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Leather Designing course imparts comprehensive knowledge about leather raw materials, processing, product care, industrial training and tours as well as other aspects of the luxury goods industry such as fashion forecast, brand awareness, traditional and modern practices of leather designing. The leather-based products are a big part of garments, footwear and accessories for luxury goods industry.

Leather Designing is offered at undergraduate, postgraduate and diploma levels. Many short-term and long-term certificate courses are also offered under Leather Design. Students who have completed their class 12 in any stream can studyLeather Designing courses at the undergraduate level. The course can be completed at a fee ranging between INR 2 lakh to INR 12 lakh. 

After completing the course, the graduates can earn an average starting salary of INR 4 LPA to 6 LPA at the start of their career. They can find work in renowned Indian companies like Bata, Liberty, Khadim’s, Action, etc. as well as International brands like Hush Puppies, Louis Vuitton, Marks and Spencer, Clarks, etc. The leather-based products majorly include shoes, bags, belts, clothes, suitcases, car accessories, etc. All the luxurious brands globally have products based on leather material be it organic or synthetic leather therefore, the billion-dollar industry has great scope for leather designers.  Pearl Academy of Fashion, NID (National Institute of Design) and NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology) are some of the institutes offering such courses.  Click to learn Popular Design Specialisations.

Latest Updates About Leather Designing Course 

Admission to the top institutes offering Leather Design courses is usually through a national-level entrance exam called as NIFT Entrance Exam or on the basis of marks scored in Class 12. Interested students can see the important and latest information about Leather Design course in the links below: 

Table of Contents
  1. Leather Design Course Highlights
  2. All About Leather Design
    • 2.1 Why pursue Leather Design?
    • 2.2 Who can pursue Leather Design Course?
  3. Leather Design Eligibility Criteria 
  4. Leather Design Course Entrance Exams 2023
  5. Leather Design Course Syllabus
  6. Leather Design Top Colleges
    • 6.1 Top Private Colleges Offering Leather Design Courses
    • 6.2 Top Government Colleges Offering Leather Designing Courses
    • 6.3 Leather Design: Job Profiles and Salary Offered
    • 6.4 Leather DesignTop Recruiters
  7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Leather Design

Leather Design Course Highlights

Leather design refers to the art and technique of designing and working with leather to generate diverse items. The highlights table gives quick information about the course types, duration, course fee and entrance exams for pursuing Leather Design course. Check Colleges in India offering Leather Design.

Candidates can check key points related to the course:

Particulars Details
Course Level Certificate, Diploma, Undergraduate, Postgraduate

For Certificate/Diploma course: 10+2 in any stream

For Undergraduate courses-10+2 in any stream
For Postgraduate courses- Bachelor's degree in design


Certificate: 1 year

Diploma: 3 years

UG: 4 years

PG: 2 years

Examination Type Semester-wise
Course Fee

For UG - Up to 10 lakh

For PG - Up to 8 lakh

Top Colleges

NIFT Chennai, Asian Academy of Film and Television, NIFT Delhi, NIFT Bangalore, NIFT Raebareli, NIFT Patna

Average Salary Up to INR 10 lakh
Job Positions Leather Designer, Production Managers, Developers, Fashion Consultant, Accessories Illustrator
Entrance Exams NIFT, UCEED, Pearl Academy Entrance Exam
Top Recruiters

Red Tape, Bata, Liberty, Khadims, Lakhani, Metro, Action

All About Leather Design

Leather designing in fashion and luxury goods industry provides great opportunities to explore the industry world-wide. A person specialising in leather designing can work as leather apparel designer, leather accessory designer, researcher and developer for leather industry, or they can start up their own leather goods manufacturing unit.

A market research report by Technovia after analysing leather goods industry of major leather goods manufacturers forecasted that the industry is expected to grow at a considerable rate and can go beyond revenue of US Dollar 250 billion in the next five years. It also predicted that to get competitive edge leather manufacturers should adopt new and improved technology along with trendsetting designs for producing organic leather products. Consequently, the scope of leather designing will be broadened. Read  Designing courses.

Why pursue Leather Design?

Leather goods always remain relevant in the market and the demand for these goods are always on rise. From footwear to bags and purses, people are always keen on buying either Indian leather goods or import them from abroad. Many people who work in this industry either carry on their family's business or pick up skills over period of time.

