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12 hours ago

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Monojit Jash

Beginner-Level 3

A BBA course is the perfect choice for Science stream students who want to build their career in the field of management and administration or wish to start their own business. Some of the popular BBA specializations for Science stream students are:
Banking & FinanceMarketing
Human Resource Management
Computer Applications
Information Technology
Hotel Management.

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2 months ago

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Harshit Gupta

Beginner-Level 5

Future web development scopeA. I. Artificial intelligence AI doesn't need wide-open. Almost every internet-related tech article underlines AI's importance to the web. Several companies are already using AI. Even some of them appreciate AI's benefits. In simple AI, computers have human-level intelligence. AI is the grid in recent web development introductions, making consent-based development straightforward. Simply offer layout guidelines without using templates or code. AI makes this operation simpler. So, a web developer must also know about AI and construct an AI developer who knows future needs for a firm where web development is more lik... View More

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7 months ago

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jyoti tomar

Beginner-Level 2

What are few of the top colleges for the same. What is the eligibility criteria to get into the popular ones.

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8 months ago

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Shiksha Ask & Answer
Karthikeya JAMMALAMADUGUStudying in VIT AP

Contributor-Level 9

It depends on your interests and skills in that subject. Think more times before changing. If you have best knowledge in that subject then no problem comes.

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9 months ago

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Shiksha Ask & Answer
Harshita KumariI will complete BALLB International course in 2025

Contributor-Level 10

B.Sc. Will simply lead you to get this degree but B.Sc. Hons will make you knowledgeable in one honours selected subject. So after B.Sc. There are several options that take time but with B.Sc. Hons you can make specialisation and became teacher for that easily even you can use it in several ways such as optional in UPSC for specialisation, for Masters in specific subject even research.

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a year ago

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Piyush Thakur

Beginner-Level 1

Recently, CBSE +2 results have been out. And I got 86% in Arts to clear the SSC Mains. But, I can't!I had heard about Chandigarh University CUCET exam on Social media and through some friends. I decided to attempt the entrance exam for Bachelor of Computer Applications because of my interest in Computer and new technologies in the Digital world. The online booklet with 100 questions and I took less time to all these questions. It took 35-38 days to prepare for CUCET exam and I was able to attain 62% scholarship while taking admissions at Chandigarh University. That's a little story of how I cracked the Chandigarh University Common Entrance Te... View More

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a year ago

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Contributor-Level 8

If you studied Science group in +12 then allied Science course will be a good course to study for your higher studies. If you looking for an allied Science course then Campushunt helps you to get the best college for your higher studies. MVM College of Allied Health Science always is a great place for students to achieve their ultimate goal which addresses social and human needs. The campus life of college students is exciting as they live together and exchange academic as well as socio-cultural knowledge. If you want to know more details then Call 7204289473 else check this Campushunt website for more details.

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3 years ago

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Pritpal Singh

Contributor-Level 10

Actually, all are the best MBA in IT is related to Business IT, In MBA in IT they mainly focus on Business and IT how business is related to IT and in MCA they mainly focus on Computer Application (Information Technology) so the choice is yours where you wish to go MBA in IT or MCA. In BCA The course which mainly focus on theoretical aspects rather than teaching specific technologies which may become outdated in future. The main objective of this course is to prepare students for higher education. Whereas in B.Sc. IT the objectives are Imparting knowledge of computer and programming logic environment in IT. Knowledge of advanced IT applicatio... View More

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3 years ago

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Shiksha Ask & Answer
Rishabh Jain

Beginner-Level 3

Hii, this is the list of few courses which u can do after your 12th with Science stream. 1. MBBS Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery2. BHMS Bachelor of Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery3. B.A. M. S. Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery4. BUMS Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery5. BDS Bachelor of Dental Surgery6. B.Sc. AH (Animal Husbandry) Bachelor of Veterinary Sciences7. B.Sc. Bachelor of Science8. B.Sc. Microbiology Bachelor of Science in Microbiology9. B.Sc. Biotechnology Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology10. B.Sc. Bio Chemistry Bachelor of Science in Bio Chemistry11. B.Sc. Nursing12. BPT Bachelor in Physio Therapy13. B.... View More

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4 years ago

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Shiksha Ask & Answer
Arunav Rajkhowa

Beginner-Level 5

B.Sc programme and B.Sc. honors differ in small ways.
1) A course of honors degree is more rigorous and it gives a student the opportunity to explore a particular subject in a much deeper level. Also, the difficulty level of honors papers is more as compared to the programme papers.
2) When it comes to doing further studies, the institutions give more preference to the students who have a B.Sc honors degree. So my suggestion for you would always be to pursue a honors degree.

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