10 Career Options in Beauty Industry

10 Career Options in Beauty Industry

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Beauty industry is one the fast-growing industries in India. With the rise in the industry, the demand for beauty professionals is also increasing. Here in the article, we have listed 10 popular career options in the beauty industry. Read the article to in detail about these beauty jobs.

10 Career Options in Beauty Industry

Career in Beauty Industry

Beauty industry is becoming one of the booming sectors in the current era. The scope in the field is wide. Candidates aspiring to make a career in the beauty industry need to first pursue a suitable course as per their interest and eligibility. The beauty industry offers a wide range of courses including short-term, certificate, regular, foundation and advanced courses. Candidates who aspire to start a career as a beautician or related profiles need to hone their skills by opting for a course related to beauty. In the article below, we have shared a long list of courses available in the beauty industry which will help you choose the right career in the beauty field.  


They are usually licensed skincare professionals who are responsible for responsible for offering services like skin treatments, hair removals, facials and other beauty related services to clients. Aestheticians are also known as Estheticians and they work in coordination of dermatologists, clinics, spas etc. The other responsibilities of an aesthetician are to evaluate clients skin condition, providing treatment, managing clients etc.  

Desired skillsets for Aestheticians

Skillsets for Aesthetician

People Skills 

Interpersonal skills 

Communications skills 



Customer Services 

Time management 

Makeup Artist

They are beauty practitioners, whose role is to provide makeup services to clients. Their main role is to create different looks for clients, creating various looks of movie stars for their movie characters. They are also responsible for enhancing facial aesthetics with the help of makeup. They work in beauty salons, with actors at movie sets, films etc. They also use various techniques to provide fine quality makeup like FX prosthetics.  

Desired skills for Makeup Artists

Skillsets Makeup Artist

Communication Skills 

Interpersonal Skills 


Time Management 

Active Listening 

Listening skills 




A hairstylist role includes giving haircuts, using advanced hair cutting techniques, hair colouring, hair treatments, hair masks. Their responsibilities also include shampooing, cleaning, trimming etc. They provide consultation to clients, meet their requirements and also suggest hair treatments, hair style as per client's requirements. They may also suggest hair products to clients. 

Desired skills for Hairstylist

Skillsets for Hairstylist

Technical Skills 

Ability to deal with clients 

Listening skills 


Aware of latest trends 


Massage Therapist 

The role of a massage therapist includes providing therapeutic massages to clients to provide relaxation, improve blood circulation, for pain relief etc. Massage therapists usually work in spas, clinics, resort, sport therapy clinics and other similar places. Massage therapy includes various types of treatments like infrared lamp treatments, herbal therapies, oil therapies etc.  

Desired skillsets for Massage Therapist 

Skillsets for Massage Therapist

Excellent Communication Skills 

Active Listening Skills 


Time Management Skills 



Commitment to Self-Care 

Nail Technician 

The nail art profession is another fast growing and trending profession in the current time. The demand for nail technicians is quite high these days and there is much career scope in the field. The role of a nail technician is to create nail arts and provide nail extension services to clients. They are responsible for decorating clients’ fingers and toenails with beautiful art. They also provide nail treatments to clients. 

Desired skills for Nail Technician

Skillsets for Nail Technician

People skills 

Good hand-eye co-ordination 

Interpersonal skills 

Listening skills 

Friendly attitude 


Good communication skills 

Good hand skills 

Laser Hair Removal Technician 

Permanent hair removal has become a trend these days. Both men and women prefer permanent hair removal nowadays. This technique not just helps in hair removal but treatment of excess hair growth disorder treatment. The technicians use laser techniques to remove hair permanently. 