But just like Fashion Designing, Leather Designing and Leather Technology is also becoming a technical subject and people with professional certifications and degrees are hired by the companies. This course therefore provides the technical expertise as well as the technological requirements to design and produce leather goods at a large scale. Check Popular Design Colleges.

Who can pursue Leather Design Course?

Leather Designing courses can be pursued by candidates after completing Class 10 from polytechnic institutions which train candidates on the basic aspects of Leather Technology. It is also pursued by candidates who have completed Class 12. Undergraduate courses by top institutions such as National Institute of Fashion Technology and Footwear Design and Development Institutes are offered based on a national-level entrance examination. Therefore, candidates who wish to establish a career in the field of designing and producing leather goods can take up these courses. Read List of NIFTs in India.

Leather Design Eligibility Criteria 

Students need to fulfill the below-mentioned criteria in order to be eligible for Leather Designing courses.

  • Candidates who have successfully cleared their Class 12 from any stream (ScienceCommerceArts) can pursue a Leather Design course at the graduate level. However, renowned Leather Design colleges admit students for Leather Design courses only if they have cleared the national-level entrance examinations.
  • To pursue Leather Design in postgraduate level, aspirants who have completed a Bachelor of Design in Leather Design course at the graduate level are offered admission.
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Leather Design Course Entrance Exams 2023

Most of the top fashion and leather design institutes admit candidates for admission in their Leather Design courses based on their performance in various national-level entrance examinations. Some popular design entrance exams aspirants should consider giving are:

The exam and registration dates about Top Exams for Leather Design Courses are given below: 

Name of Exam

Registration Details Exam Details


Begins in Nov 2023 In Dec 2023


Registration open till 31-Dec-2023 21-Jan-2024

NID Entrance Exam

Registration open till 1-Dec-2023 24-Dec-2024


Registration open till 31-Oct-2023 21-Jan-2024

Pearl Academy Entrance Exam

Registration till Jan 2024 Jan 2024

IIAD Entrance Exam

Registration open till 6-Dec-2023

16-Dec-2023 (Online/Offline)

17-Dec-2023 (Online)

Leather Design Course Syllabus

Designing and working with leather to create a variety of things is known as leather design. Everything from apparel and accessories to furniture, purses, shoes, and more can be included in this broad category. Selection of materials, cutting, stitching, finishing, and other practical as well as decorative aspects of working with leather are all part of leather design.

The syllabus for Bachelor of Design in Leather Design is given below semester-wise for your reference:

Semester-1 Subjects for BDes Leather Design 

Drawing and Illustration Fundamentals

Basic Design Principles
Introduction to Fashion Design

Introduction to Leather Technology

Semester-2 Subjects for BDes Leather Design 

Leather Materials and Properties

Pattern Making and Garment Construction
Basics of Leather Craftsmanship Textile Science
Semester-3 Subjects for BDes Leather Design 

Leather Design Studio I

Leather Surface Embellishment Techniques
Fashion Illustration for Leather Products

Introduction to Leather Goods Manufacturing

Semester-4 Subjects for BDes Leather Design 

Advanced Leather Craftsmanship

Leather Dyeing and Finishing
Fashion Trends and Forecasting

Leather Goods Production Management

Semester-5 Subjects for BDes Leather Design 
Internship -----
Semester-6 Subjects for BDes Leather Design 

Footwear Design

Leather Accessories Design
Advanced Leather Technology Sustainable Practices in Leather Design
Semester-7 Subjects for BDes Leather Design 

Portfolio Development

Design Entrepreneurship

Intellectual Property Rights in Design

Professional Ethics in Design
Semester-8 Subjects for BDes Leather Design 

Leather Design Studio II (Final Project)

Thesis Writing and Presentation
Design Showcase

Industry Collaboration Project

Students can click below to know BTech and MTech Leather Technology Syllabus

BTech Leather Technology Syllabus

MTech Leather Technology Syllabus

Leather Design Top Colleges

For effective admission process, candidates have to shortlist from the various Leather designing courses and ensure that they meet the eligibility requirements for the entrance examinations. They must submit the application form with due diligence. ‘The colleges mentioned in the table are listed alphabetically and not in any order of ranking hierarchy.’

