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RITIKA MEHROTRAHy, I am graphic designer

Beginner-Level 5

Practice perspective which the most important as many of those who were with me completed b part got even less marks than me in b part and even I didn't completed my sketching in b part question but focused on perspective which made me pass b part in UCEED.

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9 months ago

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10 months ago

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Atishay Jain

Contributor-Level 6

Firstly noboday is great everybody try to be theri best
good logo design maker need imagination qualities along with deep study of software which he/she will use.

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10 months ago

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10 months ago

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11 months ago

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Anannya Deo

Beginner-Level 1

I cannot produce a non creamy layer Certificate. But I filled form as non creamy candidate. How will this affect my admissions at nift? Will I be disqualified?

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2 years ago

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Animesh RAY

Beginner-Level 1

Yes, because when a man grow design is affected in his face body etc. , and to makeup with his degree,. .

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3 years ago

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syed shaizan

Contributor-Level 8

As a simple answer I would like to tell you that I have seen more scope of web designing when compared to graphic designing.

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4 years ago

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Bhavya Gandhi

Beginner-Level 2

What is the difference between fashion designing and apparel designing?

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5 years ago

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