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The Apparel Design course involves technical and artistic creativity of the Fashion Industry, where Apparel Designers need to conceptualize, create as well and monitor the manufacturing of clothes. A person specializing in this stream works in the broad areas of the Apparel Industry such as Ready to Wear, Specialized Fashion, Activewear, Sports Wear, Functional Clothing (clothes specially designed for particular professions), etc.

Students interested in studying Apparel Design can study it at undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma, and certificate levels at fees ranging between INR 4 lakh to INR 8 lakh. The course in Apparel Designing involves studying the history of costumes, fashion designing, science, and liberal arts, design management, fashion art and sketching, production of cloth, apparel  pattern making, different kinds of knitting, computerised aided knitting, trends, and forecasting for apparel, design process, production, and planning, retailing, and marketing. Students aspiring to become Apparel Designer can learn all about the Apparel Designing courses here.

The graduates of Apparel Design can become Apparel Designer, Fashion Forecaster, and Apparel Quality Controller and earn an average salary ranging between INR 6 LPA to 10 LPA.

Latest Updates About Apparel Design Course

The field of Apparel design is dynamic and flexible, providing room for individuality, ingenuity, and invention. A combination of technical proficiency, commercial savvy, artistic talent, and an acute awareness of industry trends are frequently required for success in the area.

Table of Contents
  1. Apparel Design: Highlights
  2. All About Apparel Design 
    • 2.1 Why pursue Apparel Design?
    • 2.2 Who can pursue Apparel Design?
  3. Apparel Design Eligibility Criteria
  4. Popular Apparel Design Exams 2023
  5. Apparel Design Syllabus
  6. Popular Colleges for Apparel Design
    • 6.1 Top Government Colleges for Apparel Design
    • 6.2 Top Private Colleges for Apparel Design
  7. Apparel Design Career, Scope and Job Profiles 
    • 7.1 Job Profiles and Salary after Apparel Design
    • 7.2 Top Recruiters for Apparel Design
  8. FAQs on Apparel Design

Apparel Design: Highlights

The highlights table gives a quick information about the course types, duration, course fee and entrance exams for pursuing Apparel Design course. Candidates can check key points related to the course:

Particulars Details
Course Level Certificate, Diploma, Undergraduate, Postgraduate

For Certificate/Diploma course: 10+2 in any stream

For Undergraduate courses-10+2 in any stream
For Postgraduate courses- Bachelor's degree in design


Certificate: 1 year

Diploma: 3 years

UG: 4 years

PG: 2 years

Examination Type Semester-wise
Course Fee

For UG - Up to 8 lakh

For PG - Up to 5 lakh

Top Colleges

NIFT ChennaiNIFT MumbaiNIFT DelhiNIFT BangaloreNIFT ChennaiNIFT Patna

Average Salary Up to INR 10 lakh
Job Positions Apparel Designer, Fashion Forecaster, Apparel Quality Controller
Entrance Exams

NIFT, UCEED, Pearl Academy Entrance Exam,  IIAD Entrance Exam, etc.

Top Recruiters

Levi's, Raymond, BIBA, Park Avenue, Peter England, Van Heusen

All About Apparel Design 

The process of making clothing and fashion products, such as attire for everyday use, attire for special events, sportswear, and more, is referred to as Apparel Design. It is the job of apparel designers to conceptualize, sketch out, and produce garment designs. Apparel Designers frequently begin by looking into historical fashion, current trends, and cultural influences. Check Popular Apparel Design Colleges in India.

Why pursue Apparel Design?

For those who are passionate about fashion, creative, and have a good eye for detail, a career in Apparel Design can be gratifying and enjoyable. The creation of clothes provides a medium for creative expression, enabling designers to realize their artistic ambitions.

Designers have the chance to produce one-of-a-kind and cutting-edge clothing items that showcase their individuality and ingenuity. There are many industries where apparel designers can find work, such as ready-to-wear, haute couture, sportswear, costume design, and sustainable fashion.

Who can pursue Apparel Design?

Apparel Design suits creative people with a keen sense of style, an attention to detail, and a love of fashion. The capacity to think creatively and generate original design ideas is quite valuable. The fashion business is dynamic and always changing. Success is more likely for those who can change with emerging trends, technology, and consumer tastes. Clothing designers need to be adaptable and willing to try new things. Click to read Apparel Design Online Courses & Certifications.

