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Career as Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is also known as AME is a licensed aircraft Maintenance course which carries out or certifies Aircraft Maintenance. The license is recognized widespread internationally and is recognized by the international civil Aviation Organisation. India has successfully spread its network through Aviation worldwide and now already has become the world 3rd largest sector in Aviation. Previously, due to the shortage of AME, career opportunities as an Aviation engineer would be beneficial and bring a lot of opportunities for candidates to learn and explore the field and gain knowledge. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering specially deals with proper maintenance and repair of the aircraft including engines, overhaul, modification, inspection, replacements, and detecting troubleshoot etc. AME has to deal with every small detail and should be quick enough to identify the problem and implement a solution before giving a green signal for the flight to take off.

Job Profile

Career as Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

The nature of the jobs in AME provides a strong career-building opportunity that many dream of. Offering one of the most prestigious jobs in India, it offers plenty of other fields to explore that you won't get otherwise. One of the most valued jobs and scopes as an AME are mentioned below:

  1. Airlines: There are plenty of big companies in India or abroad that hire a licensed AME for solving issues and analyze all the details regarding the aircraft. 
  2. Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) Companies: These are the companies that specialize in the maintenance of jet engines, landing gears etc. and to maintain the action and keep things running smoothly they also hire AME. 
  3. Parts Manufacturing Companies: To build an Aircraft, a lot of parts are required. To build and analyze those parts, a highly trained AME is required to help them or modify them to get built. 
  4. Operation Organizations: ICAO, EASA etc. are some of the Aircraft Operation Organizations that deal explicitly with wellbeing and safety of Civil Aviation. For safety measures and a final check, The AME's are hired. 
  5. Civil Defence Forces: There are plenty of Aircrafts available that the Defence uses for their daily tasks. The defence aircrafts are also monitored and maintained by AME. 

Future Growth Prospects and How to Get There Faster

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is also a branch of engineering that provides some more and better career opportunities in the field of Engineering. India is one of the fastest-growing countries in the world in terms of technologies and has seen tremendous growth in the field of Civil Aviation. So it's a high time to choose a career path wisely and work towards it more as the opportunities as the Aircraft engineer are limitless. If you have proper knowledge and training with a licence, you can easily get selected by one of the top Airlines companies in India or anywhere in foreign countries.

Some of The Top National Recruiting Companies in India Right Now are

  1. Air India
  2. IndiGo
  3. Spice Jet
  4. Go Air
  5. Vistara
  6. Air Asia
  7. Alliance Air
  8. Blue Dart 

MRO and Other Organizations

  1. Air India Limited 
  2. Air Works India
  3. Arrow Aviation Services
  4. Blue Dart Aviation Services
  5. Cochin International Aviation Services

Top Global recruiting Organizations 

  1. All Nippon
  2. Cathay Pacific
  3. Etihad Airways 
  4. Singapore Airlines
  5. Japan Airlines

Pros and Cons of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer


  • Plenty of fields in the Aviation department to find a job 
  • You can enjoy limitless benefits as an employee of a commercial Airline. 
  • You will always find an opportunity for overtime if you need it.



  • Sometimes an AME has to work under immense pressure and responsibilities 
  • Workload and work shifts may increase
  • Depending on the place, money may not be what you are hoping for.

How do I get there?

The candidates who desire to seek a career in AME should fulfil the required criteria mentioned below 

  1. A candidate should pass 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics or equivalent AICTE approved for three years engineering diploma in any of the stream/ or should pass any higher education degree from Science stream with Physics as main. 
  2. The candidates who are eligible for B. Tech courses are also eligible for taking admission in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. 
  3. Candidates must pass the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering common entrance test (AME CET). After successfully clearing their entrance examination according to ALL India ranking, they will get admitted to some of the top AME institutes approved by DGCA. 
  4. A candidate must fall in the Age group of 16-28 years at the time of admission. 
  5. Candidate must have minimum qualifying marks of 45% in 10+2 PCM for taking admission in AME
  6. A candidate must not be colour blind or with any physical disability.

How much does it cost to study AME?

The AME course fees depend on the institute on which the candidate will take admission either in India or Abroad. The course for pursuing AME is of 4-year duration. The first two years are entirely academic. A candidate must pay an amount of approx 3-5 Lakh. After completing the academic year, the next two year will be focussed solely on developing training and practical knowledge for which a candidate need not have to pay any fees and will get a salary of Rs. 20,000 per month during their internships. The hostel fees in the institution are very basic. Each student will also have to pay an additional semester fee of Rs. 25,000- 40,000/- per month.

What are the colleges/Institutes where one should be studying to pass Aircraft Maintenance Engineering?

Some of the best institute for AME which are approved by DGCA are mentioned below:


                                Name of college

Fees (in Rs)


Star Aviation Academy, Gurgaon

Rs 3 30 Lakh


Southern College of Engineering and Technology, Kerala

Rs 2.70 Lakh


Regional Institute of Aviation, Kerala

Rs 1 Lakh


JRN Institute, New Delhi

Rs 3 Lakh

Books and Study Materials for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Some of the books that can help you to clear the exam for AME are listed below:

  1. Aircraft Maintenance Manual or Service Manual
  2. Fundamentals of Aircraft Maintenance
  3. Turbine Aeroplane Structure and Systems
  4. Illustrated Parts catalogue
  5. Overhaul Manual

What if this career doesn't work out for me? What are the other options available for a person with these credentials?

This is one of the best career options available in India right now to serve the Aviation Industry with respect and a secure career build option. But, there are also plenty of other jobs available that you can try if this field doesn't work out for you are working in a bank, pursue B tech, Railways, Teaching, etc.  

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