Top Specialisations

Medicine,  General Surgery,  Surgical Technology, and Paramedical

Accepted Entrance Test

NEET, KEAM, Kerala NEET, MP NEET, Andhra Pradesh NEET, Maharashtra NEET, etc.

Q:   Which are some top medical colleges in India that are not well known?


Some of the top medical schools in India are listed below and should be given greater recognition for a variety of reasons:

College NameTuition FeeOverall Rating

GMCH Chandigarh

INR 1.13 lakh4.6/5
KGMU LucknowINR 2.46 lakh4.7/5
Lady Hardinge Medical College New DelhiINR 6,1004.7/5
Grant Medical CollegeINR 5.71 lakh4.4/5
Osmania Medical CollegeINR 45,0004.5/5
SRIHERINR 1.13 Cr.4/3/5


30.46 K
97.2 L
2.14 L
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Commonly asked questions
On Best Medical/ MBBS Colleges in India 2024

Q:   When did the NEET 2024 registration start?


NTA has started the NEET 2024 registration on February 9, 2024. The last date of application is March 9, 2024. NEET 2024 will be conducted on May 5. NTA may extend the last date of application, or reopen the application window. NEET 2024 application process will be conducted online. Candidates will have to fill and submit the application form in an online mode along with the payment of the application fee. The actual dates for the NEET 2024 registration and application processes will be announced by NTA through an official notification on NTA and NEET websites. 

Q:   Which is better for MBBS: AIIMS Delhi or PGIMER?


It's difficult to decide between PGIMER Chandigarh and AIIMS Delhi for MBBS because both are esteemed schools with top-notch patient exposure, faculty, and facilities. The "better" option ultimately comes down to personal priorities and tastes:

NIRF Ranking No. 1 in India for MBBS NIRF Ranking No. 2 in India for MBBS 
Rigorous Curriculum, experienced faculty and larger research baseStrong Curriculum and Seasoned Faculty 
Larger Exposure due to High Volume of Patients Larger Exposure due to High Volume of Patients.
Located in Capital City Delhi.Located in Planned City Chandigarh
Competitive and Demanding AtmosphereCollaborative and Supportive Atmosphere
Higher Living ExpenseLower Living Expense


Q:   Which state is better for MBBS: Maharashtra or UP?


Both Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh are excellent options for MBBS programmes in India, with each having particular benefits and drawbacks. Media reports indicate that Maharashtra state board students constitute the largest cohort of NEET-UG applicants throughout the preceding five years, while Uttar Pradesh had the highest number of qualifying candidates. In the end, one's own goals and preferences determine what constitutes a "better" condition. This is a synopsis to help you with the comparison:

MaharashtraUttar Pradesh
More Medical CollegesMore Patient Exposure
Home to Many Renowned Medica Colleges Lower Cost of Living
Exposure to Diverse Medical Fields Focus on Government Colleges
Higher CompetitionFewer Renowned Institutions
Higher Cost of LivingLimited Exposure to Specialised Fields
More Private Medical Colleges; meaning more fees-

Q:   Which state is better for MBBS: Karnataka or Tamil Nadu?


Your personal interests and preferences will determine whether state Karnataka or Tamil Nadu is best for you to pursue an MBBS. While there are great professional and educational options in medicine in both states, each offers pros and cons of its own. For your decision-making, consider this comparative breakdown:

KarnatakaTamil Nadu
More medical collegesMore Government Colleges
Renowned InstitutionsStrong Public Healthcare Sector
Research Oriented and InnovativeLanguage Accessibility
High CompetitionLower Number of Seats
Higher Cost of LivingLimited Exposure
Language BarrierRural Focus
80.1 L
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68.02 K
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Commonly asked questions
On Best Medical/ MBBS Colleges in India 2024

Q:   How hard or easy is it to get into a medical college in India?


It can be quite challenging to get into a medical college in India for the following reasons:

  • Millions of students want to become doctors, thus there is a fierce competition for the few available spots in medical schools.
  • Top percentile marks on the NEET are required to gain admission to esteemed colleges, and the exam is very competitive.
  • India has a much smaller supply of medical college seats than there is demand for them. This leads to a backlog and makes admission more challenging, particularly in highly sought-after universities. 
  • The reservation system is designed to promote diversity in the medical industry by designating certain seats for specific categories (SC, ST, OBC, PwD). This may have an effect on the quantity of general category seats available and further increase competition.
  • Cut-offs are far higher for elite colleges in well-known states like Delhi or Maharashtra than for lesser-known colleges in other areas.

Although difficult, admission to a medical college can be attained with commitment, diligence, and a calculated strategy. To improve your odds, consider the following advice:

  • Prioritise understanding of concepts, regularly practice mock tests, and review your mistakes.
  • Make good use of online resources, reference books, and NCERT textbooks.
  • Create a personalised schedule, stick to it, and give the healthiest sleep and balanced lifestyle the highest priority.
  • Seek guidance and assistance from mentors, educators, or career counsellors for personalised advice.