Apparel Design Eligibility Criteria

The course specialisation in Apparel Designing is offered either as a specialisation or as a core subject of the Fashion Designing course. In India, the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) offers Bachelor of Fashion Technology (BFTech) in Apparel Production, National Institute of Design (NID) offers a Bachelor of Design in Apparel Design, as a part of the Textile Design stream, WLCI School of Fashion offers BA in Fashion Design, Army Institute of Fashion and Design (AIFD) offers BSc in Fashion and Apparel Design.

  • The course in Apparel Designing can be pursued by students who have completed their Class 10+2 level education in any stream from recognised schools affiliated to national/state education boards.
  • As there is no restriction of stream, students from all streams i.e. Science/Commerce/Humanities can pursue an undergraduate course in Apparel Design.
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Popular Apparel Design Exams 2023

These Fashion and Design institutes shortlist candidates for admission in their Apparel Design courses on the basis of entrance tests including Design Aptitude Test or General Ability Test followed by Personal Interview/Studio Tests. To know the complete admission process of these fashion and design institutes for admission to Apparel Design Courses click on the links below:

Most educational institutes shortlist candidates for admission in their Apparel Design course based on a design aptitude test followed by reviewing the candidate’s portfolio and conducting a personal interview round. Some popular Apparel Design entrance exams aspirants should consider giving are:

Name of Exam

Registration Details Exam Details


Begins in Nov 2023 In Dec 2023


Registration open till 31-Dec-2023 21-Jan-2024

NID Entrance Exam

Registration open till 1-Dec-2023 24-Dec-2024


Registration open till 31-Oct-2023 21-Jan-2024

Pearl Academy Entrance Exam

Registration till Jan 2024 Jan 2024

Apparel Design Syllabus

Learning Apparel design entails developing a blend of technical, business, and creative abilities. The Apparel Designing course curriculum is designed to impart technical skills among the students. Apparel design courses enable students to learn the fundamental principles of design, including color theory, balance, proportion, and harmony.

Some common topics that are taught as part of an undergraduate course in Apparel Design are as follows:

Bachelor of Design (BDes) in Apparel  Design

History of Costume and Fashion Design

Design Management Concept Designing

Apparel Quality Procedures and Practices

Fabric Manufacturing and Dyeing Apparel Standard & Quality Control

Auto CAD 

Fashion Research and Forecasting Apparel Production
Bachelor of Fashion Technology in Apparel Production

Apparel manufacturing technology, Information Technology

Quality management Artificial Intelligence

Fundamentals governing aesthetic and design elements

Fundamentals of management

Extensive knowledge of raw materials

BA (Hons) Fashion Design

Drawing Techniques and Processes in Art and Design

Visual Communication in Art and Design

Design Principles

Ideas Generation and Development in Art and Design

CAD/CAM for Fashion and Textiles

Personal and Professional Development

Techniques and Processes in Fashion

Textile Manufacture Production Operations

Pattern Drafting in Fashion

Popular Colleges for Apparel Design

There are many colleges that offer various courses in Apparel Design. Some popular colleges are listed below:

Top Government Colleges for Apparel Design

Candidates can have a look at the table below to know about the best Apparel Designing colleges which are semi-government or government colleges. The colleges have excellent tie-ups with the leather industry. Some of these colleges are as follows:

Institute Total Course Fees in INR
NIFT Bangalore INR 74000- INR12.3 lakh
NIFT Chennai INR 6.1 lakh- INR 12.3 lakh
NIFT Delhi INR 1.1 lakh-INR 12.3 lakh
NIFT Gadhinagar INR 6.1 lakh-INR 12.3 lakh
NIFT Hyderabad INR 6.1 lakh -INR 12.3 lakh
NIFT Kolkata INR 5.5 lakh-INR 12.3 lakh
NIFT Mumbai INR 5.6 lakh-INR 11.7 lakh
NIFT Patna INR 12.3 lakh
NIFT Rae Bareli --
NIFT Kangra INR 6.1 lakh-INR 11.7 lakh

