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Career as Public Relations Officer

Public relations (PR) personnel present their organization in the best possible light, so their objectives, policies or services have positive appeal. They are responsible for corporate communication to maintain a balanced public image of the corporate's performance. Corporate communications departments play a vital role in policy planning as well as in maintaining mutual understanding within the organization.

Job Profile

Career as Public Relations Officer
Corporate Public Relations personnel
  • Carry out problem analysis for clients or management, set goals, and plan PR activities within an agreed budget
  • Compile reports, issue press statements, prepare speeches/articles, publish newsletters, brochures, annual reports, leaflets and commission audio tape, film and video production
  • Control and liaison with media
  • Keep updated on all fast global communication mediums
  • Organize and attend interviews, meetings, presentations and conferences, events, press launches, news conferences, exhibitions, trade fairs, etc
  • Coordinate market research surveys, interviews and opinion polls
PR Consultancy
  • Undertake the PR function of different types of clients, e.g., corporate, financial, consumer, business to business, public affairs, etc. to carry out the functions mentioned above
P R Agencies
  • Resemble Ad agency in structure and has Client servicing, Media, and Research departments
  • Client servicing handles clients accounts for all PR services
  • Devise PR strategy based on the complete understanding of the clients operations and goals
  • Manage liaison with the media, issue press briefs, make media presentations, coordinate with various mediums of communication
  • Provide public relation counsel
  • Research and conduct surveys
  • Crisis management

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Employment Opportunities

  • Corporate organizations
  • Public sector enterprises
  • Government information departments
  • Hotels
  • Tourism departments
  • Guest relations departments
  • Private consultancies
  • Financial institutions
  • With political leaders and public figures
  • Indian Information Service

How do I get there?

  • Std XII

    Stream:Hum/ Com

  • Graduation

    Social Sc*/Com/PR**

  • Professional...

    Dip*** Public Relations

  • Goal

    Public Relations Officer

*Graduation in Psychology/ Mass Communication/ Management/ sociology or any related subject can be followed by a diploma in Public relations/Management/Advertising to enter the profession.

**Public relations at the graduate level is a full-time 3 year degree course

***Diploma courses are of one year duration and selection is generally made through a written test which is a test of communication skills. Placement with a PR firm for short duration often constitutes a part of the course

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