Top Private Colleges Offering Leather Design Courses

Candidates can have a look at the table below to know about the best Leather Designing colleges running privately. The colleges have excellent tie-ups with the leather industry. Some of these private colleges are as follows:

Name of Institute Total Annual Fees in INR
AAFT  INR 1.55 lakh
GLS University INR 6 lakh-7 lakh
IFT YMCA Delhi INR 30000
JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi INR 3.6 lakh
JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Kamla Nagar INR 3.74 lakh
Madras Institute of Fashion Technology --
Mewar University INR 3.4 lakh
Prannath Parnami Universe INR 2.88 lakh
OPJS University INR 3 lakh

Top Government Colleges Offering Leather Designing Courses

Thestudents can also choose to pursue the Leather Designing courses from government colleges. These colleges have established themselves as leading institutes in the field of Leather Designing. The fee in government colleges is much affordable and candidates can check the following colleges for pursuing the courses:
Name of Institute Total Annual Fees in INR
Footwear Design and Development Institute INR 8.34 lakh
Government Polytechnic,Mumbai INR 18000
NIFT, Bangalore INR 5.63 lakh
NIFT, Bhubaneswar --
NIFT, Chennai INR 6 lakh-INR 12 lakh
NIFT, Delhi INR 4 lakh- INR 12 lakh
NIFT, Jodhpur INR 11.74 lakh
NIFT, Kolkata INR 5 lakh-INR 13 lakh
NIFT, Patna INR 5 lakh

NIFT, Rae Bareli

INR 6 lakh-INR 12 lakh
Leather Design Scope, Career and Job Profiles

After completing Leather Design courses, candidates can start to showcase their talents by developing their portfolio which can be done with maximum internships during the course. Candidates can also work as entrepreneurs and freelancers and take up assignments under various designers and leather goods company. The remuneration in this field is also promising and the chances for increments depend on the number of years of experience.

Some of the top job profiles include in various domains related to Leather Designing such as:

Job Profiles
  • Product Designer
  • Design Consultant
  • Trend Forecaster
  • Fashion Designer
  • Range Developer
  • Accessory Designer
  • Sampling Coordinator
  • Product Development Manager
  • Quality Head
  • Production Manager
  • PPC Coordinator
  • Compliance Officer
  • Sourcing Manager
  • Buyer
  • Stylist
  • Retail Merchant
  • Merchandiser
  • Retail Consultant
  • Category Manager
Visual Designer
  • Interface Designer
  • Packaging and Brand Designer
  • Visual Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • UI/UX Architect

Leather Design: Job Profiles and Salary Offered

The salary offered to Leather Design professionals vary depending on a lot of factors such as work location, company profile and work experience. The top job profiles and average annual salary offered to Leather Design graduates are given in the table below. Read Career in Design.

Job Profile Job Description Average Annual Salary in INR
Leather Designer Original designs for leather products such as bags, shoes, wallets, belts, and outfits are created and developed by leather designers. INR 6 LPA-INR 9 LPA
Product Designer Leather product designers work on a variety of leather goods, including furniture, home decor, car interiors, and other items. INR 7 LPA-INR 9.5 LPA
Footwear Designer Leather shoes, boots, sandals, and other types of footwear are created by footwear designers. They blend artistic talent with an understanding of footwear construction, materials, and comfort.  INR 5.5 LPA- INR 7 LPA
Pattern Maker Pattern makers develop comprehensive templates or patterns that are used to guide the cutting and assembly of leather pieces to create a final product. INR 5- INR 7.5 LPA
Technical Designer Technical designers are concerned with the practical aspects of design, ensuring that the finished product not only looks excellent but also fits and operates properly. INR 8 LPA-INR 10 LPA

Leather DesignTop Recruiters

Some of the top recruiters for Leather Designers include top conglomerates and fashion brands which have diversified their business into leather goods and cater to domestic as well as overseas customers. The recruiters are as follows:

Top Indian Recruiters

Red Tape

Bata Liberty
Khadims Lakhani Metro
Campus -------
Top International Recruiters


Hermès Kering
VF Corporation Aldo Bally Clarks

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Leather Design

Q. What is Leather Designing?

A. Conceptualising, organising, and producing leather goods are all part of the creative process of leather designing. This profession blends artistic and technical abilities to create a wide range of products, including furniture, bags, shoes, clothing, and accessories for the fashion industry. Working with the special qualities of leather, leather designers produce goods that are visually beautiful, useful, and frequently long-lasting.