Top Private Colleges for Apparel Design

Candidates can have a look at the table below to know about the best Apparel Design colleges running privately. The colleges have excellent tie-ups with the leather industry. Some of these private colleges are as follows:

Institute Total Course Fees in INR
Acharya Institute of Graduate Studies --
Army Institute of Fashion and Design INR 43600 -INR 6.1 lakh
Garden City University INR 2.1 lakh-INR 3.1 lakh
Hindusthan College of Arts and Science INR 80000- INR 2.1 lakh
IIAD Delhi INR 21.1 lakh
JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore INR 3.6 lakh-INR 7.5 lakh
Kanya Maha Vidyalaya --
Pearl Academy, Mumbai --
St. Teresa's College INR 42000
Vogue Institute of Art and Design INR 6 lakh
Whistling Woods International INR 9 lakh

Apparel Design Career, Scope and Job Profiles 

There are various job profiles one can opt for after completing their UG or PG level courses in Apparel Design. The salary offered in the apparel industry is determined by multiple factors like the Institute from which the student has passed out, the job role selected, academic performance, and practical skills, etc.

Job Profiles and Salary after Apparel Design

Listed below are the average base salary for a few popular job roles in the apparel design industrySome of the job profiles are mentioned below:

Job Profile Job Descrption Average Annual Salary in INR
Apparel Designer An Apparel Designer is involved in designing and maintaining the clothing line of an apparel brand. They create, illustrate designs, patterns, estimate cost of manufacturing and maintain their associated brands' clothing lines.   INR 6 LPA-INR 9 LPA
Fashion Trends Forecasters The fashion industry is ever-changing. Every day a new trend is set. Therefore, as fashion forecasters, they are required to research and analyze the worldwide fashion industry. The fashion forecasters work with fashion designers to identify and create apparel designs that will set the trends in the market. INR 5 LPA-INR 9 LPA
Apparel Quality Controllers The quality controllers are involved in setting standards for the fabric to differentiate original and quality products from faux material.  INR 6 LPA-INR 10 LPA 

Top Recruiters for Apparel Design

There are several channels via which employment in apparel design can be filled, including fashion houses, retail establishments, design studios, and manufacturing corporations. The following are some possible resources and categories of recruiters you may run into in the clothing design industry:

Given below are the top Indian and International recruiters for the Apparel Design aspirants. Also Read Career in Fashion Designing.

Top Recruiters for Apparel Design
Allen Solly Van Heusen Levis
Park Avenue H & M Uniqlo
Marks and Spencer Zara Louis Phillipe

FAQs on Apparel Design

Q. What is Apparel Design?

A. In Apparel Design course one can learn about creating original garments/ clothes. An aaparel designer first makes a sketch of the design, selects the fabrics that are required, decides the pattern, and work in order to make the end-product.

Q. What is the difference between Fashion Designing and Apparel Designing?

A. Fashion Designing is an art of designing clothes, fashion accessories and sometimes footwears etc., whereas Apparel Designers apply knowledge of fabrics, coordinate colors and textures, and monitor quality and fit.

Points of Difference Fashion Designing Apparel Designing
Scope Encompasses the entire fashion industry, including clothing, accessories, and footwear. Focuses specifically on the design of clothing and related items.
Creativity Emphasis Emphasizes creativity and innovation, often involving trendsetting and unique designs. Emphasizes a balance between creativity and practical considerations in clothing design.
Elements Included Includes clothing, accessories (jewelry, handbags), and footwear. Primarily focused on the design of garments, considering factors like pattern making and fabric selection.
Industry Knowledge Requires a comprehensive understanding of fashion trends, textiles, and the fashion industry. Requires knowledge of garment construction, pattern making, and practical aspects of clothing design.
Job Focus Fashion designers may work on a range of items beyond clothing, including accessories. Apparel designers focus specifically on designing various types of clothing.
Practical Aspects Emphasizes aesthetics and trendsetting. May involve conceptual and avant-garde designs. Balances creativity with functionality, comfort, and practical considerations in clothing design.

Q. What kind of courses one need to pursue to be an Apparel Designer?

A.  To be hired as an Apparel Designer one needs to possess courses like BDes in Apparel Design, Bachelor of Fashion Technology in Apparel Design, BSc-FAD, BDes in Fashion Design etc. Full-time courses offered at the undergraduate level are usually of three to four years duration.


