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Career as Film/ TV Producer

Film Production process goes through three stages: Pre-production, Production and Post-production. A typical crew includes cameraman/woman, Director of Cinematography, Production Manager, Designer, Location Manager, Production Runner, Production Buyer, Property Manager, Assistants, Script Supervisor, Boom Operator, Art Director and Set Dresser.

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Career as Film/ TV Producer

The roles and responsibilities of people involved in making a film often overlap and coincide, depending on the type of film being made. The number of people involved depends on the type of film. Feature films have a larger crew while documentaries have a smaller crew. Technical staff do all types of films, commercials, feature and even independent productions.

Film producer

  • Conceives the idea for the film
  • Obtains the rights to the intellectual property if it is a book or script, or oversees the writing of an original screenplay
  • Manages the  financing for the film
  • Hires the director
  • Decides the cast
  • Identifies suitable locations
  • Hires the crew
  • Keeps the production within the budget
  • Monitors the day-to-day progress of the film
  • Controls the organization and finances of the film and is the final authority on all practical matters.

Production manager

  • Works under the producer
  • Is responsible for the overall organization of the picture
  • Helps to manage the day-to-day problems of filming

Production assistants/ co-ordinators.

  • Are responsible for all the administration needed for a film such as making hotel and flight bookings for crews, arranging time schedules, dealing with shipments of film and equipment when filming abroad etc

Employment Opportunities

Film studios
Television production firms

Recruiting Sectors

Film Studios

How do I get there?

  • Std XII


  • Graduation

    Any/ Mass communication

  • Professional...

    Film Production/ MA Mass Comm

  • Work Exp/App...

    Film Production 

  • Goal

    Film production

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