Tips on how to become a fashion blogger

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Manashjyoti Hazarika
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Updated on Nov 24, 2021 14:53 IST

Tips on how to become a Fashion Blogger

Fashion, well that is one thing which has always captured our imagination and senses. And why shouldn’t it be so? We all love to dress nicely/stylishly and here the fashion gurus of the world play a very important role. They help us find out what we should definitely do and things we should refrain from, if we want to be the diva or the dude of our friend’s circle.

So, to cater to this basic human urge to be the most well dressed person among our peers, a new profession is slowly coming up called – Fashion Blogging.

The trend is fast picking up and here I am not talking about fashion blogs which have been initiated by big media houses. The fashion blogs I am talking about have been started by people like you and me. But what makes them stand apart is that they address to needs and problems faced by common people, primarily because they have been started by the mango people, who have seen this and faced all that.

So, what exactly is fashion blogging? It is basically informing people about what fashion trends are out there in the market and which fashion styles one should follow. It is actually a form of fashion advising which keeps you up-to-date as well as allows you to pursue your passion for fashion.

So, let us go through a list of things you should know and do if you want to make a mark for yourself as a fashion blogger.

Be well-read and well-informed

Fashion Blogging: Things to Keep in Mind

Starting with one aspect you must definitely be thinking – What should be the educational qualification of a fashion blogger? And the answer to this one is that you actually need no specific educational qualification to make a mark for yourself as a fashion blogger. You just need to have a really good fashions sense and if you are planning to start a blog then you should possess good writing skills.

Apart from this, students pursuing fashion design courses are sure to be a hit if they start their own fashion blog because it will give them a chance to let their creativity flow. Also, people pursuing language courses who have an interest in fashion can make good bloggers because they are sure to communicate their thought process better than others.

Narrow down your fashion angle/passion

If you start writing anything and everything on fashion be rest assured you will not garner enough traction. Pick a niche area which interests you, that you know a lot about and something that inspires you or you are passionate about. Apart from that, the golden rule is to keep learning on the job, keep your eyes and ears open and be willing to share and take feedback on things you may not be doing right.

Some of the spheres you can consider covering are:

  • Fashion for teenagers
  • Fashion for office
  • Fashion for vacations
  • Fashion on a budget
  • Fashion for wedding functions
  • Discounts/sales

Write well: Content is the King

No matter how good your layout, theme and design for the blog is, if your content is not up-to-the-mark then be prepared to get lots of hate mail. So, the first step here is to write on topics which people will find fun and worth reading. Apart from this, fashion blogs need to be attractive to look at, so keep the layout of your article interesting with lots of good quality photographs preferably with captions, neatly placed between your textual content.

Some things to keep in mind when writing for a fashion blog:

  • Stick to your topic. Do not start writing about irrelevant things and you should know that you need to stop writing if you veer away from the idea you initially started writing about.
  • Try to find exciting angles not already covered elsewhere. Also, remember that your opinion matters and most readers want your advice on fashion.
  • Work on the layout of your content. It is advisable to have sub-headers so that readers know what they should expect in the blog.
  • Always check and then double-check your facts. Don't make things up and don't say mean things about other people especially the fashion industry stalwarts because by doing this you may not only upset your readers but in the bargain end up defaming people who matter in the fashion circuits.
  • Be guided by your readers. Keep an open eye to their likes and dislikes. So, if they share that they liked a specific blog piece written by you then try and produce similar and at the same time more informative pieces on the same topic or genre.

Meet the right people

Fashion Blogging: Do's & Don'ts

To make a mark for yourself, you need to have good contacts. The fashion industry is all about knowing the right people and being at the right place at the right time. So, try to attend fashion shows and be acquainted with more people from the industry.

However, these days people are doing fashion blogging with a twist which is called Vlogging or Video blogging wherein they conduct tutorials on everything ranging from how to style your dress, how to do make up, how to make a hairstyle and even on different ways to wear your scarf. These Vlogs are extremely popular on platforms such as youtube and you would be surprised to see the number of followers such blogs have.

Fashion blogging is a fast evolving line and you can go as far as your imagination allows. So, for all you fashion frenzy people, fashion blogging is a good and at the same time challenging profession wherein you can even earn some money (but mind you that is entirely dependent on your popularity). And you never know when luck may play your friend and a successful fashion blog may even lead you to a place where you are offered book deals, fashion collaborations or even made part of a television segment.

With such starry dreams, let’s just end this article and until more stay stylish and make the world a prettier and more fashionable place to stay in!

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