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The leather based products are a big part of garments, footwear and accessories for luxury goods industry. The leather based products majorly includes shoes, bags, belts, clothes, suitcases, car accessories etc. The designing course for leather goods imparts comprehensive knowledge about leather raw materials, processing, product care, industrial training and tours as well as other aspects of the luxury goods industry such as fashion forecast, brand awareness, traditional and modern practices of leather designing.

All the luxurious brands globally have products based on leather material be it organic or synthetic leather therefore, the billion dollar industry has great scope for leather designers. Leather is considered luxurious good because of the raw materials used (some are exotic like snake skin, alligator skin etc.) and also processing involved such as tanning and designing, therefore high cost of manufacturing.

In addition to the high cost of manufacturing, leather goods are durable and superior products, and with innovative designs (including personalisation and customisation), the demand in market is really high. Consumers are ready to spend big bucks for good valued leather products like footwear, handbags, backpacks, luggage, belts, wallets and other accessories.

Leather designing in fashion and luxury goods industry provides great opportunities to explore the industry world-wide.  A person specialising in leather designing can work as leather apparel designing, leather accessory designing, research and development for leather industry, or they can start up their own leather goods manufacturing unit.

A market research report by Technovia after analyzing leather goods industry of major leather goods manufacturers forecasted that the industry is expected to grow at a considerable rate and can go beyond revenue of US Dollar 250 billion in the next five years. It also predicted that to get competitive edge leather manufacturers should adopt new and improved technology along with trendsetting designs for producing organic leather products. Consequently, the scope of leather designing will be broadened. 

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Required Skill Set for Leather Design

Aesthetic interest

Good sketching skills

Skill in using Computer Aided Design


Eye for detail

Ingenuity and practical bent of mind

Knowledge of colors, blending, color terms and codes

Knowledge of textures

Knowledge of foot anatomy and international size chart for Foot

Keen knowledge of worldwide footwear fashion trends

Course Curriculum for Leather Design



Bachelor of Design (B. Des) in Leather Design

  • Design Methodology
  • Traditional & Innovative Materials Combined with Leather
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Market Dynamics
  • Fashion Trends & Forecast Interpretations
  • Business Practices
  • Prototyping for Fashion & Lifestyle Products
  • Overview of Leather Industry
  • Classification of Fetish Products
  • Material Understanding of Leather
  • Leather Alternatives & Surfaces
  • Concepts & Trends of Fetish
  • Cult Fashion
  • Sub-Culture
  • Outerwear

B. Des. (Leather Goods & Accessories Design)

  • Design Foundation: Illustration Techniques, Geometric constructions, Analytical & Technical Drawings, Elements of Design, Color & Composition, Product Form & Design, Ergonomics, Presentation Techniques, Material Science & Leather Technology, Principles of Management, Fundamentals of Marketing, Finance & Human Resource Management and Overview of Fashion.
  • Technical Foundation: Product Knowledge and overview of Fashion Leather Accessory (Goods & Garments) Design, Leather Cutting, Leather Stitching, Pattern Making, Basic Construction Techniques, Various Leather Machines Operations, Use of Tools and Accessory in Leather Goods & Garment Manufacturing, Identification and Finishing of Leather Goods, Production and Operation Management, Costing, Quality Control, Production Planning and real life industrial projects.
  • Specialization: Design Process & Methodology, Fashion Trends, Forecast and Analysis, Design Conceptualization and Range Building, Design Projects in Leather Goods, Garments & Accessory Collection Development, CAD, Leather Goods & Garment Design and Manufacturing Techniques, Leather Goods & Garment Pattern Development and Production Techniques, Classroom and Industrial Design Projects, Business Communication & Presentation Techniques, Product Documentation, Product Photography, Final Design Collection Development and Guided Industrial Internship.

B. Design in Leather Design

  • History of Design
  • Form Studies & development of forms
  • Introduction to Ergonomics
  • Academic Elective
  • SLA: Science, Society and Culture, Image Making /Semiotics, Approaches to Material Culture, Aesthetics, Contemporary concerns, Approaches to Material Culture
  • Material Studies & process
  • Pattern Making & Construction technique
  • Surface development & Material Manipulation
  • Introduction to Photography
  • Digital representation techniques (Illustrator, Photoshop, CAD)
  • Color concepts of fashion
  • Introduction to Costume Design & Draping
  • Manufacturing technologies
  • History of Art
  • Visual Ergonomics
  • Design Projects: Design Project & prototyping, Craft based project, Visual Merchandising & Store Layout, Range presentation following the design process and prototyping in actuals
  • Design Management
  • Academic electives
  • Research Methodology
  • Ergonomics in application to Leather
  • Garment construction
  • Pattern Making II
  • Leather studies & processes
  • Manufacturing systems,
  • Footwear study
  • Ornamentation & Value addition
  • 3D max / Rhino
  • Packaging Design
  • Studio Photography
  • Marketing, Merchandising & Branding

B. Des in Crafts & Design- Soft Material Design

  • Natural Fibers, Paper & Pulp, Yarns & Fabrics, Leather and Mixed media
  • Understanding the functionality and creation of various textiles and materials
  • Design & range development, merchandising, manufacturing, buying, and retail
  • Designing and producing textiles
  • Market knowledge
  • Natural resources available
  • Sustainability,
  • Eco-designs
  • Ease of manufacturing with cultural diversity and expression of crafts
  • Paper designing and Natural Fibre designing
  • Knowledge in relation to design fundamentals, traditional knowledge, IT tools and exposure to the leather/natural fiber/paper/textile designing industry in India

Leather Design: Top Recruiters

Indian Recruiters

International Recruiters

Red Tape,










VF Corporation Aldo,






Hush Puppies,

Lee cooper,


Marks & Spencer,


Nine West,

New Balance,


Rockport, Stacy Adams,

Tod’s, Geox ,

Louis Vuitton

Popular Leather Design Colleges in India

Following are the most popular Leather Design Colleges in India. Learn more about these Leather Design colleges (Courses, Reviews, Answers & more) by downloading the Brochure.
3 Courses
4.5 L - 12.78 L

#5 Shiksha Collections

2 Courses
5.63 L - 12.34 L

#7 Shiksha Collections

2 Courses
6.07 L - 12.34 L

#21 Shiksha Collections

2 Courses
5.45 L - 13.01 L

#22 Shiksha Collections

5.03 L
3 Courses
6.07 L - 12.34 L

Popular Private Leather Design Colleges in India

3.61 L

Top 10 in Karnataka

1 Course
3.6 L
5.4 LPA

Top 20 in India

3 Courses
4.5 L - 12.78 L

#5 Shiksha Collections

2 Courses
5.63 L - 12.34 L

#7 Shiksha Collections

2 Courses
6.07 L - 12.34 L

#21 Shiksha Collections

Popular Leather Design UG Courses in India

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Popular Leather Design PG Courses in India

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