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Prakhar Gupta

Beginner-Level 2

No, definitely not this case. This can't happen here because the faculty treats everyone equally.
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Sumit Bhatt

Beginner-Level 1

Hello! Dear Nigam,Hope you are doing well. I will provide you with an overview on the basis of ranks for NIT Rourkela for your course particularly. Cutoff ranks vary from one category to another category every year. So, here are the details, what ran... View More
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Piyush Tripathi

Guide-Level 13

Use the siksha college predictor link to get real information.
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khushal .

Contributor-Level 6

It depends on your interest in ECE or It if you are not sure about it. I recommend you to go with ECE as around 70% of companies allows ECE students to sit in IT placements, moreover. ECE is also known as evergreen branch as you can apply for IES exa... View More
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Vignesh Balakrishnan Mind is a battlefield, be its commander

Contributor-Level 7

Hello Pallavi.Although you seem to meet the academic eligibility, I'm not sure about your entrance test scores. However, you can use this tool to predict your offer at NIT Rourkela - Feel free to approach me... View More
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konatham Abhishek HeLpINg HaNd FiRsT

Scholar-Level 16

Hey DiptrupNIT Rourkela uses a valid score in any entrance exam such as CAT / XAT / CMAT / MAT for selecting the candidates for the MBA program. Applicants must have 60% or 55% in case of SC/ST in the qualifying degree to apply for the NIT Rourkela a... View More
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Hrishabh Sahu Live ambitious Life...

Contributor-Level 10

Hey prasanjit just go through this link and fill out the required details
College predictor in shiksha