Q. What jobs can I get with an Apparel Design degree?

A.  After completing an Apparel Design course, aspirants can become Apparel designer, Fashion marketer, Fashion Trend Forecaster, Retail merchandiser, Quality controller or Stylist.

Job Profile Description Average CTC (INR)
Fashion Designer Creates original clothing designs, considers market trends. INR 3-5 lakhs (entry-level), INR 10 lakhs or more (experienced)
Textile Designer Specializes in creating designs for fabrics, patterns. INR 3-4 lakhs (entry-level), INR 6 lakhs or more (experienced)
Pattern Maker Develops templates for cutting fabric based on design specifications. INR 2-4 lakhs (entry-level), potential for higher based on experience
Fashion Merchandiser Manages buying and selling of clothing, ensures products meet market demand. INR 3-5 lakhs (entry-level), INR 8 lakhs or more (experienced)
Fashion Illustrator Specializes in sketching and illustrating fashion designs. INR 2-4 lakhs (entry-level), potential for higher based on experience
Fashion Coordinator Coordinates various aspects of the fashion design process. INR 3-5 lakhs (entry-level), potential for higher based on experience
Fashion Consultant/Stylist Advises individuals or clients on fashion choices and styling. INR 4-8 lakhs (employed), freelance rates may vary per project

Q. How long does it take to become an Apparel Designer?

A. Candidates pursuing a bachelor's degree in Apparel Design can expect to begin their career three to four years after completing their degree. However, career growth in this field also depends on the specialization chosen. Most Apparel Design graduates work in the apparel manufacturing industry or fashion houses.

A four-year bachelor's degree in fashion design or a comparable discipline is normally required to become an apparel designer. Optional further coursework or specialised training may then be pursued. During this time, networking within the industry, developing a solid portfolio, and obtaining practical experience through internships are all crucial. Depending on a variety of personal criteria, including the degree of education sought, professional aspirations, and the amount of time dedicated to acquiring real-world experience, the process may take four to six years. 

Q. Is Apparel Designing a good career?

A. Apparel Designing is a good career choice for aspirants who are artistic and creative and have good communication and decision-making skills. There are many career opportunities available to aspirants who want to pursue Apparel Design course. For people who have an enthusiasm for fashion, creativity, and design, a career in apparel design can be gratifying and enjoyable.

Nevertheless, personal tastes, professional objectives, and the status of the fashion business at the time all have a role in whether or not it's seen as a "good" vocation. The following elements should be taken into account while assessing a career in  Apparel design:
Creativity and Expression: Through the creation of distinctive and visually appealing garment designs, apparel designers enable people to express their creativity.
Dynamic Industry: Professionals can keep up with the latest trends, technologies, and design techniques thanks to the fashion industry's constant evolution.
Diverse Opportunities: Designers of clothing can find employment in fashion houses, design studios, manufacturing firms, retail, or as independent designers, among other places. 

Popular Apparel Design Colleges in India

Following are the most popular Apparel Design Colleges in India. Learn more about these Apparel Design colleges (Courses, Reviews, Answers & more) by downloading the Brochure.
6 Courses
1.18 L - 12.34 L

Top 20 in India

4 Courses
5.63 L - 11.74 L

Top 20 in India

1 Course
11.43 L

Top 10 in Gujarat

6 Courses
74.34 K - 12.34 L

Top 20 in India

11.56 L

Top 10 in Maharashtra

Popular Private Apparel Design Colleges in India

2 Courses
2.5 L - 7.5 L

Top 10 in Karnataka

14 L
4.02 LPA

Apparel Design Applications open. Apply Now

1.45 L - 6.6 L
2.1 - 3.5 LPA

Top 10 in Karnataka


#12 India Today

4 Courses
40 K - 2.7 L
2 Courses

Popular Apparel Design UG Courses in India

Following are the most popular Apparel Design UG Courses . You can explore the top Colleges offering these UG Courses by clicking the links below.

UG Courses

Popular Apparel Design PG Courses in India

Following are the most popular Apparel Design PG Courses . You can explore the top Colleges offering these PG Courses by clicking the links below.

PG Courses


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