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Career as General Manager

General Managers lead the people in an organization. They set goals and targets, delegate work, motivate and inspire people to maximize outputs and ensure smooth functioning.

Job Profile

Career as General Manager
  • Use their knowledge and understanding of all the specific jobs to guide subordinate staff
  • Use their knowledge of human relations to understand people and work effectively with them
  • Use their conceptual skill to understand the relationships between various departments of the organization to act as a leader with a vision
  • Assigns responsibility and holds people responsible for their tasks
  • Strives to keep the morale and energy levels high of his team
  • Maintains work effectiveness and resolves issues that may arise
  • Makes strategic decisions, allocates resources and keeps a close watch on market trends
  • Are responsible for managing a specific department in a corporation or for managing the whole corporate

Employment Opportunities

  • All corporate's
  • Banks and Financial institutions
  • Public sector units
  • Private enterprises
  • Publishing houses
  • Hotels
  • Travel sector
  • Internet businesses
  • Aparna Group of Companies
  • Maharashtra State Electricity Company
  • U Flex Ltd.

How do I get there?

  • Std. XII

    Any subject

  • Graduation


  • Post Graduation


  • Profile


  • Goal

    General Manager*

* Marketing/ Finance/ Accounts/ Supply Chain/ Accounts/ Human Resource/ Operations/ Production

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