Desired Skills for a Laser Hair Removal Technician

Skillsets for Laser Hair Removal Technician

Patient relations skills 

Ability to work independently 

Technically sound 

Ability to work for long hours 

Aware about latest technics 

Aware about medical techniques 

Beauty writer 

If you have good writing skills and love to create beauty content then this is the best profession for you. Beauty writers, also known as beauty influencers, are responsible for creating the latest, trendy, beauty blogs, articles, reviews about beauty products. They are professionals who also create videos for different social media platforms etc. They also provide beauty tips through their articles or videos. 

Desired Skills for a Beauty Writer

Skillsets for Beauty Writer

Writing skills 

Social media savvy 


Feature writing skills 

Research skills 

SEO knowledge 

Understand google analytics 


Strong vocabulary 


Salon Manager 

Salon managers are the people involved in managing the beauty professional at a salon. They are skilled and experienced people. They are responsible for managing the entire beauty professionals, nail artists, beauticians and others in salon. They are highly organised and provide work-related guidance to clients, the beauty professionals in the salon.  

Desired Skills for a Salon Manager

Skillsets for Salon Manager


Aware about work ethics 




Problem solving 

Team work 

Management skills 

Plastic Surgeon 

Plastic surgeons are responsible for altering their client's appearance with the help of surgery. Different types of plastic surgery include mammoplasty, rhinoplasty, liposuction, blepharoplasty, rhytidectomy etc. They are also responsible for providing proper guidance to their customers related to advantages and disadvantages of plastic surgery. 

Desired Skills for a Plastic Surgeon 

Skillsets for Plastic Surgeon


Commitment to excellence 


Scientific curiosity 






Tattoo Specialist 

A tattoo specialist is the person who applies permanent tattoos to their clients' body. They are trained professionals who are specialised to use tattoo equipment. They are creative and have knowledge of art and artistic. They are aware of the latest trends and about the effects of tattoos on clients' bodies. 

Desired Skills for a Tattoo Specialist

Skillsets for Tattoo Specialist

Brush Painting skills 

Creative Skills 

Drawing abilities 

Making Stencils 


Knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator 

Understanding of Anatomy 

Steady hand 

Top High-Paying Jobs in Beauty Industry

The beauty industry offers a wide range of career options, many of which can be financially rewarding. However, please note that salary ranges can vary based on factors like location, experience, skill level, and the specific company or establishment you work for. Here are ten high-paying career options in the beauty industry:

1. Plastic Surgeon: Specializing in surgical procedures to enhance appearance, plastic surgeons can earn a significant income due to the complexity of their work and the demand for their services.

2. Dermatologist: Dermatologists focus on skin health and aesthetics, offering treatments like cosmetic procedures, laser therapies, and more. Their expertise is highly valued.

3. Medical Aesthetician: These professionals perform advanced skincare treatments, often working in medical spas or alongside dermatologists, offering services like chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and laser treatments.

4. Cosmetic Dentist: A smile makeover can involve various cosmetic dental procedures such as teeth whitening, veneers, and orthodontics, offering a lucrative niche within the beauty industry.

5. Hair Restoration Surgeon: With the growing demand for hair restoration procedures, surgeons specializing in this area can earn a substantial income.

6. Esthetics Educator/Trainer: Training future estheticians in beauty schools or private workshops can be financially rewarding, especially for experienced professionals with a strong reputation.

7. Celebrity Makeup Artist: Makeup artists who work with celebrities for events, photoshoots, and red carpet appearances can command high fees due to their expertise and the exposure they gain.

8. Salon or Spa Owner: While this involves significant initial investment and effort, owning a successful salon or spa can provide substantial returns over time.

9. Beauty Blogger/Influencer: If you can build a large online following and collaborate with brands, beauty blogging or influencing can lead to substantial earnings through sponsored content and partnerships.

10. Beauty Product Developer/Chemist: Developing and formulating new beauty products for cosmetics companies can be financially rewarding, especially if you have a strong background in chemistry and innovation.

Remember that success in the beauty industry often requires a combination of skill, creativity, marketing savvy, and business acumen. It's important to choose a career path that aligns with your passions and strengths for long-term satisfaction and success.

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