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Career as Social Worker

Social work is an academic and professional discipline of Arts and Humanities, which mainly facilitates the welfare of the individual, communities, and societies. Starting your career as a helping profession is helpful in improving the overall well-being of society. Many people are eager to take Social Work as their profession. Practising professionals with a degree in the field is helpful for carrying social work. Most people want to bring a change in society as well as in the lives of people. When you are interested in uplifting the living standards of people, then picking the right career opportunity would be a great option. Social Work Graduate programs such as the BSW course or Bachelor of Social Work is most helpful for attaining the proper career. Social work is mainly related to helping people, groups, or even communities.

Job Profile

Career as Social Worker

With the higher scope in social work becoming limitless in the country, there is a wide opportunity for the people who pursue the course. Equipping yourself with the BSW degree program and skills, it is the most significant option for easily finding more job opportunities in many organizations. In fact, you could also easily get employed as soon as you complete your graduation. You have more scope in the

  • Youth Serving Organizations

  • Medical Clinics

  • Schools

  • Hospitals

  • Nursing Homes

  • Mental health agencies

  • NGOs

In the near future, there are a number of opportunities for those who have completed the degree program in the field. Social work is generally a vast discipline, so it would be a much more simple option for finding more job opportunities. Social workers have large working areas and are not limited to anything. They especially serve the individual or even a large group. The Social Worker has the right to work in the Disaster Management Departments, Old Age Homes, and many others. Social Workers also have the work option in the local and state level events. Some of the important job titles in the field are:

  • Social Worker

  • Labour Welfare Specialist

  • Social Security Officer

  • Criminology Specialist

  • Teacher

  • Counselor

A social worker has the skills to work in a wide range of areas. They have been trained to help the infants or even old age people. Based on their different areas of specialty, they would get various posts as public servants in agencies, community centers, government agencies, and many others. 

Roles and Salary

As there is a higher demand for social workers in the modern-day, it is quite a convenient option for getting a good amount of salary. The most important roles of social workers are:

  • Helps people of all ages

  • Improves their health and well-being

  • Builds trusting relationship with service users

  • Managing and organizing the support plans

  • Supports physical and mental development of children

  • Supports people for improving their financial position

  • Helps others who are in need of help

  • Helps clients to come up with problems

  • Handles any situation arises - child abuse or mental health emergencies

  • Provides psychotherapy services

The average salary for a social worker in India can be expected between Rs 2 to 3 lakh per Annum. The average salary of a Social worker In the USA will be more than $42k per annum. 

How do I get there?

  • For Bachelor Of Social Work (BSW)

Students who like to pursue the Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) need to have the eligibility criteria such as 10+2 passed with Arts, Commerce, or Science stream from the recognized board. Social workers who like to study the course are especially required to have a professional career in this field. These courses play a vital role in the upliftment of underprivileged and poor.

  • For Master Of Social Work (MSW)

Candidates who are mainly eligible for pursuing the Master of Social Work (MSW) need to complete graduation from a recognized institute. Aspirants need to pursue the Bachelors in Social Work (BSW) course. Or the Aspirant is required to have the appropriate experience in the field, such as Sociology, Psychology, Social Work, or any others. 

Courses in Social Work

To start to care for Social Work, it is most important to attain at least a Bachelor Degree in this field. Many colleges and universities are available in India to offer various bachelor and master courses.

  • Bachelor Courses

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) is a three year duration course suitable for starting your career in the field. Students are required to pass the 12th from recognized institutions. Students could pursue the course as a full-time, correspondence, or even distance education. With completing the course, you could easily opt for Master courses such as MSW.

  • Master Courses

MA In Social Work Or Master Of Social Work (MSW)

The MSW or Master of Social Work is the Post Graduate Academic Degree suitable for those who pursue the UG. MSW has a duration of 2 academic years with 4 semesters. For this course, the students are required to have a Graduate degree in Social work. Only the eligible candidates could easily apply for the course. Bachelor’s degree holders in Commerce, Management, Arts, and Science can easily apply for the course. MA in Social Work or Master of Social Work (MSW) is available as a full-time course, correspondence, and distance education.

BSW courses mainly train the students and improve their skills to become a professional social worker. Of course, it is helpful for transforming the students into social workers. BSW course especially trains the students in terms of

  • Social sciences

  • Sociology

  • Public health

  • Community development

  • Law

  • Psychology

  • Political science

  • Economics

  • Counseling

  • Family education

Course Duration and Fees

The academic program for the Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) will be 3 years long.



Full Form

Bachelor of Social Work


Course Duration of Bachelor of Social Work [BSW] is 3 Years.



Minimum Percentage


Subjects Required

10+2 equivalent from Recognized Education Board

Average Fees Incurred

Rs 7000 - 30,000 per annum

Similar Options of Study


Average Salary Offered

Rs 2.45 per annum


Some of the important subjects for the BSW curriculum are listed below - 

  • Foundation course in Humanities and Social sciences

  • Foundation course in Science and Technology

  • Foundation course in English or Hindi

  • Introduction to Social Work

  • Introduction to Family Education

  • Introduction to HIV/AIDS

  • Social Work Intervention with Communities

  • Substance Abuse

  • Counseling

  • Social Work Intervention with Institutions

  • Humanities & Social Science

  • Methodology to Understand Social Reality

  • The emergence of Social Work

  • Science & Technology

  • Basic Concepts of Social Psychology

  • Psychology Concepts of Human Behaviour

  • The relevance of Psychology in Social Work

  • Introduction to Social Case Work

  • Approaches in Social Work

  • Empowerment of Women

  • Sexual Health Education

  • Factual Information on Substance Abuse, Relevance & Implications

  • Cognitive & Psychoanalytical Techniques

  • Role of NGOs

  • Developing Skills & Competencies for Intervention of Strategies

  • Cultural & Social Values in Family Life

  • Social work (Individuals and groups)

  • Social work (Communities and Institutions)

  • Family Education

  • Fieldwork

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