Important topics for CAT 2022

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Vipra Shrivastava
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Updated on Sep 30, 2022 13:46 IST

What are the important topics for CAT 2022? Read this article to know the topics you can’t miss while preparing for the CAT exam. 

Important topics for CAT 2022

Important topics for CAT 2022

With two months to go for CAT 2022, it’s time for recap, review and revision. MBA aspirants preparing for the bog day on November 27 must come out of the CAT syllabus coverage mode and start assessing their progress so far. It is important to do so now, because you’ll need to cover the remaining ground in these two months.

This is also the time to start practicing CAT mock tests and sample papers to improve speed and accuracy. But do you think you’ve covered the entire CAT syllabus 2022? Are there any topics that are still to be covered?  No important topics for CAT 2022 should be left attended for the obvious reason that most of the questions are asked from those only.

In VARC, important topics for CAT 2022 are RC and parajumbles. In DILR, important topics are graphs, bars and pie charts. In Quantitative Aptitude, the important topics are Arithmetic and Algebra. Candidates must ensure that they have covered every chapter of these important topics for CAT 2022. They must not miss  all Algebra topics for CAT, Modern Maths topics for CAT, Data Interpretation topics for CAT and VARC topics for CAT.  To ensure that you don’t miss out on the key topics of CAT, we have listed them in the table below.

Important topics for CAT 2022

Take a look at the section wise important topics for CAT 2022 and their weightage in the exam.

CAT Syllabus

Important Topics for CAT 2022


Verbal Ability topics for CAT

Parajumbles, Parasummary, Sentence Completion and Inferences 


Reading Comprehension topics for CAT

Questions based on passages, para meaning, order of sentences


Data Interpretation topics for CAT

Tables, Graphs, Pie Charts, Venn Diagram


Logical Reasoning topics for CAT

Blood Relation, Seating Arrangement, Caselets and Syllogism


Quantitative Aptitude topics for CAT

Geometry, Algebra, Number System, Arithmetic, Mensuration


CAT 2022 aspirant must check their grasp on each and every topic mentioned above. Topics which are still to be covered, must be taken up on priority and be covered by mid October, so that there’s one and a half months’ time for mock tests and revision.

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