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a week ago

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Mehar vohra

Beginner-Level 1

Pursue your dreams and anyways MBA z best programme.

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a week ago

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Natalie Smith

Beginner-Level 3

Thapar School of Liberal Arts and Science is one of the best BBA colleges in Punjab, India. It provides proper education to the students for a brighter future. They offers 100% Placements with a good package. So you should definitely try for TSLAS.

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a month ago

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Kanishk Singh

Contributor-Level 7

Hi. Neha. Yes ofcourse while studying BBA programme one can opt for specialisation during course session. Looking for top specialisation programme college I would suggest GIBS Bangalore.

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2 months ago

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Anuradha Kumari

Beginner-Level 5

Hi Neha, The simple distinction is that you could concentrate on a certain subject in BBA (H). While the BBA course offers you an outline of all the topics taught in the honour's course. The course period of BBA (H) is four years. While for general BBA it is of three years.

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3 months ago

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Kanishk Singh

Contributor-Level 7

Hi. Neha. Hi. There. It is totally your choice and future what career aspect you want but here I would suggest you pursue an MBA or PGDM equivalent after your BBA. I think it will be highly beneficial from a long-term perspective. The jobs that you will be offered to you at present will be way different from the jobs that will come your way after an MBA/PGDM. And the scope of growth will after an MBA/PGDM be way different from the growth you can imagine without an MBA/PGDM. Getting an PGDM degree from top colleges like GIBS Bangalore will boost your confidence and enhance your capability. Students who are doing MBA/PGDM learn how to be the be... View More

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5 months ago

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Shiksha Ask & Answer
Adv. Ved VinayakLaw educator at Lex Logic You Tube channel.

Contributor-Level 9

Yes, that's correct quality is undeniably deteriorating. The MBA is currently a common course. The majority of us want to apply for the same job. However, there are currently so many MBA graduates in the nation that we are unable to stand out from the crowd, even after earning an MBA. Additionally, an MBA student frequently loses their employment to a BBA or graduate student. So definitely, urgent development is required otherwise the MBA programme's value will diminish with time.

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7 months ago

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Maulik Singhal

Beginner-Level 5

At this stage, you lack experience and might face several issues while preparing. And mentor does nothing, but add up to your knowledge and experience. I would suggest you go to the mentor, who has experience regarding it and has good bonding with you.

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7 months ago

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jyoti tomar

Beginner-Level 2

What are few of the top colleges for the same. What is the eligibility criteria to get into the popular ones.

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8 months ago

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9 months ago

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Yashika kumari

Beginner-Level 5

Definitely not, it's not good to increase the fee so much.

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