Q:   Should I study MBBS from AIIMS Delhi?


First of all, AIIMS Delhi is the best Medical college in the country. It has consistently ranked 1 by the NIRF for the last 7 years from 2017 till 2023. So, clearly, one will be very lucky to fetch a seat in MBBS at AIIMS Delhi. Additionally, considering the amount of competition seen amongst the Medical aspirants for AIIMS Delhi, the question to surface commonly amongst the medical aspirants rather is- Will I get admission to AIIMS Delhi or not?

The ROI of AIIMS Delhi is incomparable. There's almost no fee to study MBBS at AIIMS Delhi. The total fees to study at India's no. 1 Medical institute is INR 6,865 for 5 years (including the hostel and mess charges). The highest salary package offered at AIIMS Delhi is INR 37.8 LPA, and the top 10% of employees earn over INR 15.28 LPA. Some of the other reasons include extravagant infrastructure, well-equipped laboratories, high-end technology, etc. Hence, studying in AIIMS Delhi is like a Dream Come True for the best of the best aspirants.

Q:   What is the total fees of MBBS in AIIMS?


Below table showing AIMS college along with their annual fees, seat intake, entrance exam & eligibility:

College Name

Total Tuition Fee/Seats

Entrance Exam/Eligibility


INR 6,000

Seats: 132

Entrance Exam: NEET

Eligibility: Class 12 with a minimum 50% of aggregate.

Q:   Is MBBS at AIIMs Mangalagiri better than AIIMs Delhi?


AIIMS Mangalagiri and AIIMS Delhi are prestigious institutions known for their excellence in medical education and healthcare.

AIIMS Delhi, being the pioneer and one of the oldest AIIMS institutes, has a long-established history, experienced faculty, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and a rich legacy. It offers a vast array of opportunities for clinical exposure, research, and learning experiences due to its extensive resources and renowned faculty members.

On the other hand, AIIMS Mangalagiri, being a newer AIIMS institute, might have some advantages like modern infrastructure, updated facilities, and a potentially more personalized learning environment due to smaller batch sizes and newer teaching methodologies.

Factors to consider when comparing the two could include:

  1. Faculty and Resources: AIIMS Delhi, due to its long-standing presence, might have a larger and more experienced faculty base and extensive resources compared to AIIMS Mangalagiri.

  2. Clinical Exposure: AIIMS Delhi, being in the national capital, has a diverse patient pool and numerous hospitals, providing excellent clinical exposure. AIIMS Mangalagiri, being a newer institute, might be gradually developing these aspects.

  3. Infrastructure: AIIMS Delhi has well-established infrastructure and facilities developed over the years, while AIIMS Mangalagiri might have more modern facilities and infrastructure due to being a newer institute.

  4. Opportunities for Research: Both institutes offer research opportunities, but AIIMS Delhi, with its extensive experience and resources, might have a broader spectrum of research avenues.

  5. Location and Environment: The location and surrounding environment could differ significantly between the two institutes, affecting aspects like student life and extracurricular opportunities.

1.13 Cr
30 L
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Commonly asked questions
On Best Medical/ MBBS Colleges in India 2024

Q:   Is MBBS at AIIMS Kalyani better than AIIMS Delhi?


Comparing the MBBS programme at AIIMS Kalyani to AIIMS Delhi involves several factors. AIIMS Delhi, as the flagship institution, has a longer history, established reputation, and extensive infrastructure. It boasts a vast array of resources, top-notch faculty, and a well-established alumni network, offering students a rich academic environment and diverse opportunities for research, clinical exposure, and extracurricular activities. Its history and standing in the medical community make it highly competitive and prestigious.

On the other hand, AIIMS Kalyani, being a newer establishment, might have its advantages. As a newer institute, it might offer more modern facilities, updated teaching methodologies, and potentially smaller class sizes, allowing for more personalized attention.

The decision between the two might depend on various factors like personal preferences, location, opportunities for practical exposure, faculty-student ratio, research facilities, and future career prospects. Delhi's AIIMS has a proven track record and established connections, while Kalyani's AIIMS might offer innovation, more hands-on experiences, and potentially a less competitive environment.

Students should consider their preferences, the specific strengths of each institute, and their long-term goals when making this decision. It's essential to research and visit both institutions to make an informed choice.

Q:   Are government medical colleges in India really as good as people claim to be?


The answer to the complicated question of whether government medical schools in India are "really as good as people claim" is not as easy as yes or no. It depends on students priorities and aspirations as well as the particular college they are thinking about. Here's a summary of the advantages and disadvantages to help in forming an opinion:


  • Numerous government-run medical schools are well-known for their excellent academic programmes and highly qualified faculty. Some constantly rank among the top in India and the world, such as AIIMS Delhi.
  • Government universities have much lower tuition fees than private universities, which makes medical education more affordable for students from various backgrounds.
  • Government colleges provide essential clinical experience by exposing students to a wide spectrum of medical issues because they are housed in public hospitals. 
  • Prominent government college graduates frequently gain from having an established alumni network that can offer support and professional help.


