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Career as Homeopath

Homoeopathy is based on the chemical principal of ‘similar similibus curentur’ which means let likes be cured by likes. This is an alternative form of treatment which is non invasive and very different from the allopathic form.

Job Profile

Career as Homeopath
  • Diagnosis based on complete history of the disease in the patient as well as on an understanding of the patient’s temperament, personality and food habits
  • Treatment is given based on the diagnosis and the medication is mild and in minute quantities
  • Investigation and treatment does not involve any invasive procedures
  • The treatment gives importance to increasing the body’s immune system while removing the genesis of the illness
Homeopaths offers treatment for chronic conditions which is in the allopathic form of medicine may require surgical intervention.

Employment Opportunities

Government Medical Services (CGHS), State dispensaries, autonomous bodies, voluntary organizations , private practice, teaching .

Recruiting Sectors

  • CGHS
  • Clinics
  • Homeopathic medical colleges
  • Medical centres welfare clinics


How do I get there?

  • Std XII

    Stream: Science PCB

  • Graduation


  • Goal


*Homeopathy is 5½ year course which includes one year internship.

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