Leather Designers are trained experts who design and produce leather goods and accessories. They keep themselves well aware with the changing trends of the consumers and market and design various range of shoes and bags which are exquisite and have a fashionable appeal. They are hired across top shoe and bag producing companies and other leather-based industries which produce large number of leather goods. Many leather designers also work in managerial roles after gaining 6-10 years of experience.

Q. Is Leather Designing a good career option?

A. Definitely, Leather Designing is an excellent course in the field of Designing. After Fashion Designing and Fashion Technology, Leather Designing is a very popular course amongst fashion enthusiasts. Leather industries are not only popular in India but the scope of this course is wide in foreign countries and candidates can explore the options such as multinational fashion brands. Candidates can not only work in the field of leather apparel designing but also sign up for research and development activities.

Q. What is the scope for leather design graduates?

A. After completing Leather Design course from top institutes, candidates can choose to work in various segments ranging from Leather technology, Leather processing, Research and Development, Manufacturing and Production. Therefore, the job profiles vary as per the segment chosen by the professional. One of the most popular segments is the leather designing and quality testing of various leather products to ensure that they are unadulterated and purely original leather products.

Designers are able to produce a wide variety of leather apparel pieces, from dresses and accessories to jackets and trousers. One of the most important careers in the fashion business is designing leather footwear, such as shoes and boots. Designing leather goods is the process of turning leather into accessories like belts, wallets, gloves, and handbags. Read Design Career Scope.

Q. Can I pursue Leather Design after Class 10?

A. Many colleges in India offer short-term courses to students who have completed Class 10. Some of these courses and the college offering them are as follows:

  • Government Polytechnic, Mumbai offers the following courses to candidates who have completed Class 10 and the admissions are done on the basis of the marks scored in Class 10.
  • Diploma in Leather Goods and Footwear Technology
  • Diploma in Leather Technology
  • Mewar University offers Diploma in Leather and Footwear, the admissions to which are done on the basis of marks scored in Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education or any other recognised board.

Q. Are online courses offered in the field of Leather Design?

A. Many online learning websites such as Udemy provide online courses in the field of Leather Design. Through these courses, one can learn the craft of leather designing from the comfort of their homes. Some of these courses offered by Udemy are as follows:

  • Leather Craft- Ultimate Leather Masterclass
  • DIY Leather Crafting
  • Leather Crafting- Ultimate Sewing Tote Bag Masterclass

Central Leather Research Institute also offers an online course in Designing and Making of Leather Goods

Q. Are there any certificate or diploma level courses offered in Leather Design?

A. Many institutes offer diploma and certificate-level courses in the field of Leather Design which can be pursued by candidates who have either completed Class 10 or Class 12. Some of these courses are as follows:

  • Certificate in Small Leather Goods and Ornaments Manufacturing
  • Certificate in Leather Designing
  • Diploma in Leather Goods and Footwear Technology
  • Diploma in Leather Technology
  • Certificate Course in Basic Shoe Design and Pattern Making
  • Certificate Course in Footwear Manufacturing Technology
  • Certificate in Creative Design and Shoe Making
  • Crash Course in Shoe Designing and Production Technology

Q. Which are the top private colleges offering Leather Design courses?

A. Some of the top private colleges offering Leather Design courses in India are as follows:

Q. What is the salary of a Leather Design graduate?

A. The average salary offered to candidates who have 1-2 years of experience as a Leather Designer ranges between 4-6 LPA. Some of the companies and their salaries offered are given as follows:

Company Annual Salary in INR
Tangerine Design 4 LPA
Metropolis Fashions 4.5-5.8 LPA
Leather Company 4.3-5.5 LPA
Maple Exports 3.6-4.6 LPA

Q. What are the top industries to establish a career as a Leather Designer?

A. Leather industries hire Leather Designers who are well-trained and experienced in the field of designing and producing leather goods. Some of the top industries include:

  • Bata India Ltd.
  • Farida Shoes Pvt Ltd
  • Bhartiya International Ltd
  • Liberty Shoes Ltd.
  • Lakhani Industries Ltd
  • Mayur Uniquoters Ltd
  • Relaxo Footwears Ltd
  • Metro Brands Ltd.