  • Top government college admissions are extremely tough and demand very good NEET scores. It's possible that less prestigious universities have fewer remarkable facilities and resources. 
  • A high student-teacher ratio at some government colleges may make it more difficult for students to receive individualised attention and assistance.
  • While some of the best universities have modern facilities, others may have less resources and older infrastructure than private universities.
  • Compared to private colleges in urban regions, some government colleges could be situated in less appealing neighbourhoods with restricted access to amenities.

To sum up, there is no universally applicable solution to the question of whether government medical schools are "really as good as people claim." There are several drawbacks, such as inadequate infrastructure, competition, and administrative obstacles, even if they provide indisputable benefits including affordability, academic standing, and a variety of patient exposure. The secret is to evaluate your prospects of admission by comparing individual institutions according to your priorities, research facilities, programme strengths, location, and NEET score. You should know that the college that most closely matches your unique needs and goals is the "best" option.


Q:   Which are the best state-wise medical colleges in India?


Please refer to the table below for the best Medical colleges in different regions:

StateNo. of CollegesBest Colleges
Delhi NCR36AIIMS, Vardhaman Mahavir Medical College, Maulana Azad Medical College, etc.
Karnataka77KMC Manipal, KMC Mangalore, St. John's National Academy of Health Sciences, M S Ramaiah Medical College, etc.
Tamil Nadu80CMC, SRIHER, MMC, Saveetha Institute of Medical and Technical Sciences, etc.
Telangana55Osmania Medical College, KIMS, Kaloji Narayana Rao University of Health Sciences, etc.
Uttar Pradesh70KGMU, School of Medicine and Research, Teerthanker Mahaveer University, etc.
Maharashtra73Datta Meghe Institute of Higher Education and Research, Padmashree Dr D.Y. Patil Vidyaoeeth, etc.


Q:   What is the schedule for NEET exam 2024?


NEET or the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test involves various stages or events. The dates for each event are announced by the exam conducting body, National Testing Agency (NTA), in advance. The first and foremost stage is the announcement of the exam date. NTA has released the exam date of NEET 2024, which will be held on May 5. To elucidate better, the following table brings the sequence-wise events and the dates (official and tentative) of NEET.



NEET 2024 exam date announcement

September 19, 2023

NEET 2024 registration process

February 9, 2024, to March 9, 2024

NEET 2024 application correction process

First week of April 2024

NEET 2024 advance intimation to exam city slip

Fourth week of April 2024

NEET 2024 admit card

First week of May 2024

NEET 2024 exam date

May 5, 2024

NEET 2024 answer key release

First week of June 2024

NEET 2024 result and final answer key

June 14, 2024

NTA has announced the application dates and result date in the information brochure, along with the NEET 2024 application form. 

Q:   Which one is better for a MBBS, AIIMS Gorakhpur or AIIMS Delhi?


Choosing between AIIMS Delhi and AIIMS Gorakhpur for MBBS depends on various factors. AIIMS Delhi, a top-ranked medical college in India, boasts a stellar reputation with a 4.6 out of 5 rating for its MBBS course. It is recognised for superior academics, extensive research facilities, and robust infrastructure. The institution has produced over 60 notable alumni, adding to its prestige. However, gaining admission to AIIMS Delhi is highly competitive, requiring a NEET exam ranking under AIR 50-100 and a target score of at least 670. On the other hand, AIIMS Gorakhpur holds a respectable 4.2 out of 5 rating for its MBBS program, albeit with a smaller sample size. The decision should consider factors such as individual preferences, career goals, and the level of competition one is comfortable with, balancing the prestige of AIIMS Delhi with the specific strengths and opportunities offered by AIIMS Gorakhpur.

51.52 K
Choose from the Top Specializations
General Surgery (6)
Surgical Technology (1)
Medicine (95)
Paramedical (1)
2.56 L
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Commonly asked questions
On Best Medical/ MBBS Colleges in India 2024

Q:   Which medical colleges in India has the best infrastructure?


Please note that the best infrastructure among all medical colleges in India is subjective and majorly depends on individual tastes and preferences. However given below are some colleges that are often praised for their infrastructure:

College NameTuition Fee
AIIMS Delhi AdmissionINR 6,080
Christian Medical College AdmissionINR 13,500 
Kasturba Medical College Manipal AdmissionINR 43.95 lakh
JIPMER Puducherry AdmissionINR 2.46 lakh
KGMU AdmissionINR 2.46 lakh


24.1 K
26.35 K
1.26 Cr
1.03 Cr
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1 - 2 Lakh (78)
2 - 3 Lakh (82)
3 - 5 Lakh (39)
> 5 Lakh (319)
40.5 K
80.1 L
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