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2 months ago

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Harshit Gupta

Beginner-Level 5

Future web development scopeA. I. Artificial intelligence AI doesn't need wide-open. Almost every internet-related tech article underlines AI's importance to the web. Several companies are already using AI. Even some of them appreciate AI's benefits. In simple AI, computers have human-level intelligence. AI is the grid in recent web development introductions, making consent-based development straightforward. Simply offer layout guidelines without using templates or code. AI makes this operation simpler. So, a web developer must also know about AI and construct an AI developer who knows future needs for a firm where web development is more lik... View More

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a year ago

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3 years ago

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Pritpal Singh

Contributor-Level 10

Actually, all are the best MBA in IT is related to Business IT, In MBA in IT they mainly focus on Business and IT how business is related to IT and in MCA they mainly focus on Computer Application (Information Technology) so the choice is yours where you wish to go MBA in IT or MCA. In BCA The course which mainly focus on theoretical aspects rather than teaching specific technologies which may become outdated in future. The main objective of this course is to prepare students for higher education. Whereas in B.Sc. IT the objectives are Imparting knowledge of computer and programming logic environment in IT. Knowledge of advanced IT applicatio... View More

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4 years ago

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Sakshi Malik

Contributor-Level 6

This can be a tricky decision, whether to pursue a Diploma or a degree in engineering as each of them has their own relevance. A Diploma save your time as it is for the duration of 2 years in case of full-time and 3 years in case of part-time course and after the completion of your Diploma you are required to complete two years of in-service training before you are fully qualified in your field. Whereas a proper degree in engineering would require a long duration of 4-5 years but at the same time would provide a better and in-depth knowledge and understanding of the subject. Engineering is a tough subject as it carries a wide variety of subje... View More

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4 years ago

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4 years ago

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Dinakar Reddy

Beginner-Level 1

We mustly write entrance exam? To admin.

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6 years ago

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sabari Sabaril am single

Beginner-Level 2

robotics is my interest coutse

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