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Career as Engineering Technician

Engineering Technicians assist engineers & scientists in assembly, and repair as well as experiment oriented tasks. Technicians specialize in an engineering discipline or undergo special training for specific industries. Prominent areas for training of technicians are Aeronautical, Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Electronic, Communication, Telecommunication, Industrial, Aeronautics branches as well as air-conditioning and refrigeration, automobile servicing, appliances servicing, computer maintenance and repair. They are trained specifically for the sugar, leather, jute, plastic etc. industry

Job Profile

Career as Engineering Technician

Aeronautical Engineering Technician:

  •  Service, repair, work in manufacturing for production, assembly, development and design
  • They are supervised by engineers
  • In research their task job is to collect and record data, operate test equipment such as simulators, devise testing norms for quality control, fix problems as per mathematical procedures given by engineers,  and  report test data to scientists and engineers
  • Technicians specialize in launch and recovery equipments on aircraft carriers
  • Avionics specialists repair, test, install and maintain radar and radio equipments aboard air crafts and space crafts

Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Technician:

  • Work on systems used for internal temperature & humidity control e.g rooms, halls, structures such as hospitals, theatres, apartment buildings, industries, malls etc.
  • Install, maintain, sell and manufacture air-conditioners and refrigerators
  • They work from the blue print of the equipment they are installing, maintaining or repairing
  • They carry out technical repair operations such as soldering, welding etc. required during installation
  • They service central air conditioning plants, refrigeration systems including commercial machines used in superstores, hotels and food processing industries
  • They identify  problems and troubleshoot

Automobile Servicing Technician:

  • Repair and maintain cars, vans, four wheel drives, trucks etc. In the manufacturing sector they perform on assembly line jobs and in service and repair workshops
  • In the repair workshop the major work involves trouble shooting, as they understand  electrical and mechanical systems of the vehicle
  • They are experts at tuning, brake repair, transmission, electronic components etc.

Appliances Servicing Technician:

  • Install, maintain or repair household gadgets
  • Electrical appliances such as washing machine, cooking range, sewing machines, fans and coolers, toaster etc. require maintenance for which service technicians make service calls

Chemical Engineering Technician:

  • Assist chemical engineers and chemists
  • Chemical technicians specialize in analytical chemistry, biochemistry, nuclear chemistry, physical, organic chemistry or other specialized areas. They assist in research and development, design, production or quality control
  • The routine function is setting up testing apparatus, preparing chemical solutions for use in manufacturing or processing materials
  • They are required to set up a range of highly technical equipments, maintain them, and help operators in the use of such equipment
  • Analytical balances, gas chromatographs, vacuum chambers calorimeters are some examples with which chemical technologists work

Civil Engineering Technician:

  • Work in civil engineering projects - highways, water and sewage facilities, drainage systems, railways, airports, subways, dams, bridges and tunnels
  • The work involves surveying, collecting data, designing, planning, supervision
  • Structural engineering technicians are involved in designing, planning, calculating, preparing draft plans and technical details

Communication/Telecommunication Engineering Technician:

  • Work on communication systems such as office equipments, navigation and flight control systems, signal and telecommunication equipments etc.
  • They  understand  electrical measuring and testing devices, blueprints, circuit diagrams and the use of complex tools and gadgetry with which they work
  • They test, repair, and troubleshoot communication devices

Electronic Engineering Technician:

  • Work with industrial /consumer electronics in- product development, manufacturing, service and maintenance
  • Equipments such as radar, navigational equipments, computers, radio, televisions, stereos, calculators are fabricated, operated, tested, and made operational
  • Change electronic goods, modify circuitry, the fresh entrants install, assemble and maintain electronic equipment
  • Electronic technicians specialize in instrumentation, computers and ancillaries, nuclear reactor electronics, systems testing electronics

Marine Services Technicians:

  • Marine service technicians inspect, maintain and repair marine vessels.
  • They work on marine engines, transmissions, navigational equipment, electrical, propulsion and refrigeration systems.

Mechanical Engineering Technician:

  • Mechanical engineering technicians work in a very wide range of industries since machinery are required in every industry. They work in product manufacturing, fluid mechanics, turbo machinery, energy mechanics to design and develop,  test, manufacture and tool design .

Plastic technicians:

  • Plastic technicians work in research and development, mould and tool making, manufacturing, sales and service

Employment Opportunities

Technicians are employed in all sectors as shop floor workers. They work under the direct supervision of engineers. Employment opportunities are with defence, public sector industries and in private manufacturing units.

  • Aeronautical Engineering Technician: They are principally employed by airlines, government production units, Airport authority and in research organisations
  • Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Technician:  Opportunities for work exist in manufacturing industries, with maintenance contractors, distributors, dealers, or utility companies
  • Automobile Servicing Technician
  • Appliances Servicing Technician: Household appliances are increasing day by day. Servicing technician hence, have many opportunities in working for installation, maintenance or repair of these gadgets
  • Chemical Engineering Technician:  Their employment and work is almost universally with the chemical and associated industries where chemicals are used. Industries where typically chemical technicians work are in paints, plastics, fertilisers, detergents, synthetic fibres, industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, aerospace, metals, electronics, automotive and construction industries
  • Civil Engineering Technician: They work in a range of civil engineering projects – highways, water and sewage facilities, drainage systems, railways, airports, subways, dams, bridges and tunnels
  • Communication/Telecommunication Engineering technician: work with railways, defense, telecommunication installations etc.
  • Electronic Engineering Technician: Electronic engineering technicians work with industrial /consumer electronics in one of the following areas – product development, manufacturing, service and maintenance
  • Mechanical Engineering Technician: Mechanical engineering technicians are employed in a very wide range of industries since machinery are required in every industry

How do I get there?

  • Std X

    Science subjects

  • Diploma

    Technical course

  • Goal

    Engineering Technician

Technicians are trained through diploma programmes offered in Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs), Vocational Training Institutes or Professional Institutes. Professional Trade workers and Diploma holders may upgrade their qualifications by acquiring membership of professional organizations such as the Institution of Engineers, Institution of Electronic & Telecommunication Engineers, Aeronautical Society of India, or by pursuing a post diploma part time / full time degree course in the discipline of their specialization.

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