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Career as Air Hostess

The job of an Air Hostess is one of the most lucrative and sought-after among the younger generation, especially girls. Their job is to ensure a comfortable journey of the passengers, coordinate with the pilot and ensure everyone’s safety. The job of an Air Hostess is glamorous. They get to travel to cities and countries with good incentives from airline companies. With the advent of more security concerns, the job as an air hostess has become more demanding. Also, the government of India is promoting air travel by constructing airports all across the country. This will boost the aeronautics industry, and the demand for Air Hostesses will sky-rocket. Under the UDAN scheme of the Indian government, around 100 more airports are slated to become operational in the next five years.

Job Profile

Career as Air Hostess

The job of an Air Hostess ranges from handling the passengers to helping the pilot in times of distress. They need to greet all the passengers upon boarding and while de-boarding the flight. The job of maintaining order and peace during the travel, serving meals, helping the passengers in case of any medical emergency and also the pilot if the situation demands. Their mental sturdiness should be such that they can tackle any untoward incident. Calmness and clear thinking are a must.


The career of an Air Hostess for in-flight duties is short. It spans for a maximum of 12-15 years. After that, they are allotted ground duties, training roles and management roles. So, one cannot expect to be an in-flight air hostess till retirement.


Air Hostesses are handsomely paid. The salary starts from Rs 30K/month for the domestic airlines and can reach up to Rs 1lakh/month for international airlines. Additionally, they are paid free lodging in their de-boarding cities, free medical insurance, retirement benefits, discounted flight tickets and several other perks.

Future Growth Prospects and How to get there faster

The career of an Air Hostess is short. So, starting early is always better. Get yourself enrolled for a training course just after your 10+2. Invest time in getting certifications in foreign languages. Also, keep yourself fit. You should be a pro at simulations as they will help you earn points during placement.

However, once you are retired from in-flight services, you need to rethink your career. You can continue for the ground duties. You can also work as a trainer in Air Hostess training institutes. Alternatively, you can opt for higher studies and restart a different career.

Pros and Cons of an Air Hostess


  • You get to meet lots of people, travel to new cities and have new experiences.
  • You earn handsomely during your career.
  • The perks and incentives are large.


  • The working hours are hectic.
  • The career is short. You cannot continue for long in this field.
  • You will have to deal with all types of people. Some of them turn out to be rude, insensitive and impolite too.

How do I get there?

To be an Air Hostess, the basic requirement is to be at least 10+2. There are courses at PG level too, but those demand graduation as the minimum qualification. There are three types of courses for Air Hostesses. They are:

  • Certificate Course: These are of 6months -1 year duration. The candidate has to be at least 10+2. This is one of the most popular courses among girls who want early entry in the airlines industry.
  • Diploma Course: It is also of 6 month -1 year duration, but it involves a higher level of practical training.
  • Postgraduate Course: The minimum requirement for this course is graduation in any stream. It is of 1-year duration. Usually, students from hotel management or allied fields prefer this course as they already have an idea of this sector.

The candidate is required to clear the written test, GD/PI to be selected for this course. After the selection, they are required to undergo training by the aircraft company.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the training varies with the institute and the course. Usually, it costs between 50K to 1 lakh. However, once placed in an airline, the stipend makes it economical. Also, the major effort is required in getting placed. Merely getting trained is not enough.

What are the top training institutes where one should be studying to become an Air Hostess?

The major air hostess training academies are:

  1. Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training, New Delhi
  2. Universal Aviation Academy, Chennai
  3. The Bombay Flying Club’s Aviation Academy, Mumbai
  4. Indira Gandhi Institute of Aeronautics, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Ghaziabad, Ahmedabad
  5. PTC Aviation Academy, Chennai & Bangalore

Books and other Study material

If you want to excel in this field, reading these books can be beneficial: 

  • Cruising Attitude by Heather Poole
  • Looking Skyward: Turn Your Flight Attendant Dream Into Reality by Abbie Unger
  • Introduction to Cabin Crew by Beverley Goodman
  • English for Cabin Crew by Terence Gerighty

What if this career does not work out for me? What are the other career options for a person with these credentials?

If you fail to enjoy this career, other options are always open. You can work as a trainer in the air hostess training institutes. You can also work as a travel consultant, career consultant and personal assistant. The training equips a student to work in the hotel industry as well.  You can continue in the airline industry, albeit a different role in ground staff, training staff and management staff. 

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