Q. Which is good textile designing or leather designing?

A. The decision between leather and textile design is based on your preferences, professional aspirations, and areas of interest. Both domains present distinct prospects and obstacles. Here are a few things to think about before choosing:

Factors Textile Designing Leather Designing
Versatility Covers a broad spectrum (clothing, home furnishings, etc.) Specialised focus on leather as the primary material (apparel, accessories, etc.)
Diverse Applications Fashion, interior design, technical textiles Apparel, accessories, footwear, furniture
Global Industry Opportunities for international collaborations Often caters to a niche market, potentially less global exposure
Craftsmanship Important but may vary depending on the specific product Strong emphasis on craftsmanship, including cutting, stitching, and embellishing leather
Niche Market Opportunities for unique, luxury, or bespoke items Can cater to a niche market, potential for high-end or bespoke designs.

Q. What is the best job after doing leather designing?

A. Some of the best job roles after completing Leather Design courses are stated in the below table:

Job Role Description
Leather Product Designer Designing bags, footwear, belts, wallets, and accessories for fashion brands or manufacturers.
Footwear Designer Specializing in designing various types of footwear, considering trends, functionality, and comfort.
Apparel Designer Creating clothing items using leather, such as jackets, pants, skirts, and dresses, for the fashion industry or leather apparel companies.
Accessories Designer Focusing on designing leather accessories like handbags, belts, gloves, and other fashion accessories for retail brands or independent labels.
Furniture Designer Designing furniture items that incorporate leather elements, such as sofas, chairs, and upholstery, for interior design firms or furniture manufacturers.

Q. Is FDDI Kolkata good for leather design?

A. The primary focus of the Footwear Design and Development Institute (FDDI) in Kolkata is footwear design and development. Although FDDI covers a range of footwear-related design topics, it might not be as specialised in comprehensive leather design as some other organisations or design schools.

You might wish to look into schools that provide specialised programmes in leather design or have a more comprehensive curriculum in fashion and design if your particular interest is in a wider range of leather design applications, such as clothing, accessories, and furniture. Read Leather Design Course Details.

Q. What is the NIFT placement process?

A. The NIFT placement process unfolds in two phases: the initial phase occurs in April-May, conducted online, while the subsequent phase takes place in June, with the mode being either online or offline. For graduates from premier NIFT institutions like NIFT Kolkata or NIFT Delhi, the average salary package surpasses INR 5 lakhs, whereas those from NIFT Bengaluru might secure offers of INR 3 lakhs or more.

Renowned as leading design institutes in India, NIFTs attract companies seeking to hire designers, creative managers, and tech-savvy fashion professionals, making them a coveted destination for placements. Students with B.Des, B.F.Tech, M.Des, MFM, and B.F.Tech degrees are eligible to participate in the NIFT placement process. Read NIFT Placement 2024.

Q. Which NIFT has better placement record?

A. Students interested in pursuing Design courses from renowned NIFT institute can check the table below to know the placement figures of 2023 year. It will give them an idea and help them in making the decision.

Name of the NIFT

Highest Salary Offered  

Average salary offered

NIFT Bengaluru

Rs. 5 LPA*

Rs. 3 LPA*

NIFT Bhopal



NIFT Chennai



NIFT Gandhinagar



NIFT Hyderabad

Rs. 6 LPA*


NIFT Kannur



NIFT Kolkata


Rs. 5.7 LPA**

NIFT Mumbai



NIFT New Delhi

Rs. 11 LPA**

Rs. 5.5 LPA**

NIFT Patna



Popular Leather Design Colleges in India

Following are the most popular Leather Design Colleges in India. Learn more about these Leather Design colleges (Courses, Reviews, Answers & more) by downloading the Brochure.
3 Courses
4.5 L - 10.84 L

Top 20 in India

1 Course
5.63 L

Top 20 in India

6.07 L - 12.34 L

Top 20 in India

2 Courses
5.45 L - 12.34 L

Top 20 in India

30 K

Top 20 in India

1 Course
3.6 L
5.4 LPA

Top 20 in India

Popular Private Leather Design Colleges in India

3 Courses
4.5 L - 10.84 L

Top 20 in India

1 Course
5.63 L

Top 20 in India

6.07 L - 12.34 L

Top 20 in India

2 Courses
5.45 L - 12.34 L

Top 20 in India

30 K

Top 20 in India

1 Course
3.6 L
5.4 LPA

Top 20 in India

Popular Leather Design UG Courses in India

Following are the most popular Leather Design UG Courses . You can explore the top Colleges offering these UG Courses by clicking the links below.

UG Courses

Popular Leather Design PG Courses in India

Following are the most popular Leather Design PG Courses . You can explore the top Colleges offering these PG Courses by clicking the links below.

PG Courses


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