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Shivang agarwal

Contributor-Level 9
You will find all the true and authentic information about your college here.
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Dr. Amit Verma

Contributor-Level 7

Dear Mr. Tarun, Please consider Chandigarh University for your mechanical engineering studies if you want to pursue your degree from one of India's top-ranked institutes of higher learning. Chandigarh University is an NAAC-A+ rated institution that i... View More
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Shiksha Ask & Answer
Vinay kr Pandey Simple but significant

Scholar-Level 16

Hello,NIT Calicut placements 2021 recorded decent numbers in terms of placement percentage and salary numbers. The total placement percentage during NIT Calicut placements 2021 was 87.28%. For more information please visit View More
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Manish Uppu

Beginner-Level 5

You may get into NIT CALICUT, but to get into BITs you have to write BITS entrance exam.
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Sagar sahani

Beginner-Level 1

You should choose NIT Calicut Mechanical because the priority of this college is high and good companies or opportunities you will get in this NIT.
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Shiksha Ask & Answer
Ajay Jakhar

Beginner-Level 3

Here is the cutoff information for M.Sc in Chemistry-
EWS- 30
OBC - 29
Open - 33.33
ST- 10.33
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Shiksha Ask & Answer
Ishan Aditya

Contributor-Level 10

As per my opinion, B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering at TKM College is better than B.Tech In Biotechnology at NIT Kozhikode. CSE is in higher demand than Biotechnology in today's Digital World.
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Shivang agarwal

Contributor-Level 9

It all depends on the institute cutoff. No one can be certainly say anything about it.