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P Mittal

Contributor-Level 10

BBA studies are best pursued at Chandigarh University. The environment here focuses on student growth and assists pupils in becoming more knowledgeable.
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Vinay kr Pandey Simple but significant

Guide-Level 15

Fee for MBA in SIBM Pune, 2020 and 2021 for the 1st Year is INR 11,32,200 (INR 5,83,600 in the first instalment and 5,48,600 for the second instalment)
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Manisha Jethwani

Beginner-Level 3

No. Not unless you're planning to do your MBA from IIM or any other private university, that requires you to have a certain presentage in your final year of graduation.
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Mohit Dhakad

Contributor-Level 6

Check the list of faculty on the college official website. I think you may get the details as because every faculty details are not given on college official site. Do contact with the student who are pursuing this course.
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Divya vani

Contributor-Level 10

The cut-off of DU JAT of previous years is available on this page below. Latest Updates: DU JAT 2021 Cutoff for College of Vocational Studies.
Please visit:
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pradeep kumar Sr. Section Engr(Design)

Scholar-Level 18

As per the information available on SIBM website, The Commencement of Programme will be from June 11, 2022. Please visit
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Hrishabh Sahu Live ambitious Life...

Contributor-Level 10

Just go through this link and fill out the required details: