DU: 5 Popular college hangouts

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Popular College Hangouts at DU

After all the admission madness, students finally get a chance to step foot inside their dream colleges at Delhi University (DU). Well it is true that DU is one of the premiere educational institutions in the country known to help shape a student’s personality to perfection. But what makes DU an even bigger hit among students is the bindaas college life they can experience here.

 So, what exactly makes DU the place to be? Yes, a lot of it has to do with the college crowd but another aspect which makes life at DU exciting are the student dens.

Having already spoken about the best eating outlets around the Campus, Shiksha now lists for you the stomping grounds around DU’s North campus which play a pivotal role in a student’s life at DU.

The Ridge

DU: Popular college hangouts

The Ridge at DU

Image Courtesy: Anirban Barua, Zia Khan, Rukmani Sanyal, Abantica Das & Vidhi Sharma


Also, known as “Bonta”, the Ridge is a popular place where DU students can be found chilling. This place is extremely green and to top that is very clean, which is something completely unusual in Delhi. At the Ridge you would often find fitness freaks jogging.

Well, sighting couples is also something you can expect at this spot and why shouldn’t it be so, having an extremely romantic setting, the Ridge is a great spot to start a conversation and it also gives couples the ‘privacy’ that they need.

The Ridge looks extremely serene in the monsoon season. However, beware of the monkeys if you plan to carry any snacks with you!   

Lawns of Faculty of Arts

DU: Popular college hangouts

Lawns of Faculty of Arts at DU

Image Courtesy: Vidhi Sharma & Abantica Das


Another popular hangout spot among DU students are the lawns of the Faculty of Arts which is commonly referred to as the “Arts Fac” by students.

Unlike other places at DU, this is an ideal place to be if you want to hangout in a group. You can often see students studying in the lawns or casually chatting and at times even debating about a topic they truly believe in. Students are also seen reading or munching food from the canteen.

The Arts fac is away from the hustle-bustle of the Campus and one can even take a walk around the college which is sure to soothe you or calm you down.

Virgin tree

DU: Popular college hangouts

Virgin Tree at DU

Image Courtesy: Anirban Barua, Zia Khan, Rukmani Sanyal & Vidhi Sharma


One of the most popular hangout places at DU is the Virgin Tree also referred to as the “Damdami Mai”. Situated in Hindu College, the Virgin Tree is often surrounded by students who are either found singing songs or chatting and if you are lucky enough, you may even see a nukkad natak here.

Over the years, students have started to consider this tree to be holy as it is very strongly felt that male students can shed their “single” status if they worship this tree.

The Virgin Tree is the centre of attraction during the Valentine’s Day celebrations at Campus wherein a pandit (who is usually the Mr Fresher) conducts a pooja. As part of this ceremony, a Goddess is chosen, usually the most popular Bollywood actress of that year. The photographs of this Goddess are hung on the tree which is then decorated with balloons, buntings and “other things”.

The legend of Damdami Mai is very religiously passed on from one batch to the other.

Lovers' Point

DU: Popular college hangouts

Lovers' Point at DU

Image Courtesy: Anirban Barua, Zia Khan & Rukmani Sanyal


Ohkay, so when we first heard of this popular hangout place at DU, we swiftly imagined an overgrown park with bushes, benches and couples everywhere. But one look at this place and we realised that this place does not even have an ounce of privacy that its name suggests.

Counter to popular belief LP isn’t located in some secluded corner of the college but is situated right in the centre of Hansraj College. Lovers’ Point or LP as it is fondly called is a small triangular space which has buildings all around it.

What makes this spot popular among DU students is that it has numerous eating outlets. So, rather than seeing couples cozying up, you can expect to see students running here and there with ice tea and chhole bhature.

The proof of the popularity of this place is that there is a popular saying at DU that – Students are more sincere towards visiting LP than reporting for their classes. Lol!

Sutta Lane

DU: Popular college hangouts

Sutta Lane at DU

Image Courtesy: Abantica Das & Vidhi Sharma


Well, as the name implies this spot is frequented by smokers to light up. However, that is not all this place is famous for. By the looks of it, this lane has railings on both sides and trees all around, nothing fancy.

Located in Ramjas College, this spot is mostly crowded with students who are pursuing English Honours or Economics Honours.

Apart from smoking, students can be seen sharing a few laughs as well as the latest college gossip or rumours here.

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