MPPSC 2022 question on Kashmir sparks controversy; Paper setter banned

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Anum Ansari
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Updated on Jun 21, 2022 15:23 IST

Controversy has arisen over a question on Kashmir asked during the MPPSC State Service and Forest Service Preliminary Examination.


MPPSC 2022: A question asked in Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC)’s State Service and Forest Service Preliminary Examination conducted on June 19, 2022 is gathering a lot of attention. Controversy has arisen over a question on Kashmir asked during the examination.

A statement and logic-based question in sets A, B, C and D of the preliminary examination asked, 'Should India decide to give Kashmir to Pakistan?' The question was followed by two arguments:

Argument 1: Yes, this will save India money.

Argument 2: No, such a decision will lead to a further increase in similar demands.

The four answer options were:

A- Argument 1 is strong.

B- Argument 2 is strong.

C- Argument 1 and Argument 2 are both strong.

D- Both Arguments 1 and 2 are not strong.

The controversial question did not take much time to go viral. Social media platforms got flooded with tweets criticizing the question and the sensitivity around it.


MPPSC Paper Setter relieved from duty

With increasing controversy around the sensitive question, the Public Service Commission sent a notice to the MPPSC paper setter and banned all of his work.

In the letter sent to the paper setter, the commission flagged the above question, "Question No. 48 of Set A, Question No. 11 of Set B, Question No. 36 of Set C, and Question No. 31 of Set D" and called it controversial.

It further added that MPPSC paper setter had "not complied with the schedule".

"Therefore, considering it in the category of misconduct, you are debarred by the commission from all the work of the commission for the future," the letter said. 

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