Bihar MBBS interns protesting to demand stipend hike

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Pallavi Pathak
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Updated on Aug 18, 2022 12:17 IST

The junior doctors of Bihar have been demanding a stipend hike for over five years now and they have protested for this multiple times, now also the interns are protesting and demanding that the stipend must be reviewed and raised.

Bihar MBBS interns protesting to demand stipend hike

The doctors and medical interns of Bihar want the stipend to be reviewed and raised. The doctors say that according to the provision, the internship stipend should be reviewed and raised every 3 years but it has not been reviewed since 2017 and it is still INR 15000 which is just the minimum wage of a manual labourer. The interns from various medical colleges in Bihar are protesting for a stipend hike.

The resident doctors of Bihar have been demanding the increase in stipend for over five years now and multiple times the issue has been brought to the state health minister. In December 2020 also similar protest was done by the doctors in Bihar where the doctors staged a candle march at Nalanda Medical College and Hospital regarding the stipend hike issue. Due to the protests, the health services were hugely impacted in the state during the pandemic times. The doctors' associations had also supported their demands. After the protest in December 2020, in Jan 2021, the stipends for PG resident doctors were revised.

Punjab govt recently increased stipend of resident doctors 

Similar issues were faced by the resident doctors of Punjab where after their protest, recently the stipends are increased for resident doctors from INR 51,000 in the case of junior residents and INR 65,000 in case of senior residents to INR 67,968 and INR 81,562, respectively.

Members of the Union of Resident Doctors of Punjab said, “We hail the government’s decision on stipend hike after a long battle by resident doctors over the years,” as reported by Tribune India. 

Haryana, New Delhi and Chandigarh are still better placed when it comes to the monthly salary of resident doctors.

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